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Quick Questions about Lost, with No Clear Answers May 6, 2008

Filed under: Lost,Television — Emily @ 7:25 am

I’m quite late with my questions about last week’s Jack-centric episode of Lost, but here they are anyway.

  • What was Kate doing for Sawyer? – Based on her conversation with Jack about this, it sounds like Sawyer is still alive (whew!), and that he chose to stay on the island. I wonder, though, what she promised to do for him. Maybe it has something to do with the woman he had a relationship with. And am I remembering wrong, or did he have a baby with her?
  • Was Jack really visited by his dad’s ghost, or was he just hallucinating from the meds he’s on, in combination with the alcohol? – This week’s episode reintroduced the element of the supernatural. We had Hurley referring to his bench encounters with Charlie, Charlie’s message to Jack that he’s not supposed to raise Aaron (then who is?), Claire’s dad leading her into the jungle, and Jack getting spooked by his dad at the hospital. I’m guessing that this is either supposed to actually be his dad’s spirit, or, it might be Jacob/The Island communicating to Jack using his father as a sort of vessel. The idea of Jacob/The Island taking on different forms makes sense, when you think back to some previous incidents which led to pivotal events: Shannon saw “Walt” in the jungle, which led to her accidental shooting by Ana Lucia; Locke saw “Walt,” who told him to get up because he had work to do (and since that time Locke has had quite the zeal for getting things done and taking charge); Mr. Eko saw “his brother” shortly before dying (not as important, but still…). I am sure there are other incidents that fit in with this.
  • Where did Claire go with her dad in the jungle? – Claire disappearing into the jungle with Dr. Shepard is another example of what I was talking about above. But, what pivotal event will this result in? Are we to believe that Claire is now dead, that she has crossed over into the land of the dead? Or, is she perhaps somewhere in between, in the realm that Jacob seems to be trapped in (remember his creepy “help me” last season?). I like the idea that she is still alive. It’s bad enough knowing that Jin apparently doesn’t make it off the island alive.
  • Jin makes a deal with the red head, but does she really intend to keep her word? – Jin’s deal with Charlotte to not hurt Daniel if she promises to take Sun off the island seems to explain how Sun ended up back in the civilized world. Or does it? I don’t trust Charlotte very much, and if Jin did indeed die in the struggle to get off the island, I have a feeling she might have had something to do with it. She has shifty eyes… He was very observant, though, to notice that she could understand he and Sun’s conversation in Korean.

It will be interesting to see what’s going on on the boat this week. Maybe we will learn how the doctor ends up dead. Until then, there are plenty of perplexing questions to keep us scratching our heads.


2 Responses to “Quick Questions about Lost, with No Clear Answers”

  1. dabinl10 Says:

    well charlotte (definitely) speaks horrible korean.
    i could not understand a single word of her haha.
    well, nice questions.
    nice analysis. enjoyed reading it.

  2. Jenny Ortis Says:

    Emily, I LOVE you Lost commentary. I haven’t watched much this season, but I did see the season finale…it was crazy! I want to know what is going to happen!

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