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American Idol: Assessing the Top Ten Guys February 27, 2008

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Hello, everyone. Yes, I still exist. Let’s just say that I have been living in a cave for the last few months, in a sort of entertainment hibernation while the Writer’s Strike played itself out. Now that it is over, I have renewed enthusiasm for television programming. Normally I avoid all things American Idol-related, but given the current desolate state of the tv landscape, I have given in to its lure. With that in mind, here is my take on the ten remaining guys, based on their first two weeks of the regular season.

  • Michael Johns – He was one of my favorites last week, with his take on The Doors. It really suited him. Unfortunately, this week’s “Go Your Own Way” was only so-so. He will have to do much more to stay in my list of favorites.
  • Jason Castro – Beautiful eyes and unique voice aside, I was unimpressed with his performance of “I Just Want to Be Your Everything.” It was virtually a carbon copy of last week’s song, only this time nothing meshed well. He needs to put down his guitar and show a different side of himself next week.
  • Luke Menard – This guy is certainly attractive, and he has a decent voice, but something is missing. His voice is not pleasant; in fact, it is somewhat annoying. Who wants to buy an entire album of someone whose voice is irritating? I think he is better suited for Broadway singing. Methinks he may be going home this week.
  • Robbie Carrico – Poor Robbie. The judges totally question his rocker vibe. He so wants to be a rock ‘n roll star, but he would probably have a better chance of staying in the competition if he cut his hair, tossed out the bandana, and returned to his pop roots. There’s a very likable face hiding behind that mop of blond hair. I hope he is still around next week to try something a little different, because this week just felt forced and uninteresting.
  • Danny Noriega – I can’t take him seriously. He always seems to be performing in front of a mirror, impressed with himself but unfortunately not connecting with the audience.
  • David Hernandez – I don’t get it. Many people are raving about this performance, but I thought it was a total cheese fest. I guess I just find more to like in the more soul or rock oriented contestants than the pop ones.
  • Jason Yeager – I will be shocked if Jason is still around next week. His performance was by far the least impressive, even though it was an improvement over last week’s. He also suffers from the cheese-factor. He lacks the natural charisma and stage presence that people like Chikezie and David Archuleta make look so natural.
  • Chikezie – I love him! He totally redeemed himself this week with his Donny Hathaway song.  I am not a fan of cheese, and his orange suit during 60s week was way over the top. But, I believe Chikezie has the most pleasant voice to listen to – it is smooth and rich. He has a great smile and dimples to go along with the great voice. I hope he sticks around much longer so I can continue to enjoy his performances.
  • David Cook – Last week I was distracted by his apparent arrogance, but this week I couldn’t deny that he gave an outstanding performance. I just personally don’t like his performance personality, or his hair.
  • David Archuleta – Last week his performance was sweet, but not my favorite. This week, he exuded such confidence, control over his voice, and complete sincerity in his performance, that his was my favorite of the night. I think it’s too soon to say that he’s the one to beat, or that he’s a lock for the title of our next American idol, but if he keeps giving knockout performances like “Imagine,” it will be difficult for the other contestants to keep up with him and his sure to be super passionate fans.

Predicting Who Will Be Sent Home: Jason Yeager and either Robbie Carrico or Luke Menard

I may watch the girls tonight, or I may not. I was impressed with even fewer of them than the guys last week. If I do watch, I’ll share my opinions here tomorrow.