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Fall 2007 Preview: New Shows on The CW September 9, 2007

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So far I’ve given a brief overview of new shows on Fox and CBS, and had planned to cover NBC’s new slate next. A few days ago I realized that I had completely forgotten about The CW, so I suppose I will take a look at its new offerings now. Why did I forget about this “little network who could… not”? Well, it seems that I have finally moved outside of this network’s targeted demographic. CW and I didn’t start off on the right foot to begin with. Two years ago, the powers that were at UPN and WB decided not to renew the still-strong at the time Everwood, and instead chose to resurrect the already on its death bed 7th Heaven (why? I still ask why?). At the same time Smallville was getting ridiculous (sorry to those who are still fans), and frankly, there just wasn’t much left that interested me.

Fast forward a year, and in Spring 2007 we said goodbye to the two shows I was still watching on The CW: Gilmore Girls (granted, it was time for this one to bow out) and Veronica Mars (maybe if they had just left it alone in the first place – they stole a lot of its thunder when they took away the season-long mystery arc). Now, for the first time in nearly ten years (I believe I started watching Dawson’s Creek in 1998), I will not be watching anything on “the other network.”

It’s been a viewer-network relationship with ups and downs, but some of my most beloved shows were introduced to me by the former WB: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Roswell, Gilmore Girls, Everwood etc. Now, the network has turned its back on shows like these, and has instead embraced head scratchers like One Tree Hill. I know there are still some decent shows airing on The CW – Everybody Hates Chris and Supernatural, for example. But overall, I’m simply not picking up what they are putting down. Here we go:

Shows with Potential

  • Aliens in America – If I were going to watch any show on the CW this fall, it would be this one. The clips I’ve seen from it actually make me laugh out loud, which is more than I can say for most of the new comedies. I like the premise, so I will probably watch the pilot. Unfortunately, Aliens in America airs opposite How I Met Your Mother on Monday nights, so I probably won’t be getting to know the show very well. This should be a good companion show for Everybody Hates Chris, so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get a full season.
  • Reaper – This show seems to have a similar tone to ABC’s Pushing Daisies, as it deals with the supernatural with a comedic rather than morbid approach. However, I doubt it will be as well-executed as ABC’s critical darling. The other question is, will CW viewers want to watch a show about Satan’s bounty hunter? I’m doubtful. Still, the cast is intriguing, most notably Ray Wise (I remember him best as Leland Palmer on Twin Peaks) and Tyler Labine (most recently on Invasion). I may watch the pilot episode, but will have to be quite impressed to tune in beyond that.

Mediocre Shows

Gossip Girl – This show may be just the type that the typical CW viewer will be interested in. At this point in my life I’m not interested in watching a show about self-absorbed, rich teenagers. The problem with this type of show is that it’s typically difficult to like the characters, unless they are well-developed. The video clips of the show made available last spring left me cold. But, there are lots of pretty people in the cast, and that seems to have kept One Tree Hill on the air for this long.

Bad Ideas That I Won’t Even Consider Watching

  • Life is Wild – Bad name, weak premise, and from what I can tell, poorly cast – even if Nina from Everwood is on it. I am not buying these people as a family, and I have no interest in watching them work out their problems in South Africa. Since this show is scheduled to air on Sunday nights (a night on which the WB/CW doesn’t have a great track record), and because it has the lowest amount of appeal, I predict it will be the network’s first casualty of the season.
  • Farmer Wants a Wife – Need I even explain why I don’t like this show? It makes Joe Millionaire look a lot better – I’ll put it that way. I don’t see how this show can turn out to be anything other than demeaning to everyone involved (which is how I feel about most of these “reality” dating shows). Throw in a handful of farmer jokes and “fish out of water” scenarios for the city girls, and you have a ridiculous spectacle. Will people watch? Probably. Hopefully, though, not enough to keep this one on the air for a full season. But then again, this is the network that is bringing us a second season of the atrocious Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, which is nothing more than a casting call for strippers with bad singing voices.
  • Crowned – If you’ve read much on my blog, my disdain for most reality tv is glaringly obvious. That’s pretty much how I feel about beauty pageants, too. So I have absolutely no interest in watching a reality show that takes the pageant premise and uses it to pit mothers and daughters against one another. For me, this show falls in the same category as Kid Nation, which I suppose means that the contestants are more to blame than the network, since they are the ones who signed up for it. Count me out.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I am apparently not the type of viewer that the CW is looking for. But, in terms of their target audience, this batch of new shows seems far better than last season’s, so I wish them luck.


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