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My favorite musical artists June 4, 2007

Filed under: Music — Emily @ 9:11 am

When I think of the artists and bands that I most enjoy listening to these days, these are the ones who first come to mind:

  1. Coldplay – They have been my favorite since I purchased their second (and in my opinion best) album, A Rush of Blood to the Head. Now I own all of their albums and have experienced two of their excellent concerts.
  2. Ben Folds – He’s like a nerdy bard, but I love all of his songs, both musically and lyrically. His songs range from odd (“Narcolepsy”) to sweet (“The Luckiest”) to manic (“Zak and Sara”), but every one of them shows his unique talent. I have also enjoyed two of his concerts, one of which was the best concert I have ever been to. He played for 2 1/2 hours, AND he called William Shatner so we could sing “happy birthday” to him on his voicemail. How random is that?
  3. Regina Spektor – I was only recently introduced to her, but her voice and lyrics are so interesting that I loved her immediately. She is kind of a female version of Ben Folds, except perhaps even more peculiar than he is.
  4. Sting – I had to throw a couple of old school names onto this list. Sting has such a relaxing, pure voice, and his songs have been good for the past 20+ years. My favorite of his songs is “Fields of Gold,” and the movie Moulin Rouge renewed my interest in “Roxanne.”
  5. Toad the Wet Sprocket – This strangely named group was my favorite band of ths early 90s. They perfectly typify the “90s sound,” especially songs like “All I Want” and “Walk on the Ocean.” They are on a reunion tour this summer (the band “parted ways” in the late 90s), so maybe you can see them in your area. Unfortunately they aren’t coming to Texas. 😦

One Response to “My favorite musical artists”

  1. James McD Says:

    On my list Regina is second only to Joanna Newsom, who isn’t most peoples cup of tea. I saw Regina live in LA and in Dallas last year. The next time she comes to town you have to go see her. My first Regina show was the best concert I have ever attended. Her voice is just as charming, powerful and nuanced live as it is recorded. She is like a lyrical acrobat!

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