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So You Think You Can Dance: Pre Top 12 Show Thoughts July 18, 2007

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This is the week that we will narrow the field to the Top Ten. So chances are, the two people sent home Thursday night won’t be remembered by many of us this time next year. Here’s what I hope will happen tonight, and who I hope will be sent packing tomorrow.

By the way, I don’t read any spoilers about who’s dancing to what, etc., so this is all pure speculation and wishful thinking.

  1. Sabra and Dominic – I was a little disappointed in their hip hop routine last week, so I’d like to see them back in top form. They seem to be most impressive in styles that you wouldn’t expect them to be, such as their rumba and the sweet contemporary performance, so maybe we’ll get to see them out of their element again.
  2. Anya and Danny – This is probably a long shot, but maybe Danny will suddenly find that elusive connection with the audience, and maybe Anya will have a chance to show off more of her ballroom skills. They need a fun routine that will give them a chance to do more than just look serious while they are dancing fantastically. (I don’t need more than their fabulous dancing, but since many people do, I hope it happens tonight.)
  3. Sara and Pasha – I hope this newest pair will continue riding the momentum that they started last week with their super fun West Coast Swing routine. It reminded me how much I like Sara, and only made my admiration for Pasha grow. (He’s quickly becoming my favorite male dancer.)
  4. Lacey and Kameron – I’d like them to be given choreography that gives Kameron a chance to shine for once. Up to this point, he has always been overshadowed by his show-stopping (and in my opinion often over-the-top) partner.  Their performances have just been so-so for me the past couple of weeks, and I have yet to jump on the Lacey/Kameron love train.  But I am open to embracing them, if they give me a reason to.
  5. Jaimie and Hok – For whatever reason, I just don’t like this couple together. Perhaps it’s a similar problem to Ricky and Ashley. Ashley was too tall, and Jaimie seems to be taller than Hok as well. And with all her curly hair, she seems even taller than she is. What they need is another dance that has them dancing separately for most of the performance, like the hummingbird/flower dance.
  6. Lauren and Neil – I may not be crazy for Lacey and Kameron, but I can hardly stand this pair. I don’t really know what it is. I’ve always chalked it up to a difference of opinion in how enthusiastic and pep rallyish one should be when dancing. I would be perfectly happy to see them go home this week.

Who Should Go Home?

I know I should wait until I actually see all the performances to decide who should be in the bottom three this week, but instead I will base my thoughts on everything that has happened up to this point.

Bottom Three: (Who I’d Like to See There)

  • Lauren and Neil
  • Jaimie and Hok
  • Lacey and Kameron – These two need a taste of what it feels like to be in the bottom three. Besides, I’d love to see Kameron perform a solo, just to see what he can do.

Go Home:

  • Neil – He is, in my opinion, the weakest dancer left among the guys.
  • Jaimie – I would be happy to see Lauren go home as well, but it might be interesting to see Hok paired with someone else. In this scenario, that someone would be Lauren.

It will be interesting to see if anyone changes my mind based on tonight’s performances.


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