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So You Think You Can Dance: June 27, 2007 June 27, 2007

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Hummingbirds, Astronauts, and Bette Midler Look-Alikes: All That and More, This Week on So You Think You Can Dance

Tonight didn’t have any awe-inspiring performances, but it did have some interesting – and surprising – moments. Let’s take a look.

A Word from Our Judges:

  • Debbie Allen is ready to see some twirlin’ and noticed a lot of camaradarie among the contestants.
  • Dominic has stood out the most for Mary. She says he’s “knockin’ my socks off.” I agree! He’s a lot of fun to watch, and he’s doing well outside of his typical dance style.
  • Nigel says it’s tough being a judge.

This week’s “get to know the contestants” segments will feature them telling us what their ambitions are outside the world of dance. There’s a lot of variety among these guys and girls when it comes to their life goals.

A note about my comments about each couple: I give my opinion of each performance before I listen to the judges so that they can’t influence my opinions. (I pause my Tivo). I’ll pick my best performances and the bottom three after I review each one.


1. Sara and Jesus: Sara wants to combine her dance and PR/journalism careers by doing freelance articles about dance. Jesus’ ambition is to help children in need, to “pay it forward.” They are going to krump! Lil’C, one of the creators of krump, was their choreographer. Their song: “It’s Okay (One Blood)” by The Game. It was definitely different from what we’ve seen from them the past two weeks. But they “worked it out” as Randy Jackson would say if he were a judge on this show. They had good attitude, and stayed in synch with each other. Plus, they sure looked cute!

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie: “Lots of energy”
  • Mary: “I LOVED it!”
  • Nigel: “a lot of fun, which is unlike krumping – I’m normally scared of it.”

2. Shauna and Cedric: the first new couple of the season (since their partners, Jimmy and Faina were sent home last week). Shauna wants to be a techno singer (maybe she and Ricky can be a duo), and Cedric wants to make toys and own a toy company. For now, they will have to settle for successfully performing a Mia Michaels contemporary dance. They danced to “I Thought We Had” by The Family Stand. This routine had some good moments, but overall it looked like a dress rehearsal. A couple of times it looked like they had messed up, as one or the other of them would pause and look confused for a moment. I think the choreography is more to blame for that than they are, but I’m not sure this will be enough to save Cedric this week. Shauna was the one who stood out for me. I did like the song.

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie: “Mia Michaels, you delivered these children, darlin.”
  • Mary: “Shauna, for what you were given, you did an amazing job… you were both dancing your heart out, but for me it still wasn’t good enough.” She was very hard on Cedric, saying he “showed no growth” and that basically he let down his partner again, as she feared would happen. I have to say I agree with Mary on this one.
  • Nigel: He agrees with Debbie that “Cedric is an inspiration for people who haven’t had formal training” and with Mary that “the choreography was brilliant for Cedric.” He admitted that perhaps the judges made a mistake last week by keeping Cedric in for another week.
  • Cedric spoke some words on his behalf that were very classy. He didn’t try to defend his performance or beg for votes. Instead he encouraged young dancers to not just learn one style but to study hard and be a versatile dancer. Whether or not he is sent home this week, I respect him for how he has carried himself amidst all the harsh treatment (much of it consisting of honest critiques) by the judges. In fact, he inspired Debbie to offer him a scholarship to the Debbie Allen School of Dance, to which Cedric responded, “That is what’s up!” This was quite an interesting, time-filling sequence.

3. Lacey and Kameron: Lacey’s ambition is “to make people happy through dancing.” Kameron wants to have a big family and be supportive of his kids the way his parents have been of him. This week they are dancing the “quick step.” I don’t even know what that is! In the practice it looked like they were imitating trotting horses. This should be interesting. Their song: “Big and Bad” by Big Bad VooDoo Daddy. Lacey looked pretty in her hot pink dress; Kameron looked kind of silly in his “old-timey” outfit. There were some fun twists and tosses, but I was distracted by Lacey’s silly facial expressions (and Kameron’s white shoes).

What did the judges think? (They all gave rather generic responses)

  • Debbie: “This shows your versatility once again.”
  • Mary: “I think you did an amazing job.”
  • Nigel: “It was really entertaining.”

4. Anya and Danny: Anya wants to set up an animal shelter, and Danny wants to be either behind or in front of the camera in some way. They pulled “hip hop” out of the hat this week, which is not a strong suit for either of them. It should really test their skills since they’ve basically breezed through before now. Their song: “Oh Timbaland” by Timbaland. I thought they started off well, got a little out of synch with each other in the middle, but ended strong by hitting some neat moves. Snazzy matching outfits, too!

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie: “Anya and Danny are the Dream Team.” She thought they “owned that.”
  • Mary: “We might have to give the other couples a handicap.” But she did feel like they could have hit some moves a little better.
  • Nigel: “Out of everything I’ve seen you do, that [hip hop] could be your downfall in style.” But then he added, “Well done.”

5. Sabra and Dominic: Dominic’s biggest ambition is “to do headspins… naked.” (Kat thinks he’s kidding.) Sabra wants to be a stand-up comedian because she thinks she’s “pretty dang funny.” This week they are dancing the rumba. Their song: “Stickwitu” by the Pussycat Dolls. I thought they did a great job. Same great chemistry and coordination that they showed during last week’s contemporary dance. Nice costumes, and they made me kind of enjoy that song, when I pretty much hate anything Pussycat related.

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie: “Call the fire department honey, that was hot!”
  • Mary: “The connection is truly there, and we can see it.” Then there was talk of the “hot tamale train” followed by delirious screaming.
  • Nigel: “You made it [the rumba] look fantastic. I cannot believe some of the lines you were getting out of it.”

6. Lauren and Neil: Lauren would love to be in NASA, in space, as an astronaut. Neil wants to sing and act in addition to dancing. This week they are doing the tango. During their practice there was talk of a “fat cat and a mouse.” Their song: “Tanguera” by Sexteto Mayor. Pretty dress. As usual, though, their expressions were overdramatic to me. Lauren was more impressive than Neil, also as usual.

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie: “This is a very different routine and style for you.” She wanted it to be “tighter.”
  • Mary: “I didn’t feel the passion so much together… It was a little bit sloppy.” I agree with Mary again.
  • Nigel: “It was pretty good.” But, he thought Neil “overdanced it.” I agree with Nigel, too.

7. Hok and Jaimie: Hok hopes to keep on creating, through painting and graphic design, in addition to his dancing. Jaimie enjoys writing and gains inspiration from her mom and sister. This week they drew “jazz” from the hat. I have hope for a good performance since Wade Robson is their choreographer. He has created a “love story about a hummingbird and a flower.” Their song: “The Chairman’s Waltz” from Memoirs of a Geisha. It was… interesting. I was creeped out by it, though, especially how Hok and Jaimie would flicker their hands around from time to time, and by Jaimie’s spiky hair – yikes! Maybe thinking it was odd was the point of the routine, since it had an Asian influence to it. A different culture can often seem strange, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing. Something about it also reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth. Upon re-watching this performance, I decided it was one of the best of the week. But Wade Robson was right: this definitely wasn’t simply a jazz routine.

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie: “It was brilliant.” And some other stuff about percussiveness and water.
  • Mary: “This was definitely a step up from last week.” Cheesiest line of the night: “Hok, you were soaring like an eagle.”
  • Nigel: He thinks that it was “brilliant and beautiful” and that Wade was a genius to choreograph the dance to accentuate their strengths.

8. Jessi and Pasha: Pasha hasn’t seen his mom and brother in ten years and wants to reunite with them. Jessi would love to be a performer like Julie Andrews or Judy Garland – a singer and actress. This week they are dancing the cha-cha. Hold on a minute – Kat waits until they’ve built up our anticipation of this routine to tell us that Jessi had to be rushed away in an ambulance Wednesday morning and is on doctor’s orders not to perform. Her replacement is Melanie, choreographer Tony Meredith’s assistant. She is a former ballroom champion, but it was a real shame that we didn’t get to see the beautiful Pasha and Jessie performing this sexy dance together. Instead we got the equivalent of Bette Midler (Debbie Allen’s comparison – not mine) dancing with him. Pasha’s song: “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez. I am hoping that Pasha will get a sympathy vote because although he did well during the performance, it’s a bit distracting to have him picking up a middle-aged woman and caressing her body. There’s a reason they set an age limit for the auditions. Let’s hope that Jessi’s medical problem is only a temporary one, and that she will be able to continue her dancing career, even if not this competition.

What did the judges think?

  • Debbie Allen: “The show must go on, and you went on and on and on.”
  • Mary: “You brought the house down tonight.”
  • Nigel: He thinks Pasha will get through no problem. He gives us an update that Jessi is having an irregularity with her heart and that she’ll be dancing for her life Thursday night, if she’s available. (It seems inappropriate to use the term “dancing for her life” when she is in the hospital, doesn’t it?)

What a downer note to end the night on. Perhaps they wanted to give Pasha every chance to gain votes. Going last would make him be fresh on the viewers’ minds.

Predicting who will be in the bottom three gets a little confusing with the whole complication of Jessi being there regardless. Does that mean that there may be 4 girls in the bottom three? I don’t understand how that will work. Oh well, here’s my rundown of the best and the bottom:

Best Performances

  1. Sabra and Dominic
  2. Anya and Danny
  3. Jaimie and Hok

Least Impressive Performances

  1. Shauna and Cedric
  2. Lauren and Neil
  3. Lacey and Kameron

Bottom Three Couples:

  1. Shauna and Cedric
  2. Lauren and Neil
  3. Sara and Jesus
  4. Jessi?

Who Will Be Sent Home:

  • Cedric – I don’t think he has proven that he deserves to still be in the competition, and I think the judges will keep their promise not to let his solo save him this time. Plus, he basically gave a concession speech after he and Shauna’s performance.
  • Jessi – It sounds like she will be in no condition to “dance for her life” on Thursday, so I guess that means we’ll be saying goodbye to her.

If Cedric and Jessie really do end up being the two who go home, then that will mean that all of my favorites are still alive. We’ll find out soon. I’ll post my reaction in the comments section after the results show on Thursday.

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7 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: June 27, 2007”

  1. Leah Says:

    I’m with you on the top 3 performances this week. I thought Sabra and Dominic’s dance was very beautiful. I had the exact same thought about Hok and Jaimie’s routine being like “Pan’s Labyrinth.” I’m pretty sure it’s because Hok’s movements were very similar to those of the Faun. I loved that performance, though, and didn’t find it creepy at all. Poor Pasha! It must have been weird to dance with a partner twice the size of his regular partner. I thought he did an excellent job. I think Jessi will be gone this week. It didn’t sound like she will be in any condition to dance tonight. I would rather see Shauna, Lauren, or Lacey go. Cedric is probably gone unless he gets some sort of sympathy vote.

  2. abarclay12 Says:

    I love So You Think You Can Dance. I will read your blog faithfully. I like Lacey and Kameron though. I think they’re pretty good, but last night’s weird hummingbird dance was really cool.

  3. […] So You Think You Can Dance: June 27, 2007 Hummingbirds, Astronauts, and Bette Midler Look-Alikes: All That and More, This Week on So You Think You Can Dance […] […]

  4. Emily Says:

    6/28/07 Update: The Results Show
    Well, I predicted two out of the bottom three couples correctly. I thought it would be Shauna and Cedric, Lauren and Neil, and Sara and Jesus. Here’s who actually ended up dancing for their lives tonight:

    1. Anya and Danny
    2. Lauren and Neil
    3. Sara and Jesus
    4. Jessi
    I was absolutely shocked that Anya and Danny were in the bottom three. I think the judges must have heavily influenced the viewers’ voting patterns this week. Sympathy votes probably kept Pasha and Cedric/Shauna safe, especially Cedric and Shauna. (Cedric’s rousing speech probably earned him a few votes as well). Meanwhile, the judges were showering praise on Anya and Danny, dubbing them “The Dream Team,” and otherwise feeding Danny’s already sizeable ego. Viewers probably assumed there was no reason to vote for this power couple and so decided to focus their dialing efforts on those more in need.


    Who was sent home: Jessi and Jesus


    I understand why the judges chose to send Jessi home. But did they have to do the same to Jesus? I loved him! Sure, Neil had a better “dance for his life” performance, but Jesus has been consistently better than him. And I seem to recall them telling Pasha last week that his 30 second solo wasn’t good enough, yet they let him stick around (and I’m glad he’s still in it).


    Poor Jesus. Or maybe poor me. I have a bad track record when it comes to the few reality shows that I actually watch. My favorites always are sent home early in the season. My favorite guy this season was Ricky, so of course he was the first to go. Jesus was one of my favorites, but at least I still have Danny, Dominic, and Pasha to root for. (I like Hok, too, but I don’t like his partner, Jaimie, which makes it hard for me to vote for them).


    Here’s hoping Pasha and Sara make a good couple starting next week. I doubt they will work as well together as Pasha did with Jessi and as Sara did with Jesus. (By the way, at least Jessi and Pasha were able to perform their routine tonight.)

    I’ll be back next week with a review of the next episode of SYTYCD. Until then, I will be trying to get this week’s songs out of my head!

  5. Leah Says:

    I’ve been over on the page reading viewer comments on the show, and I am surprised at how many people are outraged at Danny’s nervous laughter and think that he is an arrogant jerk. That was the kind of scary laughter emitted by someone with a serious anxiety disorder and probably some kind of emotional disturbance. Maybe he really is an arrogant jerk, but I would not make that decision based on that laugh. But I digress, Neil should be gone and not Jesus. I don’t see what was so “inspirational” about Cedric’s speech. Voters are so easily swayed by emotion that they forget about ability. I don’t really care that Jessi went, but I feel bad for Pasha because he has to dance with Sara now and I don’t think they will look right together.

  6. Lindsay Says:

    Leah, Danny’s laughter didn’t bother me. I think he was just surprised and then uncomfortable. And so was I! I can see how it would seem rude, but I didn’t care. However, on the whole, I don’t like his attitude and I haven’t found that his personality has endeared him to me at all. So, while he and Anya are great every week, I have a hard time routing (did I spell that right??) him on every week.

    I wasn’t surprised at who went home this week after I knew was in the bottom 3 (of course the fact that Cedric wasn’t in it was shocking). I felt bad at how Jessi was dismissed so quickly and without explanation at all. I felt bad for her.

  7. Veronica Says:

    Pasha’s dance w/ Bette-a-like made John laugh out loud.

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