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So You Think You Can Dance: August 1, 2007 August 1, 2007

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I apologize in advance. This is an abbreviated version of my usual review of the show because I am on vacation, away from my TiVo! I watched all the performances tonight, but didn’t catch the judges’ comments. It’s interesting that my favorite dancers were paired up tonight (Pasha and Sabra, Danny and Sara). That made it very easy to choose my favorite performances. Here are some quick thoughts:

Danny and Sara:

  • Their Argentine tango was impressive. It was my favorite performance of the night.
  • Their 80s-style hip-hop routine was fun, but kind of cheesy. I kind of cringed watching classically-trained Danny doing all those pelvic thrusts.

Dominic and Lauren:

  • Their krumping was somewhat entertaining, but gave both of them a chance to further display their cheesiness.
  • Their rumba paled in comparison to the one that Dominic and Sabra danced earlier this season. I was completely bored during this performance. I think these two should go home this week.

Lacey and Neil:

  • I couldn’t pay attention to their Latin jazz routine. I was completely distracted by Neil’s shirtlessness. I don’t want to see Neil shirtless. Danny, maybe, but Neil, no. Neil’s state of undress only accentuated his stiff shoulders.
  • Since I missed the intro to their contemporary routine, I was completely lost as to what their performance was about. I was completely unimpressed. They didn’t have to do anything difficult in terms of choreography, and it came across as pointless to me. So I was shocked when it brought more than one person to tears, and the judges said things like “this performance will go down in history as one of the greatest.” Sure, now that I know Mia was creating a scene of what meeting her dad in heaven would be like, the routine makes more sense. But I watched it again knowing what it was intended to be, and I still wasn’t impressed. I think all the judges got emotionally overwhelmed and forgot that this is a dance competition.

Sabra and Pasha:

  • I’m not usually a fan of the Broadway dances (they really work better with a whole chorus of dancers, rather than just a pair), but because I love both Sabra and Pasha, I really enjoyed this one. This was my second favorite performance of the night.
  • The local station I was watching missed the intro and first part of their quickstep, so I feel like I don’t have the whole picture on this one. It looked good technically, so I’ll give them credit for that much.

Best of the Night:

  • Danny and Sara’s Argentine tango
  • Pasha and Sabra’s Broadway routine

Least Impressive of the Night:

  • Lauren and Dominic’s rumba
  • Lacey and Neil’s contemporary performance

Predicting the Bottom Two Guys:

  • Dominic
  • Neil

Predicting the Bottom Two Girls:

  • Lauren
  • Sara (should be Lacey, but I think she’s more popular than Sara)

Who Should Go Home:

  • Lauren
  • Dominic


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5 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: August 1, 2007”

  1. mq1986 Says:

    Danny and Sara’s tango definitely took the night, but their hip-hop…was less than stellar. It just looked too loose and uninspired.

    Ever since he left Sabra, Dominic has failed to impress me with anything he does. And I’ve always found Lauren kind of boring–I don’t know how she made it this far.

    Neil and Lacey’s latin jazz felt like it was trying too hard to be sexy, compared to Lacey and Danny’s samba last week. I thought their contemporary routine was good and got all the right emotions, but it was way too easy; it’s not hard to choke people up if you do a routine about people reunited after death.

    Pasha and Sabra were the most solid couple of the night. Both their dances were technically and emotionally strong, and they just continue to demonstrate their versatility each time. They also demonstrate great personality, which only works in their favor.

    At the end of the night, I was really torn between Danny and Pasha. I think overall, Pasha has demonstrated solid versatility and emotion, whereas only Danny has been kind of hit and miss. It’s a tough choice, but I voted for Pasha–he has this lovable doofy quality to him that’s pretty endearing.

    Of the girls, without question I really liked Sabra. She’s got everything: personality, emotion, versatility, and technique.

    I hope those three make it to the next round.

  2. Veronica Says:

    Danny is my fave.

  3. Emily Says:

    The Results Show:

    Well, I was right about the bottom four, but was disappointed that Sara went home instead of Lauren. I figure, though, that either of them would have been next to go anyway, so I hope we say goodbye to Lauren next week.

    Farewell, Dominic and Sara.

  4. mb Says:

    Danny – talented in his field, yes but the guy is one-dimensional. I don’t think he contributed much to the tango routine and I’m so sick of seeing his signature pirouettes in almost every routine (the fault of the choreographers though) as I am with Lacey’s hands/arms around her head/hair. We know he can do them, get on with it.

    And that Mia routine. Hell, I could have done that with my 3 dance classes I took when I was 5 yrs old. Very little technique/routine in my opinion.

    Sabra – best all round female this season? Disappointed Sara was ousted. Agree with Dominic and Neil will be next.

    Thanks for posting the clips. I missed this week.

  5. mb Says:

    oops – clips were from another site but I like your summaries too.

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