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We Now Resume Regularly Scheduled Programming July 25, 2007

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Harry Potter fans who haven’t read Book 7, feel free to read on.  I am a firm believer in not spoiling books, so I won’t talk at all about the book’s plot here.

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been, since I haven’t updated my blog in several days.  Well, I’ve been doing what millions of other people around the world have been doing: hiding from the world while reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so as not to have any of the book’s many twist and turns spoiled for me.  I figure many people are still plowing through the 750+ pages, so I will save my review of the book for another day, weeks from now.

If you’re reading this and you’ve never started the Harry Potter series, please do yourself a favor and get started on them as soon as possible. To prepare for the release of Book 7, I re-read the previous six books, and I may have enjoyed reading them even more the second time through.

This is the first time I’ve been reading a book that I felt the need to shut myself off from the world.  Every time I left my house I was afraid I would accidentally stumble upon some rabid group of Potter-fans shouting out the secrets of the final chapter.  Two days ago at the gym, the woman on the exercise bike next to mine was feverishly reading the book (and was nearing the end) as she pedaled along.  I was afraid to look in her direction, lest I spy a look in her eyes that would give away some momentous turn of events.  Another day I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, and I heard the words “Potter” and “book” in a friendly exchange between another customer and a cashier two lanes over from me.   Thankfully, the beeping of the multitudes of scanners drowned out whatever it was they were saying, or I would have had to leave my groceries on the counter and run screaming from the store, my hands covering my ears.  And although I would make various comments about the book to friends who were ahead of me in the reading, I requested that they not respond in any way.

So now it is with great relief that I can walk out my front door, turn on the tv, and talk to friends and family, without having to worry about what surprises from the Potter-verse these social interactions may unveil.

So, as the title suggests, I will now resume regularly scheduled posts on my blog.  First up will be a review of this week’s So You Think You Can Dance. Other posts to watch for:

  • A review of this week’s episode of The 4400
  • My thoughts about the Emmy comedy nominees
  • An update on what I will be reading now that my many months of Potter reading have reached their end point. (It is quite difficult to find something as a follow-up to The Deathly Hallows.)

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