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The 4400: Try the Pie July 15, 2007

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This week on The 4400, Tom stumbles upon a creepy town, Evanston, full of Promicin-positive citizens. I wasn’t expecting that little boy’s ability to be high-pitched screaming. That was a weird moment.

One familiar face among the townspeople was Shannon, the “instant happiness” inducer (tell her your problems and they disappear, leaving behind a piece of green kryptonite and a feeling of complete peace). The actress was Lisa Sheridan, who most recently played Larkin Groves on Invasion, and who I first knew as Chloe on the short-lived Freaky Links. We may see more of Shannon, since the townspeople are packing up for a move to Seattle.

All the scenes in this town felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone. Everything was so utopian that it was eerie. One scene in particular was the one in which Tom finally eats some pie and is able to read everyone’s mind and see their memories. Kyle tries to convince Tom to take Promicin so he can stay in the town. This will also conveniently move things along to make the White Light prophecy come true.

However, although the townspeople do inject Tom with something, it isn’t Promicin. It turns out Collier and Kyle chose to inject Tom with a sedative rather than force him to take the drug. That gave them enough time to abandon Evanston. Their next destination: Seattle. That should be interesting.

In the other main story of the episode, Shawn ran into a major stumbling block in his bid for a city council seat in the form of Gabriel Hewitt, the City Council President. He is a vocal opponent to Shawn’s run, and it just so happens that he also appears in Maia’s latest recurring nightmare vision. If her vision comes true, Hewitt will be the public leader responsible for the incarceration of anyone with a 4400-ability. This storyline reminds me of Senator Greg Stillson on The Dead Zone, played by Sean Patrick Flanery. As I recall (since I no longer watch that show), Johnny had visions that showed the U.S.’s bleak future if Stillson became president.

The show is becoming increasingly loopy this season. I just hope the writers know what they are doing. Revolutions, politics, and religion are all intertwining as part of an increasingly convoluted mythology. Let’s get back to some of the good old-fashioned character development and 4400-of-the-week stories that attracted me to the show in the first place. By the way, where in the world is Richard? His name is still in the opening credits, but when will he return?


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