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The Worst New Show of the Fall October 10, 2007

Filed under: Television — Emily @ 3:54 pm

Here I am, still around. I suppose I’ve been too busy watching television to sit down and write about it. There are a few shows I have thoroughly enjoyed, and I will return to those later, but right now I wanted to announce what is, in my opinion, the worst new show of the season. First, the runners-up:

The Nearly Worst Shows of the Season

  • Carpoolers – It is very sad when you can only bear to watch three minutes of a new show. That is, in fact, all I was able to endure of this sorry excuse for a comedy. I didn’t laugh one time while watching, but instead stared blank-faced at the tv. Let’s hope this one is put out of its misery soon.
  • Big Shots – I almost turned this show, the male-equivalent of Sex and the City, off after 15 minutes, but for the sake of Michael Vartan I decided to suffer through all 45 minutes.  Only one, or maybe two, of the main characters are likable, and the others are either pitiful to watch or annoying. A show needs interesting storylines and somewhat appealing characters to attract and audience, and this one is sorely lacking in both. I predict that it will be gone by mid-November.

The Ultimate Worst Show of the Season

  • Cavemen – This show seemed like a bad idea from the moment it was first announced last spring. And after suffering through a mere two minutes of painfully unfunny dialogue and non-existent plot, it is clear that there is no amount of tweaking that can save this concept. The cavemen need to head back to Geico and stay there. These characters are best in small doses, as in 15 to 30 seconds. I will be shocked and appalled if this show becomes even a modest hit. There is nothing funny, or even entertaining, about it.

So, what do you think? Was I wrong to judge these shows based on one episode, or in two of the cases, on part of one episode? Are there any other shows you believe are viable candidates for the Worst Show title? Or, would you like to describe your horrific experiences watching one of these shows? Please discuss.