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The 4400: Audrey Parker’s Come and Gone July 1, 2007

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Rehashed X-Files Plot Meets Promicin: Read All About It!

The Set-Up:

The episode opens with an introduction to an aging woman named Audrey Parker. She is lonely, kept company only by brief interaction with a part-time nurse and her own memories of her former days as a beautiful heartbreaker. Then, in a voice-over she tells us that she found a new will to live after taking Promicin. The ability she developed: astral projection. Not only that, but she astrally projects as her younger self. We see her observing a young artist (Vanessa Martin) who is being misled by her agent (Philip Delacroix). Next the scene moves to Ms. Parker typing a letter about how Promicin has changed her life for the better. Finally, we get around to our main characters at NTAC. Tom and Diana are given the task of locating this anonymous writer so they can shut down the blogs that keeping popping up with her positive spin on the drug. They don’t see how this person is much of a threat, but they head out the door to start their investigation. Cue the catchy intro music…

The Plot Thickens:

  • Audrey confronts the art agent and tells him to either leave Seattle forever or stay and watch his criminal past catch up with him.
  • Interesting development: While Audrey is doing her astral projection thing, she “overdoses on morphine” and the NTAC agents discover her dead in her home. Trouble is, young Audrey and her mind are still alive somehow, detached from old lady Audrey’s body. How will this resolve itself? Hmmm…
  • Marco is able to analyze a staticky voice mail message from Diana’s phone and ends up with a clearly audible voice saying “murdered… murdered… murdered.” NTAC has made contact with the undead! Marco and the team use their super logic to figure out that Audrey’s ability was astral projection and that she is sending them a message. Apparently Audrey’s journals then lead them to the art gallery and Vanessa Martin, in search of Philip “Delacroix” Wilson. They bring Philip in, but his alibi checks out, and poor Audrey starts “fading away.”
  • Well, it turns out that Audrey’s nurse’s son is the culprit. He didn’t mean to kill her. He just wanted to steal her “stuff” and needed her to stay asleep. Whoops. The agents figure this out, and that allows Audrey to fade away for good, but at peace with her life.


  • Shawn approaches Heather Tobey (formerly a teacher at the 4400 Center) about helping him reopen his Healing Foundation. He and Heather schedule a press conference at which they announce the reopening of the 4400 center, and a promise to heal anyone who shows up on the first day. Meghan and Tom confront Shawn about how he is going against the law, but he stands his ground. The day of the opening, Shawn is arrested before he can heal even one person. That’s a bit of a letdown. But wait – Tom shows up and rather easily convinces the security squad to release Shawn and let him go about his healing business. That’s better.
  • Kyle “steals” (he left some cash behind) the White Light group’s book of prophecy at Cassie’s bidding. After reading through the book, Kyle is still skeptical, so Cassie challenges him to meet her at a specific location that night where “it will all begin” and after which “he will believe.” Well, Kyle shows up, he witnesses a car crash into a prisoner transport van, and then he sees that Isabelle is the inmate who is in the van. The episode ends with them looking at each other, and it seems that she is going to escape from the van.
  • Meghan Doyle confides in Tom about her dad’s struggle with Huntingdon’s disease, and how the government rejected her request to let Shawn try to heal him. By episode’s end, she has defied the government by taking her father to Shawn for healing. We can only assume that he has now been cured of his disease.
  • Diana is surprised by Ben and Maia, who have decided that to show family solidarity, they will stay in Seattle with Diana as long as she needs to be there to look for April. They intend to eventually return to Spain. I bet, though, that Spain will never be mentioned again. It was only a plot complication to throw in at the end of last season.
  • Diana feels a connection with Audrey while the spirit is trying to communicate with her, mainly because she feels like she is a kindred spirit. Diana feels that she could just as easily have ended up like Audrey – old and alone. Instead, she realizes how lucky she is to have Ben in her life, and her part of the episode ends with a sweet scene of them dancing in her kitchen to Audrey’s favorite song. Kind of touching. Kind of.

Overall Assessment:

This episode was, in my opinion, an improvement over last week’s “worst fears coming to life” episode. I am still not liking the Tom and Meghan potential love interest storyline, but I at least liked her better this week. It will, however, be interesting to see what develops between Isabelle and Kyle, and how the writers will work Collier (and Richard?) back into this season’s story arc.

The main storyline about Audrey Parker was intriguing. I recall another interesting television episode about an Audrey: The X-Files‘ season 9 episode “Audrey Pauley.” In that X-Files episode, Agent Reyes is severly injured in a car accident and “struggles to stay alive in the netherworld between life and death.” Hmm… That’s the third week in a row that The 4400 seems to be borrowing ideas from another sci-fi show. I don’t mind a little borrowing, as long as the results are satisfying. This week, they were.

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One Response to “The 4400: Audrey Parker’s Come and Gone”

  1. Media Maven Says:

    Meghan Doyle blows. I’ve had just about enough of her. I wish Alana could come back!

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