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So You Think You Can Dance: July 25, 2007 July 25, 2007

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Welcome to this week’s Top 10 Performance Show. They mixed things up tonight. In addition to the newly matched couples, everyone danced a solo choreographed by Wade Robson, a routine he describes as being about “peace” and “anti-war.” It was to the song “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. Before getting to the solos, here’s a rundown of who the couples were, what they danced, and what I and the judges thought.

Couple #1: Lauren and Pasha, Hip Hop, “Fuego” by Pitbull

My Thoughts: This was very different, and there were many distractions, from the swirling neon green shapes on the stage, to their skeleton costumes. Weird. My eyes were constantly drawn to Pasha, and although it was strange to see him doing hip hop, he did a good job.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Mia: “Pasha, you pulled it off. You did it, and you did it excellently.” “Lauren, you’re blowin’ up.”
  • Mary: “What a way to start the show tonight.” “You guys instantly clicked and had a connection.”
  • Nigel: “Shane created human Transformers didn’t he?” “Pasha, you’re the best Russian hip hop dancer I’ve seen.”

Couple #2: Sabra and Kameron, Contemporary, “Amazing Grace” by Crystal Lewis
My Thoughts: I liked the simple outfits. I didn’t really “get” the dance, but at least we were able to notice Kameron without him being in Lacey’s shadow. They had an impressive jump sequence.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Mia: “Kameron, I feel like you’ve been exposed tonight… the way you danced was very very immature… It was hard for me to watch you.” Ouch. “Sabra full of grace… Your career is gonna skyrocket.”
  • Mary: “I don’t see the magic yet between the two of you either.” “Sabra, you’re just pure perfection out there.”
  • Nigel: “That was really well danced from the pair of you.” “Kameron, I didn’t quite believe the emotional journey you were on.”

Couple #3: Lacey and Danny, Samba, “Hip Hip Chin Chin” by Club Des Belugas

My Thoughts: Lacey finally was overshadowed by someone else. Even with all her hip shaking and facial contortions, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Danny. He is such a strong, effortless (and attractive) dancer. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance, and was disappointed when it ended.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Mia: “I think that was the sexiest dance so far this season. That was hot.” “Danny, you’re like the stallion of dance.” “Lacey, hot, you’re ridiculous.”
  • Mary: “Danny, this wasn’t my favorite tonight… it’s just a little bit lacking in the technique.” “Lacey, fabulous.”
  • Nigel: “Lacey, don’t forget that [Danny’s] there dancing with you.” “Danny, what you lacked in technique you made up in performance tonight.”

Couple #4: Jaimie and Dominic, Viennese Waltz, “Man of La Mancha” by Linda Eder

My Thoughts: All that yellow fabric was very distracting. In fact, it was all I could see most of the time. This routine was almost painful for me to watch, as well as boring. Most of Jaimie’s performances have, for me, lacked entertainment value, and this one was no different. Although she has a bubbly off-stage personality, it doesn’t carry into her performances, which is why I’ve never noticed her much.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Mia: “This isn’t your best…The carriage, the technique, and the lines were atrocious.” She complimented Jaimie’s lines but said she has to be careful with her mouth “because you open it a lot like you’re catching flies sometimes.” Interesting critique.
  • Mary: “It was way way over the top. In the beginning it was almost cartoonish… The technique was not very good.” “I couldn’t believe the chemistry between the two of you.”
  • Nigel: “This is the first time that I’ve been really disappointed with you [Dominic]… It started to look a bit like Groucho Marx turning into Mr. Bean… It didn’t work for me tonight on any level. I’m sorry.” He couldn’t really judge Jaimie’s part because he was “too busy watching Dominic being hammy.”

Couple #5: Sara and Neil, Disco, “Knock on Wood” by Rachel Stevens

My Thoughts: I was concerned when I heard we would have to see cheesy Neil do the cheesiest of dances, disco. The baby blue leisure suit didn’t quell my fears. Sara’s hot pink dress was also distracting. With all the flashing lights, sporadic camerawork, and “cute” glances at the audience, I felt like I was watching a halftime show. The acrobatics added to that effect. Sara was more fun to watch than Neil. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about his body movements that bothers me. He isn’t as commanding as most of the other guys. I hate to use the word, but he comes across as kind of “wimpy.” Sorry, Neil fans. That’s the best word I can use to describe this intangible quality that makes it difficult for me to like his performances.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Mia: “It was so much fun. You guys are like the biggest dorks in the best costumes.”
  • Mary: “Fun fun fun.”
  • Nigel: “When it’s like that, I love disco.”

Assessing the Solos (My comments are followed by the judges’ critique of each solo)

  • Solo #1: Jaimie – She did a nice job, doing the honors of introducing this routine that we all knew by heart by the end of the show. Nigel told her that she needs to “find a way to bring more dynamism (?) to her emotions.” This is the problem I have had with Jaimie, which I mentioned earlier.
  • Solo #2: Dominic – He seemed stiffer than Jaimie, but gave it a lot of emotion. Nigel thought he was “a little tight” but Mary thought he “showed a lot of emotion.” Mia complained that nobody put their own “essence” into the routine. I’d disagree. A couple of them did make it their own.
  • Solo #3: Sara – She brought a little hip hop flair to her solo. Nigel thought she was “small in her movement.” Mary connected with her, and Mia got “a little misty.”
  • Solo #4: Pasha – He was very graceful, and had quite a lot of volume in his scream. Nigel thought “it showed that [he] was out of his league” in this routine. He surprised Mary, and it was overdramatic and awkward for Mia.
  • Solo #5: Lauren – Her scream was more of a squeak, but otherwise she was very enthusiastic. Nigel thought she made it work with the music. Mary “felt every minute.” Mia did cheesy “I heart you” sign language.
  • Solo #6: Neil – His rendition was too theatrical for my taste. Nigel said “it looks ugly” when Neil brings his shoulders up high. Maybe that’s what my problem with him is. Too much tension? Mia and Mary both said “beautifully danced, but no emotion.”
  • Solo #7: Sabra – Now that’s how you scream. She has some powerful lungs! Her solo was very smooth and expressive. The best so far. Nigel said “You are small, but you dance so large it is fantastic to watch.” Mary bowed down to her. Mia said that after tonight Sabra is her favorite.
  • Solo #8: Kameron – He didn’t seem very invested in the routine; it was more like he was going through the motions. Nigel “has felt a little let down over the weeks” … but he was happy with this solo. Mary thought he did a great job, and Mia feels like he applied her critique from his earlier performance to this one.
  • Solo #9: Lacey – Her facial expressions distracted me, as usual, but otherwise she did a good job. Nigel said she has everything. Mary agrees. So does Mia, but she did want a little more emotionally.
  • Solo #10: Danny – I didn’t like his scream, but he did a great job with the rest. Nigel thinks Danny was the first one who made it his own, “like honey being poured out of a bottle.” I agree about the honey part. Mary thinks “we’re getting more emotion each time.” Mia said he “has the potential of being in the books of history” if he gets rid of his boundaries, and breaks his chains. “You are beyond, beyond, beyond, beyond…”

Ranking the Couples (Best to Worst)

  1. Lacey and Danny
  2. Lauren and Pasha
  3. Sabra and Kameron
  4. Sara and Neil
  5. Jaimie and Dominic

Predicting the Bottom Guys and Girls

  • Dominic and Neil
  • Lauren and Jaimie

Who Should Go Home

  • Neil
  • Lauren

As you can see, I am hoping that Danny has gained some fans since last week when he was in the bottom three for the third week in a row. In fact, I’m about to start calling for him now.


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7 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: July 25, 2007”

  1. Sade Says:

    i think that you analyzed well. i can’t say much more than that.

  2. Susan Says:

    I agree with much of what you said – except I think Jamie and Dominic should go. He is great with his style, but out of his element with almost everything else. And Jamie is a beautiful dancer, but missing personality when she dances. Lauren is full of personality and talent.

  3. Emily Says:

    I would be okay seeing Jaimie or Dominic going home tonight, too. I do think Jaimie is a more graceful dancer than Lauren, but I have always noticed her lack of personality, which seems to be an important element of winning this show. I’ve always liked Dominic, but without Sabra as a partner, he looked a lot less impressive. I would like to see him have a chance to redeem himself next week, but we’ll see. I don’t really know why I’ve always had something against Lauren. I guess her personality and enthusiasm or just too much for my taste and distract from her dancing. (I have a similar problem with Lacey).

  4. Lindsay Says:

    Hey, it looks like Mika borrowed Pasha and Neil’s shared pair of tight blue pants! WOWEE! Those are tight.

    I enjoyed the opening dance sequence. I couldn’t stop staring at Danny! He really is an amazing dancer and not bad to look at, as you know… And wasn’t he totally funny when he found out he was safe. I am sure he just KNEW he was going to be in the bottom 2. And so there is some emotion! I guess our combined 10 votes really made the difference. I was literally clapping and screaming when Cat announced it.

    I must say that when they were announcing the bottom boys, Neil was just adorable! Just reminds me of a little boy (with facial hair, and, apparently a couple of chest hairs). I just wish my amusement with his dancing matched my amusement for his goofy personality.

    I am completely satisfied with the bottom four this week. Looks like the voters agree with me. It is so strange to me that they have the dancers do one more solo even though it won’t save them. The “dance for your life” passion doesn’t have to be there. What is the point? Goodbye to Kameron and Jaimie.

    I am loving: Sara, Pasha, Danny, Sabra. That is who I am really feeling for now. I don’t see that as the real final four but we can hope.

    If we go to see the tour, we definitely have to dork out and stand outside for autographs, ok?

  5. Emily Says:

    The Bottom Four: Jaimie, Lauren, Kameron, Dominic

    Who Went Home: Jaimie, Kameron

    I was not surprised that Jaimie was the lowest vote getter of the girls. She never really stood out from the rest. I was, however, surprised that Kameron didn’t have a stronger fan base. I really thought Neil would be in the bottom two instead of him, but I guess everyone but me really did love his disco dancing and blue leisure suit. Kameron never really proved that he could be a great dancer. I always blamed it on the choreography, until last week’s subpar solo in the middle of he and Lacey’s hip hop number. I’m not sure Dominic’s technique is any better than Kameron’s, but it seems that he at least has connected with the audience more effectively. Let’s see how much longer his personality will keep him around.

    I was quite pleased with the bottom four. As long as my favorites (Pasha, Danny, Sabra, Sara) stay safe, I will be happy.

  6. mq1986 Says:

    Couples wise, I completely agreed with you on nearly all of them. I also really liked Danny/Lacey’s number (although it pains me, because I really think Lacey is overrated), and Pasha/Lauren’s impressed upon me because I was totally NOT expecting it to be that good. For Lord’s sake, it’s Pasha doing hip-hop. But shockingly, he did it really, really well. He remembered to keep his movements tight not only to the music, but even to the sound effects and 808, and most amateur hip-hop dancers forget that. Sara/Neil’s disco routine was also just a lot of fun, and that’s a different kind of importance.

    Solos wise, I also thought Sabra and Danny were the best. But I thought it was shocking that such a blatant anti-war dance was on the show, since we’ve become so damn politically correct about it lately. That being said, I truly commend them for taking a stand on freedom of expression–that’s what it’s all about. The moment they gave in on this issue, that’s the beginning of the end of dance expression.

    I definitely am rooting for Sabra to win. Lacey’s good, but waaaay too overrated. It would be a crime for her to win over Sabra. I’m not sure how you could reconcile that kind of result.

    Guys-wise, it’s hard for me to say. Danny’s incredibly talented, but he’s not very versatile–which ultimately doesn’t matter, I guess, but I think it’s really cool if you’re versatile. He grew on me with his samba though. I really like Pasha, because I think he’s versatile, good-natured, not too over the top and not too reserved, and he’s constantly surprising me with what he can do.

    Anyhoo, looking forward to future episodes.

  7. Emily Says:

    I agree that Lacey is overrated. I’ve never really liked her, so I was surprised by how much I liked her and Danny’s Samba. (I think that’s mostly due to Danny being so great, though.)

    I’m rooting most of all for Pasha to win it all. He seems to be gaining in popularity every week. Hope that continues!

    I’m totally prepared to “dork out” with cheesy Pasha t-shirts and to wait around for autographs when we go see the dancers live. Can’t wait!

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