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“Dance” Takes a Holiday: Let’s Discuss July 4, 2007

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In case you don’t know, So You Think You Can Dance isn’t airing this week because of Independence Day falling on Wednesday. Apparently, they think Americans are more interested in watching B-list pop stars sing poor renditions of patriotic songs and “inspiring” fireworks displays that are anything but when viewed via television rather than live. Well, they don’t know me very well. I’d much rather be watching some awesome dancing. Since I can’t do that, I will take this moment to reflect on how the season has progressed thus far, and what I foresee happening in the weeks to come.


But first, here are the things I will miss most during this “Dance”-free week:

  • Mary’s crazy talk about hot tamale trains, as well as her hair-raising cackle
  • Nigel’s astute comments to the contestants (and his perfect teeth)
  • More on-stage evidence of Lacey and Kameron’s off-stage romance (By the way, according to Watch with Kristin, they are now an official couple. To hear it straight from Kristin, watch the July 2 episode of The Vine on her website.)
  • Continued on-stage chemistry between Sabra and Dominic
  • Another mind-blowing, Wade Robson-choreographed routine

The Remaining Couples (I’ve listed them in order from my favorite to least favorite couple)

  1. Sabra and Dominic – I wasn’t very impressed by them in Week 1, when they went all Saturday Night Fever on us, but the following two weeks they wowed me with their contemporary routine and rumba.
  2. Anya and Danny – It seems that Anya and Danny can do no wrong when it comes to technique and chemistry. However, they seem to lack the likeability factor (based on them being in the bottom 3 last week) that some of the other couples benefit from. I will keep voting for them as long as I can.
  3. Sara and Pasha – Pasha is one of my favorite guy dancers, and although I think he and Jessi made a good pair, she was not one of my favorite female dancers. So, it will be interesting to see him paired with Sara, who I have liked pretty well. (I would rather have seen Jesus stay and her go home last week, though).
  4. Lacey and Kameron – I know they are many people’s favorite couple, but I guess I am still hung up on the possibility of the judges showing favoritism by letting Lacey into the competition in the first place. In most contests, having a family member previously connected to it makes you ineligible to compete. However, having connections actually seems to work in your favor on this show. It seems most obvious with Lacey since her brother won last season. As for Kameron, I honestly haven’t seen too much to be impressed by yet. Most of the time he is just a prop for Lacey in their performances. It will be interesting to see what becomes of him when the couples are re-paired.
  5. Jaimie and Hok – I love Hok’s personality and his unique dance style. However, I am completely annoyed by Jaimie. Even their intriguing hummingbird/flower routine last week wasn’t enough to change my mind about her. Other than the Wade Robson routine, their performances have been lackluster. They will have to step it up if they want to stick around much longer.
  6. Shauna and Cedric – Two weeks ago when Shauna danced so impressively for her life, I became a believer and understood what the judges saw in her to begin with. She has had the unfortunate situation of being stuck in two chemistry-less couples. If she can keep dancing such great solos, maybe eventually she will be paired with someone who better complements her. If Cedric doesn’t go home next week, I will be furious – unless it’s Neil that goes instead.
  7. Lauren and Neil – The first week these two danced together, I already had that built-in bias against Lauren because of the whole favoritism thing. She worked on the show last season, so how was it fair that she be chosen to compete? As for Neil, I had hardly even seen him in the audition rounds. For the past few weeks, my attitude toward them hasn’t changed, and it may have grown more negative. Watching their performances is like watching a cheerleading routine: overly enthusiastic, artificial, and canned. I think I would like Lauren better with a different partner, but I’m ready for Neil to be gone.

The Contestants (I’ve listed the individual contestants from my favorite to least favorite. This is not necessarily in terms of their dance skills – more of my general reaction to them based on a combination of factors.)

  1. Dominic
  2. Anya
  3. Sabra
  4. Pasha
  5. Danny
  6. Sara
  7. Hok
  8. Shauna
  9. Kameron
  10. Lacey
  11. Cedric
  12. Lauren
  13. Jaimie
  14. Neil

Those No Longer With Us

  1. Ricky – I wish we could have seen more of his dancing
  2. Ashley – Haven’t missed her at all
  3. Jimmy – The judges apparently miss his leaping abilities, but I found all the jumping distracting
  4. Faina – There were too many ballroom dancers in the mix, I suppose
  5. Jesus – I miss him most of all out of these who have been sent home
  6. JessiFrom what I’ve read, it sounds like the judges decided to send her home because she didn’t disclose her medical condition during the audition process.

Falling Like Dominoes (The contestants in order of who should be next to go, based on their performances so far)

  1. Cedric
  2. Jaimie
  3. Neil
  4. Lauren
  5. Hok
  6. Sara
  7. Shauna
  8. Kameron

Final Six Contests (Who I Think Should Be Left Standing By Then)

  • Anya
  • Danny
  • Sabra
  • Dominic
  • Pasha
  • Lacey

The Winner?

Out of the above final six that I am hoping for, I would love to see Dominic win. But in terms of overall appeal and skill level, I would have to choose Anya.


Okay. So I know I’m not the only one going through SYTYCD withdrawal this week. Go ahead and post your comments, predictions, complaints, favorites, etc., here. “Only” seven more days until the next episode. 😦


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10 Responses to ““Dance” Takes a Holiday: Let’s Discuss”

  1. Lindsi Says:

    First of all, let me start by saying if I have to hear one more “Hot Tamale” joke or harrowing laugh from Mary, I think I’ll officially terminate SYTYCD from my TiVo line-up next season. Well, not really, but OMG, she’s a HUGE distraction. Everytime she laughs I want to throw a brick through the tv. Okay, now on to more positive things.
    Anya & Danny- Simply Amazing! I was a little hesitant about Anya before last week’s performance, but that girl’s got skill. She can go from strictly ballroom to strictly ghetto before you can say SYTYCD. Plus, she’s got amazing technique. I’ve liked her ever since she did that cute little “cheek” number during her first audition. They weren’t together throughout most of the routine, but I didn’t care, it was fun to watch!
    Pasha (favorite guy) – What can I say, Pasha is incredibly strong and he “brings it” every week. He always gives a hundred and ten in all of his routines. I feel sorry that he had such a dud for a partner. She deserved to go home (sorry, no anger here;) But really, someone obviously didn’t explain to her what “DANCE FOR YOUR LIFE” means. It doesn’t mean come skipping out on stage in a sun dress and do a few spins. It means show us what you’re made of!!!!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I am definitely missing SYTYCD this week and since it is currently the ONLY show I am watching regularly, I miss it even more.

    As far as the family issue, we must consider that Danny is the adopted brother of last year’s runner-up Travis. Also, Faina’s brother was also in the top twenty last year. So I guess a relative being in the competition doesn’t matter. In fact, I guess they are just hoping that the talent runs in the family. But the truth is, in the end it only matters what the fans think. Seems to me that people purposely DON’T like Lacey for being Benji’s sister. I feel she might have a harder time. Let’s see how this plays out.

    I don’t mind that Lauren was on last year. As long as she isn’t a professional choreographer for the show, I don’t have a problem with it. I feel that if you go through the process of trying out and making it, then it is fine.

    I am not LOVING anyone yet to the point of wanting them to win. I need more time to decide.

  3. sytycd Says:

    I agree 200% with missing the show. Sucks that it’s not on.

    However, you have to understand Fox not showing it since many people may not be in front of the TV, but out with family or at some other event.

    Great writeup. I disagree with you about a lot of the couples. However, it’s interesting to read other people’s take on it.

    Oh yeah…I’m fine to get rid of Mary too. However, she wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the guest jugdes.

  4. Vance Says:

    Total withdrawal.

    hmm… Anya and Danny are totally falling fast on my list while Shauna and Neil are rising and Kameron never fell from near the top.

  5. Jason Says:

    Wow- i completely disagree with ALL of your rankings. Sabra and Dominic MUST GO. I do not like them. Dominic is way too cocky and can’t dance as well as everyone thinks. Sabra has ZERO personality, and while she is a beautiful dancer, its simply not enough for this competition. Cedric also needs to leave ASAP, along with Shauna, who, unfortunately will be dragged down with him. I also don’t care for anya and danny. Everyone else I love and hope to see in the top 8.

  6. Emily Says:

    This show is obviously very emotionally involving. And based on the comments people have left so far, there isn’t yet one clear favorite to win it all. Possible contenders seem to include Kameron, Lacey, Anya, Pasha, Shauna, Dominic, Neil, Lauren, etc… All of them have a fanbase who thinks they have what it takes. Contestants who seem to be slipping through the cracks of being considered champion-worthy are Jaimie, Cedric, Hok, Sara, and Sabra. No one seems to think one of them will or should win.

    I had no idea there were so many viewers who don’t like Anya and Danny, but that does explain them being in the bottom 3 last week. I can understand people not liking Danny (he is, in my opinion, the most arrogant of the dancers this season), but Anya seems very well-rounded to me: great dancer, fun personality, engaging stage presence, etc.

    I am sure that my opinions will change somewhat with each weeks’ new batch of performances. I’ll continue posting my thoughts after each episode, but until then, continue posting your opinions here.

    Are there any Cedric or Jaimie fans out there who want to stand up and be counted?

  7. Leah Says:

    It’s interesting how this competition (much like American Idol) often seems to be more about personality than talent. Perhaps Danny is arrogant, but his dancing is beautiful, and I think he should be rewarded for that. Sure Sabra wants to be a stand-up comic despite having no personality, but that doesn’t mean her dancing is not lovely to watch. I don’t care for Lacey’s personality, but I can’t say that she isn’t a talented dancer. Some of the dancers I have a hard time remembering at all, due to a lack of talent and personality. It always takes me a minute to remember who Shauna and Jaimie are when I hear their names. I feel quite certain that Kameron and Neil will remain in the competition much longer than their talent should allow because they are both “pretty.” Since we will probably never see the winner of the competition again (besides in next season’s audience),maybe we should all root for someone we don’t really like in the hopes that those we do will turn up somewhere more exciting than Celine Dion’s Vegas show.

  8. sytycd Says:

    Arrogance should never be rewarded on a show that chooses America’s Favorite Dancer. Not to mention, the arrogance of Danny taints any performance I see him doing.

    I agree that there is no clear favorite yet. However, I didn’t know Allison Holker’s name last year until late in the season when we’d seen her dance enough and heard more about her.

  9. Veronica Says:

    I’m so bummed that Ricky was kicked off so early! He was easily my favorite dancer.

  10. Jason Says:

    I do NOT understand why everyone dislikes Jamie- I love her. She is a beautiful girl and an awesome dancer with a really sweet personality. She may not have emerged as an early favorite, but I think we will see great things from her. Also, keep in mind that while favorites Anya & Danny, Sabra & Dominic and Pasha and Sara have all been in the bottom three at least once, Jamie and Hoq never have. I really like almost all of the dancers but my favorites to win are Lacey and Neil. But I also LOVE Jamie, Pasha, Hoq, Lauren, Sara and Kameron. I hope they all go far.

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