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Fall 2007 Preview: New Shows on Fox August 29, 2007

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So I’m not one of those special people who gets to screen the pilots before they air.  Therefore, everything I’m about to say is based on speculation, personal opinion, and my tv intuition.  I love the start of the fall television season, and am always overjoyed that there are suddenly so many new shows to try out, after a summer of mostly horrific offerings.  Unfortunately, (at least for the network suits), I am becoming more picky about shows that appeal to me.  Keep reading to see what I think of Fox’s new shows this fall.

Shows with Potential

  • Back to You – This one could go one of two ways.  On one hand, people may watch it simply because of the star power (Kelsey Grammer and  Patricia Heaton together on one show?).  On the other, this show may join the long line of shows cursed by the former glory of its lead actors.  Who can forget the Seinfeld curse – broken only recently by The New Adventures of Old Christine.  Since this is the first major show for an actor from Fraser or Everybody Loves Raymond (I refuse to let ‘Til Death count), I’m sure critics and viewers alike will be waiting to scrutinize its ratings performance. Based on the preview clips that I’ve seen, the show is polished and has good comedic timing.  I’m just not sure it’s the type of comedy that will become appointment viewing.  Even though it looks decent, I have no plans to watch it. But maybe it will suit many other people’s taste.

Mediocre Shows

  • K-Ville – Nothing about this show compels me to watch it.  And I’m not sure that America is ready to watch a show set in post-Katrina New Orleans.  I still think that CSI should have spun off a show set there instead of in New York.  Aren’t there enough New York shows?  I will at least watch the pilot episode to see how much New Orleans and cajun flavor is injected into the show.  If the writers can use those elements to make this cop show stand out from the rest, then it may stand a chance to make it through the season.  But if people are too busy watching the 14 CSI’s currently airing, then these actors better start packing now.
  • The Next Great American Band and Nashville – Oh good.  Two more music-themed reality shows.  Not really.  I need a break from the drama of singers and bands.  It’s hard enough to avoid Idol-fever for five months out of the year.  Am I cynical about singing “reality” shows? Do I think they are one big cheese-fest?  Yes, I do.  The only competitive reality show I am interested in is So You Think You Can Dance, and I am perfectly happy to enjoy it over the summer when I can give it my full attention.

Abysmal Shows That I Won’t Go Near

  • Kitchen Nightmares – I love food, and I am very interested in seeing good food prepared well.  That’s what the Food Network is for.  I think that Gordon Ramsey and his sensationalized, fear-inducing chef antics are a shame.  I am sure this show will do well, but I will not be a part of it. I’ll be watching Barefoot Contessa and Everyday Italian instead.

That’s the short list of Fox’s new offerings this fall.  Sadly, I won’t be watching anything on Fox, except for the occasional episode of House or Bones.  Nothing on Fox is appointment viewing for me.

Next up on my pure conjecture about fall tv: CBS.


One Response to “Fall 2007 Preview: New Shows on Fox”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I agree with your assessment. Unfortunately for Fox, they have managed to put NOTHING new on this fall that I find interesting at all. I don’t even feel the need to try out any of these shows, just to see. Too bad. So for now, my only show on Fox is still just Bones…

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