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So You Think You Can Dance: August 8, 2007 August 8, 2007

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Mannequins, Leather Pants, and ’80s Power Lunches

Welcome to the So You Think You Dance Top 6 Performance Show. Tonight’s unintentional theme was scary props and costumes. Read on to get my take on the dances as well as the judges’ comments.

1. Pasha and Lacey – Hip Hop & Smooth Waltz

Hip Hop – “In the Morning” by Junior Boys – Their hip hop routine was really fun. Pasha was so cute in his street clothes and the random nerdy glasses. He had a lot of personality, and Lacey did a good job as the mannequin. I like her better in understated performances, and I believe this one falls into that category. This may be the most impressed I’ve been by Pasha in a non-ballroom type performance. He was very convincing.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Nigel: “Pasha, he’s turned you into a geeky hip hop guy” and “Lacey, the sharpness of your movements worked so well as a mannequin, doll.”
  • Mary: “Pasha, this was crazy good tonight. I couldn’t even believe that was you out there.” “Lacey, you were terrific as usual.” “The wind is still blowing in the right direction for both of you.”
  • Debbie: “Great energy from the both of you.”

Smooth Waltz – “A Daisy in December” by Mick McAuley and Winifred Horan – They danced very beautifully together, and Pasha had a commanding, graceful presence throughout. It kept me intrigued, which is more than I can say for most of the waltzes this season.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Nigel: “The rise and fall, the flow of the movement, the lines… everything was absolutely beautiful.”
  • Mary: “It was absolutely dreamlike.” “Pasha, the way that you dance, the way that you carry yourself… you still just freak me out.”
  • Debbie: She talked about transformation and versatility and Love Story. Debbie’s comments are always very ethereal. I can’t make sense of them.

2. Danny and Lauren – Contemporary and Disco

Contemporary – “Then You Look at Me” by Celine Dion – Mia Michaels had them dancing as aliens. I didn’t see where aliens came into it. I liked the first half, when Danny’s movements were flawless. He brought Lauren up a couple of notches. However, the second half of the routine seemed to waste a lot of time running around the stairs when they could have continued the interesting movements.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Nigel: “Incredible. Absolutely incredible.” He thought Lauren finally reached her potential tonight.
  • Mary: Loud screaming. “It was really a special treat.” “The speed, the power for both of you was out of sight.” She gave them tickets on the hot tamale train.
  • Debbie: “This was passion and perfection personified.” “We should be getting an Oscar for that performance.”

Disco – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by the Communards – Yikes to Danny’s white leisure suit. Lauren’s turquoise number was okay. The camera was too jerky during this routine. Something seemed off in this performance. Maybe it was a combination of the annoying song, with all of the shrieking, and the choppy choreography. It may be my least favorite dance of the night.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Nigel: “This was a really tough routine.” “Disco always makes me happy to watch.”
  • Mary: “I thought it was so much FUN!” She thought Lauren was a 70s goddess. She’s enjoying watching Danny break out.
  • Debbie: “You guys had so much fun, so we had so much fun.”

3. Sabra and Neil – Jazz and Paso Doble

Jazz – “Sweet Dream (Are Made of This) by the Eurythmics – 80s jazz powerlunch by Mandy Moore – I appreciated the shout out to 80s corporate America, with all the fist-pounding on the table, the intense stares, etc. Neil had the one impressive strength move as he propelled himself over the table (and Sabra). Nice outfits, too. Very 80s-career themed.

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Nigel: “I’m very worried, because I hope the finale comes up to this standard… because the dancing and the choreography this week are just incredible.”
  • Mary: “I’m still smilin’ over here.” She enjoyed watching them play their roles.
  • Debbie: “Honey, all I can say is that’s how I like it.”

Paso Doble – “Espana Cani” by Juan & Gennaro – Pretty red dress. Scary black leather pants. Neil looks like he belongs in an 80s Duran Duran video. They did have an impressive finale. Did you notice how Sabra clung to the leather pants to cushion her fall to the floor?

What Did the Judges Think?

  • Nigel: He thinks this proves that “there’s every chance that Neil or Sabra could win this competition.”
  • Mary: “The lines, the torquing, your shapes were good… you guys looked hot, too, by the way.” Neil reminded Mary that this is his first time on the (hot tamale) train.
  • Debbie: “I was so thrilled to see you all dance this tonight.”

Commenting on the Solos

  • Solo #1: Sabra – “Rock Your Soul” by Eliza – I liked her purple outfit, and she was very graceful as usual.
  • Solo #2: Pasha – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler – Pasha seemed very upset about the decapitated mannequin wearing a ballroom gown that was sharing the stage with him. I was somewhat disturbed by the routine, although I suppose in his mind ballroom dancing is about partnering, and since it was a solo, he went with a “partner” as a prop. Not his best work.
  • Solo #3: Lauren – “Sorry” by Maria Mena – She smiled too much in this routine, which felt more serious and melancholy. Lauren likes to wear the lingerie.
  • Solo #4: Neil – “Out of My Hands” by Dave Matthews – His pants looked too short, but it was a nice gymnastics routine. There’s no doubt Neil is great at his thing. I just don’t think he’s achieved greatness in other styles or in his stage presence.
  • Solo #5: Lacey – “Le Disco” by Shiny Toy Guns – Lots of tassles and hip shaking. She needed a mannequin in a tux to dance around.
  • Solo #6: Danny – “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin – It’s so easy to watch Danny dance. He is captivating, even in a simple 30 second solo.

Top Performances

  1. Lacey and Pasha’s hip hop routine
  2. Sabra and Neil’s ’80s jazz routine
  3. Lauren and Danny’s contemporary routine

Less Impressive Performances

  • Lauren and Danny’s disco
  • Sabra and Neil’s paso doble
  • Lacey and Pasha’s smooth waltz (I liked this one, but it wasn’t memorable)

Bottom Two Girls

  • Lauren
  • Lacey

Bottom Two Guys

  • Neil
  • Pasha

Who Should Go Home

  • Lauren
  • Neil

Everyone did really well tonight, but I still feel like Neil and Lauren are the weakest links. It’s time for them to leave.


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6 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: August 8, 2007”

  1. mq1986 Says:

    I pretty much agree with most everything you said.

    I thought that Pasha and Lacey had pretty raw deals as to their dance styles tonight. The two best fast-steppers in the show had to do hip-hop and smooth waltz. That being said, I thought they were solid (as usual) doing both.

    Danny and Lauren really lucked out getting a contemporary by Mia. It’s no shock to me that the judges ate it up. I also think the stairs thing was a big ol’ waste of time. Their disco was kind of lame, in my opinion. It felt slow and did not in any way compare to Neil and Sara’s two weeks before. And the music was really irritating.

    Neil and Sabra’s jazz was really great to watch. It was very intriguing. Their paso doble was okay too.

    I agree that Lauren and Neil should leave. We already have contemporary dancers aplenty with Danny and Sabra, and they are better ones with more interesting personalities. Having either Lauren or Neil on would be redundant.

    I still like Pasha and Sabra the best. Danny has grown on me, but I still think he’s just been redoing all the moves he’s done every single week. I can’t remember a show when I DIDN’T see him do a pirouette. Lacey–still overrated.

  2. A Ehler Says:

    Thanx for the info, I love this show but I miss it half the time, so I was glad to read. Thanx again.

  3. Lady Says:

    I’ve only caught a couple of episodes, but your post gives a pretty good idea of what’s up. Thanks!

  4. […] So You Think You Can Dance: August 8, 2007 Mannequins, Leather Pants, and ’80s Power Lunches Welcome to the So You Think You Dance Top 6 Performance Show.  […] […]

  5. mq1986 Says:

    I just read the article on SYTYCD on Wikipedia, and they already have the elimination results…I’m shocked by the guy who was sent home. I don’t know if the article is accurate or not, so read at your own risk.

  6. Dejean Says:

    Hey thank you for that, very informative! I was only ale to squeeze in most episodes but i missed a few because of my tight schedule you know how it is…Nevertheless, from what i have seen, i agree with your discussion..

    especially with what you had said about the Disco – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by the Communards

    Off abit, i notice you are interested in choreography and we have our own site :

    The Choreography Of Tom John

    Thanks again for your informative discussion!

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