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What Would Your 4400 Ability Be? June 17, 2007

Filed under: Television — Emily @ 3:41 pm

Need a taste of something 4400-related to whet your appetite for the new season? I came across a fun quiz at USA Network that poses the question, “What if you were abducted by people in the future, granted a special ability, and returned to your time to help save mankind?” What makes this quiz fun is that it tells you what ability you would be given based on your personality. Even if you don’t watch The 4400, this is a fun question to ask and answer.


My results: Big-Hearted Healer
“Always the nurturer, you’re a Good Samaritan who would use Shawn Farrell’s powers of healing to further aid those in need. It’s not even that you’re trying to be good – it’s just your instinct to help others. And with a little help from the paranormal, you’ll have the power to patch up your loved ones and strangers alike. Just don’t forget to take a break from being vigilant and make sure you’re taking care of yourself.”


What would your ability be? Click the link below to find out, and then post a comment here about what you discovered.

What’s Your 4400 Ability?


2 Responses to “What Would Your 4400 Ability Be?”

  1. Brad Says:

    I am also a Big-Hearted Healer. I’m wondering, if two “Big-Hearted Healers” were both sick and were trying to heal each other, would their duplicate abilities result in the sickness bouncing back and forth infinitely? Or could they just avoid that whole paradox by healing themselves?

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I am a “Mind Control Master”… Apparently I am a very manipulative person!! 😦

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