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Fall 2007 Preview: New Shows on ABC September 16, 2007

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Well, I’ve finally gotten around to the final network in my Purely Conjecture Fall Preview: ABC. Originally, this was the network whose new shows I had the most interest in. However, at this point I think the only one I am sure I will check out is Pushing Daisies. Here’s a rundown of what ABC is offering up this fall.

Show with Potential

  • Pushing Daisies – So, this is the critical darling. Just about all the critics love it. I am hoping I will love it, too, but the build up has been enormous. It will be interesting to see how the general viewing audience reacts to it.
  • Samantha Who – This comedy looks cute, and has an appealing cast, including Christina Applegate (it’s time she has another successful sit-com), Jean Smart, and Melissa McCarthy. Perhaps Barry Watson will even have a role that helps us forget about Seventh Heaven, since he’s sporting a new short hair style. I will watch the pilot, but beyond that I would have to be quite impressed to watch on a regular basis. My main concern with this show is it’s name. Kind of bland.

Mediocre Shows

  • Carpoolers – This sounds like a really boring comedy. Let’s watch a group of guys drive up and down the freeway on the way to and from their jobs. Don’t people watch television at night so they can escape the all too real reality of commuting? Why will they want to watch these characters go through these dull motions? It’s only hope is that it doesn’t spend the majority of its time with car scenes.
  • Private Practice – When I first heard about this Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, I figured, how could they go wrong? Especially after I read about the all-star, veteran cast. However, my expectations were completely busted by the awful spin-off episode of Grey’s last spring. Now I have no interest in watching the show. None of the characters are particularly likable (which is the same reason that I am most likely not going to watch Grey’s anymore either), and the name itself is uninviting. I’ll be watching something else, if anything, at this time on Wednesday nights.
  • Dirty Sexy Money – I’m really not interested in another primetime soap. Sure, it has a top notch cast, but that doesn’t always translate to appointment television. I may watch the pilot, but I doubt it will draw me in. I rarely enjoy shows about self-centered rich people and their problems.
  • Big Shots – Love the cast, hate the name, hate the previews I’ve seen. Poor Michael Vartan. I hope a better show than this comes along for him. I view this show the same way that I viewed morning talk show The Other Half several years ago. At that time, the powers that be wanted to capitalize on the success of the female-centric The View by cloning it with male hosts. Didn’t work out for Dick Clark, Mario Lopez, and company. Now, I see ABC trying to capitalize on the success of Desperate Housewives, or Brothers & Sisters, or maybe this is their male version of Sex & the City. But I just don’t see the appeal of watching a bunch of manly men sitting around gossiping and complaining about their lives. I’ll skip this one.
  • Women’s Murder Club – I am sure this show will appeal to a certain type of viewer, but I’m not it. I wish it well, though.

Bad Ideas That I Won’t Even Consider Watching

  • Cavemen – Um, I thought this was a bad idea the moment I first heard about it, and now that it is only weeks from becoming a reality, my position still stands. I only hope that America agrees with me.


I’ll save my breath regarding the mid-season replacements, as some of them may never even see the light of day. Other than the two listed above as having potential, I don’t see much of interest in ABC’s new batch. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Private Practice succeed on the coattails of its sister show.


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