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So You Think You Can Dance: June 13, 2007 June 14, 2007

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I Love This Show!
This is the first season I have watched So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), and I am quite impressed with how entertaining it is, and with how emotionally-invested I am in it so early. I have never paid much attention to dance (never took lessons growing up, never went to dance recitals or ballets, never watch Dancing with the Stars, etc.) The closest I came to being interested in dance before now was when I watched Strictly Ballroom (great movie!) and bought the soundtrack. Now all that has changed, thanks to the passion and dedication of the contestants on SYTYCD. Their enthusiasm and emotion are contagious! Plus, the choreographers provided some amazing routines for this Top 20 week.

I’m a little late with my thoughts since the live results show airs in less than two hours, but here they are anyway.

The Best Performance: Sara and Jesus – I’ve liked Jesus from the moment he was introduced before his first audition. He comes across as a really nice person with a fun personality, and the personality definitely shone through in this “vagabond cabaret” Wade Robson routine. And although I didn’t pay much attention to Sara before now, I’m impressed! This was such a fun performance to watch, and they did a great job.

The Best Chemistry: Anya and Danny – They meshed really well during their performance. Some of the other couples seemed awkward together, but these two didn’t miss a step.

The Worst Performance and Chemistry: Ashley and Ricky – Whose idea was it to pair an Amazon woman with Ricky? Or is she taller than all the guys? Seeing Ricky try to twirl Ashley around was almost comical (and most definitely awkward). It’s a real shame, because Ricky is one of my favorite guys in the Top 20. I feel indifferent about her. Hopefully, if they even make it to next week, they will have a less partner-centered dance to work with.

The Most Distracting Costumes: Sabra and Dominic – Wow. Those were some tight, short, orange pants. And all that purple fringe? Who could pay attention to the disco groovin’ with those wardrobe choices flying around the stage?

The Best Costumes: Jessi and Pasha – I agree with the judges: they really did look like the king and queen of the prom, except they weren’t wearing cheesy crowns. Jessi’s dress was very elegant, and Pasha was very dashing.

The Least Kid-Friendly Performance: Lacey and Kameron – This was quite the sensual one, from Lacey’s black lingerie to her and Kameron’s several close encounters.

The Most Kid-Friendly Performance: Shauna and Jimmy – What’s more kid-friendly than The Wiz, Dorothy, and the Scarecrow?

My Predictions for the Bottom Three Couples:

  • Sabra and Dominic
  • Ashley and Ricky
  • Shauna and Jimmy

My Predictions for Who Will Be Sent Home: Here’s where my knowledge of the show gets sketchy, since I’ve never watched it before this season and didn’t listen too closely last night. If one couple is sent home, my guess is Shauna and Jimmy. If each person gets to “dance for his/her life,” regardless of what their pairing is, my guesses are Sabra and Jimmy. We’ll find out soon enough!

UPDATE: I’ve watched the results show and added my thoughts about it to the comments section below.


One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance: June 13, 2007”

  1. Emily Says:

    Well, I just finished watching the results show, and although I’m sad to see Ricky leave so early, I think the judges made the correct decision to send him and Ashley home. Their performance Wednesday night was by far the worst, and Ashley in particular didn’t impress me at all with her “dance for your life” performance tonight. I was surprised when she described it as “amazing.” And I guess Ricky was too weird to be popular with the average American. Check out his biography on FOX’s SYTYCD page, and you’ll know what I mean: I wish Ricky the best in his future dance career!

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