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So You Think You Can Dance: July 11, 2007 July 11, 2007

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Devils, Gangsters, and Wookies: Just Another Episode of So You Think You Can Dance

Happy Birthday, Nigel, and welcome, guest judge Adam Shankman (Director of the new movie Hairspray). This week we learned something we don’t know about each of the contestants, so I’ve led with that bit of trivia before breaking down each couples’ performance:

1. Lacey and Kameron – Kameron is a daredevil; Lacey used to be a hair model. She has a weave right now. Who knew? This week they’re dancing the Hustle to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Inner Life. “Fancy” retro outfits. Dangerous last move. Lacey could have hit her head on the floor, but Kameron pulled it off. The Hustle was a little cheesy, but it was fun to watch, and they did a good job. As usual, though, Kameron wasn’t given much in the choreography that gave him a chance to show what he can do.

What did the judges think?

  • Adam: “The showmanship was awesome.” He complimented Kameron’s “totally effortless partner work.”
  • Mary: “That was the first true hustle that we’ve had on the show!” She felt Kameron was “a little bit uncomfortable some of the time” but felt Lacey was “killin’ it!”
  • Nigel: “There’s a little bit of magic lacking in your performance, Kameron.” I agree with that. Lacey outshines him every time.

2. Shauna and Cedric – Shauna has been snowboarding since she was six. Cedric was a mascot for his high school. This week they are dancing a Mambo to “Flauta y Timbal” by Tito Puente. Nice outfit for Shauna, very slimming (unlike most of her previous costumes). Cedric, however, looks like a 1920s gangster. Not very good. His costume accentuates his thinness, and that’s not a good thing either. All of their partnering moves looked like a struggle, and much of the routine seemed to be in slightly slow motion. It is time for Cedric to go home so that Shauna can have a better partner. She did well on her part of the dance.

What did the judges think?

  • Adam: Cedric, “You really stepped up.”
  • Mary: “Shauna, look out girl. Now you have a ticket on the hot tamale train.” Cedric, “Today is the first day that I want you to stay!” I don’t agree with her.
  • Nigel: “I thought Shauna was fantastic.” He was “very very proud” of Cedric.

3. Anya and Danny – Anya used to have platinum blonde hair and studied international law. She described herself as “legally blonde.” Danny has an obsession with sunglasses. This contemporary routine is about a man and a woman. The idea of “it’s too late to apologize.” Should be interesting. The song was “Apologize” by One Republic. There was lots of sliding and being dragged around the stage. They were very emotive. I liked it. They always do a great job. It’s my favorite performance so far tonight.

What did the judges think?

  • Adam: “Danny, you are unquestionably one of the most beautiful male dancers I have ever seen.” He did also think that he was sometimes disconnecting from Anya (emotionally?).
  • Mary: “When they did come together, I really feel the connection.” She felt that was lacking a bit when they separated. She thinks Anya is “ridiculous!”
  • Nigel: “Anya, your performance was terrific.” “Danny, there’s a little bit of magic you’ve got to find that makes people want to pick up the telephone.”
  • Nigel and Adam discussed Danny’s “stage presence.” Adam thinks Danny dances like he’s “already won the competition,” but Nigel thinks Adam’s “talking crap.” Nigel doesn’t think it’s arrogance, he thinks Danny needs to emotionally connect with the audience. I agree with that.

4. Sara and Pasha – Sara loves to figure skate. Pasha is crazy about computers. He likes to buy all the parts and put them together. I would not have expected him to be a computer geek. Huh. Benji was their choreographer for a West Coast Swing routine to “The Rockafeller Skank” by Fatboy Slim. I liked it a lot! This is my favorite now to this point. They were better together than I expected, and seemed to hit all their moves. It doesn’t hurt that I like the song. They had some impressive cartwheels and flips. They both looked quite smashing in their costumes, too. Good new partners. Yay!

What did the judges think?

  • Nigel: “That’s the magic. That’s what we’ve been waiting for.”
  • Adam: “If you guys auditioned for me, you got the job.” “It was a fantastic connection. It was great showmanship.”
  • Mary: “I thought this was a great routine by Benji. Woooo!” “It’s crazy the connections that you have… it was insane.”

5. Sabra and Dominic – Sabra was in High School Musical as a backup dancer. Dominic has a secret crush on somebody on the show – Cat. (He’s hamming it up, as usual.) Shane Sparks is their choreographer for a Hip-Hop routine and has chosen a song and routine that will show off their chemistry: “Make It Work” by Ne-Yo. I was a little distracted by Sabra losing an earring, but it didn’t seem to throw her off-balance. There was a lot of fun stuff, and they used the chairs as props. I liked it, but it wasn’t as stand-out as some of their performances have been.

What did the judges think?

  • Adam: “You have proven that [hip hop] can be about story… it can be about emotion.” He thought they did a great job.
  • Mary: “The two of you together… are a force to be reckoned with.” And then she stood up and gave a silent scream while shaking her head around.
  • Nigel: “I thought it was terrible… that it lasted for such a short time.” He thought Shane did a nice job creating a hip hop routine with a gentle side. “That’s how to handle a woman.”

6. Jaimie and Hok – Jaimie used to want to be a basketball player, even though she doesn’t know anything about it (?). Hok grew up playing the violin. They are doing an American Smooth Waltz, and will tell a story about a man who is dying, and they are spending a last moment together. Their song is “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. They looked pretty. Very beautiful and graceful, as a waltz should be. The judges caught some technical problems that I didn’t have the expertise to notice.

What did the judges think?

  • Adam: Jaimie, “Your lines are magnificent. And your carriage. Your poise.” Hok, “Your hands and your carriage… was absolutely beautiful.”
  • Mary: “The beginning was extremely well done… We could have seen a better rise and fall… and better quality of movement” throughout the dance. She thought “it really didn’t hit it for me.”
  • Nigel: He didn’t see much actual waltzing. “Jaimie’s lines took away from anything that you [Hok] were doing… It wasn’t really good enough.”

7. Lauren and Neil – Lauren has an Asian identity, “Misha.” Neil can do a “pretty awesome Wookie sound.” Wow. It was a good imitation. Wade Robson is their choreographer, and they’re doing a fun Jazz routine about good vs. evil to the song “Night of the Dancing Flame” by Roisin Murphy. I didn’t like Lauren’s outfit. What was with the white boots? The dance ended very suddenly. As usual, I ended up being very distracted by Neil’s facial expressions, and I didn’t get too much out of Lauren running around screaming, either. Similarly to Cedric and Shauna’s contemporary routine two weeks ago, it seemed like much of this performance lacked actual dance moves. Maybe that’s Wade Robson’s fault, but it doesn’t improve my opinion of this couple, either.

What did they judges think?

  • Adam: “You two are what this competition is all about.” “Neil, you have never been this good before… it was about a full performance level.”
  • Mary: “Neil, you’re scaring me tonight.” She thinks they pulled it off.
  • Nigel: “We just saved the best for last.” “You executed it brilliantly. Congratulations.” Really? The best? I don’t agree with you this time, Nigel.

Overall Assessment
There were a lot of good performances tonight. None were really bad. But, someone has to go home, and there will be three couples dancing for their lives Wednesday night. Here are my rankings and predictions:

Best Performances:

  1. Sara and Pasha – What a nice surprise that they danced so well together!
  2. Anya and Danny – Regardless what people say about Danny’s personality, there’s no denying this was fantastic.

Good, but not Great Performances:

  • Sabra and Dominic
  • Lacey and Kameron
  • Lauren and Neil

Performances That Left Something to be Desired:

  • Shauna and Cedric
  • Jaimie and Hok

Bottom Three:

  • Shauna and Cedric
  • Jaimie and Hok
  • Sabra and Dominic (But I think Lauren and Neil should be here. Once again, their popularity will save them.)

Who Should Be Sent Home:

  • Cedric
  • Jaimie

So far I have unsuccessfully predicted who will be sent home, but I hope I am right this week, especially with my prediction of Cedric. He lags far behind all the other contestants because of his inability to learn choreography and his lack of skills when it comes to partnering work.

Agree? Disagree? Post your comments.


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3 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: July 11, 2007”

  1. Leah Says:

    I was writing a paper while watching, so I missed most of the judges’ comments. I’m glad you write them all down. I didn’t watch a few of the dances after their first few seconds if I wasn’t immediatley drawn in (the paper was more important), which means I only really saw Lacey and Kameron, Danny and Anya, Sabra and Dominic, and Pasha and Sara. I think the funniest part of the show was when Nigel said that Lacey and Kameron would be broken up in a few weeks. Of course, he meant in the competition, but that’s not what it sounded like. I thought Lacey and Kameron were good, but I just don’t feel any sort of emotion when I watch them. Sabra and Dominic were okay, but not as interesting as they have been. I really liked Pasha and Sara’s performance, and I loved Danny and Anya’s. Danny and Pasha are my favorite individual dancers to watch – their dancing, their faces, their figures. Exquisite!

  2. Emily Says:

    Here are my thoughts on the Results Show:

    The Bottom Three:
    * Anya and Danny – Ridiculous. It is now my mission to do all I can to keep them in the competition, and particularly out of the bottom three. This is not a beauty pageant! Why are people judging them on their off-stage personality when they are so amazing when they perform? I can’t understand it, but I hope the voting madness will stop next week.
    * Shauna and Cedric – No complaints. America got this one right.
    * Jaimie and Hok – No complaints. America got this one right, too.

    I had predicted Sabra and Dominic would be in the Bottom 3 instead of Anya and Danny. I am glad that they were safe, but would much rather have seen Lauren and Neil there.

    Who the Judges Sent Home: Cedric and Shauna

    Thank goodness that the judges didn’t change their minds about Cedric again. I am very relieved to see him go. I would rather have seen Jaimie go than Shauna (plus I thought Shauna had the better solo), but I suppose the judges felt they wouldn’t be doing Shauna a favor if they were to pair her with yet another partner that’s not a good match for her (Hok). Hopefully Jaimie or Lauren will be the next girl to go.

    As for who are my favorites, this week Sara and Pasha edged past Sabra and Dominic to claim the top spot for me. As things stand now, my favorite couples are Sara and Pasha, Anya and Danny, and Sabra and Dominic. The rest I have no particular interest in.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I really thought for a minute there that they were going to send Anya home because I have really grown to like Shauna and she has amazing solos! I guess that is why Nigel prefaced it with the fact that they made their decision based on their performance on the show as a whole instead of just tonight’s solo. Having said that, I was ok with her going as long as Anya didn’t go. Still not crazy about Jaimie though… I am glad Cedrick is gone, but good luck to him in the future and at Debbie Allen’s dance school.

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