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The 4400: The Truth and Nothing but the Truth July 8, 2007

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Secrets, Lies, and Truth:
Those are the ideas that ran throughout this episode. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • April’s new ability allows her to force any person to tell her the truth when she asks a question. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of trouble for her and her boyfriend Colin, and also gives April many opportunities to scream loudly and annoyingly.
  • Kyle lies to his dad about giving Shawn the shot of Promicin. And, he also fails to mention that he is harboring a fugitive (Isabelle) in his family’s former summer cabin. Then Kyle brings Shawn in on it, making Shawn promise not to tell his dad about the shot either.
  • Shawn makes a deal with “the devil” (Senator Roland Lindhoff, played by Kevin Tighe, who played Locke’s dad on Lost, and Snyder in Newsies) to run for an empty city council spot. The catch: the Senator wants Shawn to let the world know that he’s against Jordan Collier and everything that he’s been doing. In other words, if Shawn wants to win the election, he has to consider Collier his enemy.
  • Tom sneaks some hair out of Kyle’s hairbrush, hands the samples to Marco for analysis, and insists that Marco keep this off the record, just between them. When Marco finishes the analysis, Tom realizes that Kyle is walking around with an ability, although he doesn’t yet know what it is.
  • Diane is afraid to tell Ben that she wants to stay in Seattle instead of returning to Spain. But, she eventually comes out with the truth and they agree to a long-distance relationship for the time being (trusting that Maia’s prediction that they’ll get married can’t be wrong).

Most of these situations are left unresolved by the end of the episode, but April finds redemption by following Diane’s advice to stand up for Colin, by coming into NTAC to force a confession out of the man ultimately responsible for Colin’s death. The result: she gets hired by the government. Now she can use her new ability to fight crime, not to be a part of it.

The show’s mythology continues to grow more complex:

  • Isabel, using her exceptional intelligence, breaks the code in the White Light’s book. She and Kyle read the crucial message, that after 200 influential people (politicians, athletes, etc.) take the “elixir,” more and more people will take it, and then the “Father will reveal his true face, and paradise and the world will be as one.” Kyle is slightly disturbed that his father’s name is the last one on the list, because that of course means that Tom will have to take Promicin for the prophecy to be fulfilled.
  • I’m thinking that this cult was actually people from the future who traveled back to the early 20th century to set certain events in motion. How else could they know specific names of the 200 people who would lead the Promicin revolution?
  • This storyline could quickly spiral out of control and into confusion, or, it could continue to be revealed one twist at a time, until a satisfying resolution at the end of the season. My guess is that the actual way it plays out will fall somewhere in the middle.

Overall Assessment

  • This episode was more like a series of vignettes than one overarching storyline with a couple of subplots. Although April’s story was supposed to be the central focus, the other events seemed to have near equal screen time. With so many characters to cover in each episode, it’s no wonder that some weeks turn out like this. I didn’t mind the snapshot storytelling, though.
  • At the moment I am most interested in Shawn’s story of running for city council, and how that is going to affect his relationship with Kyle and Collier. I am least interested in Meghan Doyle’s character. At least there was no mention of the movie poster in her office this week.
  • Will we ever see Richard, Isabelle’s dad, again? Perhaps he is the “Father” who will be revealed as part of the prophecy.

Looks like things will continue to get ugly next week, which will bring Collier out of the woods and back into the public eye. Should be interesting.


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