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So You Think You Can Dance: Say Hello to the Final Four August 14, 2007

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Well, I am relatively happy with the remaining dancers. I have a 50/50 chance that someone I’ve been rooting for all along will actually win, which is a rare occurrence for me when it comes to reality shows. Before I get to my thoughts on the final four, let me say a few words about the delayed results show (and thanks to the producers for deciding to “lock down” the studio to save us from spoilers galore).

The Results Show

The First Two Who Were Safe: Danny and Lacey

  • Danny: I really like Danny, so I was thrilled that he was voted into the final four. He’s had quite the turnaround this season. It wasn’t too long ago that viewers were bad-mouthing him left and right and ignoring his amazing dance skills. Now look at him. He has smiled and danced himself into the final round.
  • Lacey: Are we really to believe that she was the highest female vote-getter? How can she be more popular than Sabra? If you’re reading this and you voted for Lacey instead of Sabra, please let me know, because so far I haven’t talked to anyone who is voting for Lacey. I’ll admit that she’s good at what she does, but she lacks some of the gracefulness and appeal that Sabra is full of.

The Two Who Were Sent Home: Pasha and Lauren

  • Pasha: Oh, poor Pasha. I just loved Pasha. Mary Murphy echoed my sentiments when she tearfully explained how great he is, and I also agreed with Nigel’s assessment that Pasha is a true gentleman in an age with very few of them. He actually would have been my first choice to win the whole thing, because I really think he has shone outside of his partnering dance styles. Think back to his 80s jazz routine with Sara, or last week’s hip hop routine. He was a fantastic performer in those and other instances. In the end, I believe his downfall may have been his age (along with that unfortunate solo last week with the headless mannequin). At 27, Pasha is by far the oldest of the remaining dancers – and was probably the oldest all along. When it came down to it, who were younger viewers (by which I mean teenagers) going to vote for – fresh-faced, cute Neil, or somewhat dorky and odd Pasha? At least we were able to enjoy watching him for this long. Goodbye, Pasha. I’ll cheer loudest for you at the live show I go to this fall.
  • Lauren: I’ve been predicting that Lauren would be sent home for the past few weeks, and although I’d been wrong many times before, it seemed obvious this week that her time was up. She is a good dancer, as are all of the remaining contestants, but I don’t think she ever connected with the audience, and she always seemed overly enthusiastic to me. I wish her the best in her continued dance career.

The Final Four Contestants (in order of my favorite to least favorite)

  • Sabra: More than anyone, perhaps, Sabra totally deserves to be in this final four. I can’t remember a single sub-par performance from her this season. She is always perfect, always beautiful, always mesmerizing. At this point, she seems like the front runner to win it all.
  • Danny: I already mentioned above what a great turnaround he’s had this season. Should he end up winning, that would be a great story. He definitely doesn’t need to win, though, to succeed in his career. But I’d imagine this has been a growing experience for him, especially, as it has challenged him to show more of a variety of emotions in his performances. Perhaps he will try his hand at acting. I wouldn’t mind going to see him at the theater. Maybe he could start with a movie musical. Hmm….
  • Neil: If you look back at my previous posts from the season, you’ll see that I consistently placed Neil in the bottom four many weeks. There has just always been something about him that I didn’t get, or that bothered me. But… last week was the first time I was impressed by him. The 80s power lunch performance he did with Sabra was really fun and well done. Even his solo was memorable. (I can’t say I enjoyed the paso doble, though.) So, I admit that he deserves to be in the final four, but I think Pasha would have been equally deserving.
  • Lacey: I always assumed she would make it this far. She started with the advantage of her brother’s fanbase. Let’s hope there’s not another Schwimmer to compete next year. In fact, how about a fresh Top 20 with no connections to this year’s contestants, just to level the playing field. But I digress… Lacey is obviously talented, but I’m not so sure she has shown as much versatility as Sabra or Danny. So, here’s hoping that when the winner’s name is called, it isn’t hers. Because I won’t be able to help but feel that she won on the strength of a powerhouse group of voters, rather than because the majority of viewers liked her best.

Well, we have four more hours of the show to enjoy this week. Check back Wednesday night for my thoughts on the performance show, and on Thursday night for my brief (hopefully joyful) comments on who wins.


2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Say Hello to the Final Four”

  1. mq1986 Says:

    I’m really bummed that Pasha got sent home–not to mention surprised, considering how many times Neil has been in the bottom compared to Pasha. I bums me out because Pasha’s always been so solid in all his performances, whereas Neil has always been (and still is, to a certain extent) kind of hit-and-miss. Ah, the dark side of reality shows: power-voting. I read some of the forums, and would you believe there were people who got together, maybe a dozen at a time, and then made over 6000 votes–for Neil? I only voted for Pasha once, because I think that’s fair. Power-voting just throws the entire show out of whack, like how Sanjaya got as far as he did on American Idol.

    To tell the truth, I don’t think I’ll watch the finale, since Pasha’s not in it anymore. I promised myself that if either Pasha or Sabra (the most solid, versatile, and personable contestants) got sent home before the Final Four, then I could not reconcile myself to watch the people who took their places. I hope that Sabra ultimately wins, but I think I’ll just look it up.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Hi… I’ve only been reading for a little bit, but I love(d) this show and was excited to see your reviews on it. Anyway, just wanted to say I was SO sad that Pasha left! I wanted him to win everything too. But you hit the nail on the head when you talked about Neil being the fresh-faced and cute one that appeals to the younger (teenaged) audience, and that’s why he stayed and Pasha left. Okay…I’ll save further comments for other blog entries. 🙂

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