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Revelations from “The Office” Finale May 20, 2008

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So much happened on the finale of The Office, that I feel it is necessary to make a list of it all. So, let’s take a look at the string of revelations, and consider what it means for next season.

  • Toby is moving to Costa Rica – So this isn’t actually a revelation; he announced his plans to relocate in another episode. However, I will be surprised if he actually goes through with the move. Personally, I’d like him to stick around. I love his low key humor, even if Michael hating him gets old after awhile.
  • Pam is going to art school this summer – How convenient that her classes will only be for the summer, so that she will be back in the office next season. I’d imagine that the long distance summer will take its toll on her and Jim’s relationship. As will her disappointment about the following development…
  • Jim almost proposed to Pam – No big surprise here, that he was planning to propose. There had been hints about it in previous episodes. Perhaps, though, it was a surprise that he wasn’t able to pop the question because…
  • Andy proposed to Angela – How frustrating was it, for viewers and for Jim, when Andy stole his thunder. As Andy said, everything seemed perfect for a proposal – the fireworks, the music, etc. It’s typical of Andy that he decided off the cuff to propose. It wasn’t something he’d been planning to do.
  • Angela said “yes” to Andy’s proposal – Why did she say yes? Too much pressure, perhaps, with all the people watching and waiting for her response? Or maybe it was to make Dwight jealous?
  • Dwight and Angela hook up in the office after Toby’s party – !!!! This was a surprise. I wondered why they were showing Phyllis go back into the office, and we quickly got our answer at the end of the show.
  • Ryan got arrested! – Apparently business wasn’t going as well as he had everyone thinking. Maybe this is why he developed that drug problem we saw signs of a few weeks ago. This season Ryan was very despicable, so maybe his brush with the law will bring him back down to earth next season

And the biggest twist(s) of all…

  • Jan is pregnant! – All that talk about how she didn’t want to have kids apparently wasn’t true.
  • Michael isn’t the father! – And now the truth comes out. How sad is it that Jan didn’t want Michael to be the father of her child? She convinced him to get a vasectomy so she wouldn’t risk it. I can’t remember where that ended up – whether he can or cannot father children now. I lost track of the surgeries and reversals.
  • Michael is going to Lamaze class with Jan – It looks like we will get to see Michael as a father next season. It would be bittersweet to see him raising a child that wasn’t his, but his desire to be a dad might outweigh that concern. Apparently Jan trusts him as a father, she just doesn’t trust his genes.

So, next season should be more zany Office fun. Will Jim and Pam stay together? What will develop in the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle? Will Michael be both a father to Jan’s child and have a relationship with her, or will he reciprocate the new HR person’s interest in him? Will they have to visit Ryan in prison? Will Toby really move to Costa Rica? Will Creed figure out his job description? Will Stanley discover a new hobby to occupy his time other than crossword puzzles? Will Phyllis get to plan more parties? I look forward to all the answers!

Did I leave out any of the big events of the finale?


2 Responses to “Revelations from “The Office” Finale”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Will you be blogging again on this year’s So You Think You Can Dance?

  2. Emily Says:

    Yes, I will. I just haven’t had a chance to give my thoughts about last night’s audition episode. I’ll be more timely once the performance shows begin.

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