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Jesus and Sara’s “Vagabond Cabaret” Routine June 14, 2007

Filed under: So You Think You Can Dance,Television,Videos — Emily @ 8:36 pm

In case you missed it, here’s the best performance from this week’s SYTYCD (June 13, 2007). For the moment, Jesus and Sara are my favorites, followed by Anya and Danny. Anyway, check out Sara and Jesus dancing to a song from The Triplets of Belleville, choreographed by Wade Robson.


3 Responses to “Jesus and Sara’s “Vagabond Cabaret” Routine”

  1. Leah Says:

    I started watching this show last season and I really enjoy it, too. I can’t remember too much about the dances from Wednesday night (since I’ve slept since them), but I know I didn’t think this creepy performance was the best. There were 2 performances that I thought were really sloppy and the judges thought were very good. There was also one I thought was really good that they all ripped to pieces, but my memory was wiped out by my four-hour class last night and I can’t remember who did what. I didn’t get to see the results show, but now that I know Ricky was kicked off, I’m disappointed. I liked that little weirdo. FYI – they pick partners out of a hat, which is why he had to dance with the Amazon. I think it’s a little suspect that 3 of the top 20 have siblings who were in the top 20 last year.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I really enjoyed this particular performance. But I find that I have never disliked a performance of a Wade Robson routine. Are you just a shoe-in when you get him as your choreographer? I don’t even pay attention to how well it is performed because I am so amused at the originality of the choreography. Can’t. Wait. For this week.

  3. Veronica Says:

    This was the best performance of the night, loved it.

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