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Michael Johns, We Hardly Knew You April 11, 2008

Filed under: American Idol — Emily @ 9:28 am

Michael Johns

This week I declared that Michael Johns was my current favorite Idol, so it is only fitting (based on my track record with these sorts of things) that he was sent home this week. I was very disappointed. He had the voice, the stage presence, and the personality to be a viable contender for the title of American Idol, so it is just a shame that he was voted off. The past two weeks his performances were miles above the first few weeks, when I thought he wasn’t reaching his full potential. I have heard rumors that they will introduce a new twist, “Vote an Idol Back on the Show,” this season, so I will hold on to that idea in hopes that we may see him again before too long.

The other two in the bottom three, Syesha and Carly, didn’t surprise me. I would much rather have seen one of them sent packing, though. With the number of finalists now down to 7, there will probably always be someone in the bottom three who seems undeserving. In fact, the only contestant that I would be disappointed to see win at this point is Kristy Lee Cook. She has a good voice, but I just think she lacks something that the other contestants have in terms of overall level of talent.

With Michael out of the picture, I will now cheer most for David Cook and Brooke. Who are you hoping will win it all?


2 Responses to “Michael Johns, We Hardly Knew You”

  1. I’m hoping for Brooke, actually. She’s been my favorite since the beginning. I just love how she’s so pure and humble.
    Care to check out my blog?

  2. Emily Says:

    STG, I also like Brooke a lot, although the past couple of weeks I thought her performances haven’t been as excellent. Hopefully she can take it up a couple of notches next week! I checked out your blog – it looks fun and random.

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