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Congratulations, David Cook! May 25, 2008

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I couldn’t have been happier Wednesday night when Ryan Seacrest declared David Cook the winner of this season of American Idol. Honestly, I expected David Archuleta to win, because usually that’s the way reality shows go. It’s rare for the person who deserves to win to win. My saying that probably angers some of you David A. fans, but David Cook was the more original, unique contestant, and he has more commercial appeal. I wish David A. the best of success, but I don’t see myself buying an album of his. I still think he should go the way of Broadway for his music career, after he develops a bit more charisma. We shall see…

Now, about the two hour finale.

The low points of the show:

  • The ongoing boxing analogy. Why, oh why, did we have to see the Davids come on stage wearing silly boxing robes and gloves?
  • The opening number by the Top Twelve contestants – Cheese.
  • The Top 6 Girls performing the hits of Donna Summer – Watching Amanda look awkward on stage was particularly uncomfortable for me.
  • The weirdo Asian guy singing out of tune along with the USC marching band – What?
  • David Hernandez’s solo during the George Michael Medley – After the whole “former male stripper” hoopla from earlier this season, hearing David H. whisper the word “naked” during “Father Figure” in a creepy voice was not on the top of my list of things I wanted to see. By the way, “Father Figure” seems like an inappropriate song for a family show!

And the high points:

  • Jason Castro’s “Alleluia” – This reminded me of when he was on top of his game.
  • Carly Smithson and Michael Johns singing “The Letter” – Seriously, this was my very favorite moment of the finale. It reminded me how much I have missed these two, especially Michael. They were quite a pair! They should form a duo and hit the road together! They sounded great and had great on stage chemistry!
  • David Cook’s performance with ZZ Top – He’s going to be great on tour! He seemed right at home with these veterans.
  • George Michael’s “Praying for Time” – Although it was kind of a downer way to end the show, and his voice wasn’t quite what it used to be (he said he had a cold), this is a great song. George Michael has lots of good songs from the late 80s/early 90s. By the way, kudos to the show for having so many veteran performers on the show. Way to introduce the kids to some good music from “back in the day”! I mean, if I have to sit through The Jonas Brothers, they should be able to tolerate some Bryan Adams and the like. Actually, I fast forwarded through the Jonas Brothers, but I did watch Miley Cyrus during Idol Gives Back.
  • Hearing David Cook being named the winner! – Investing my time in this season paid off in the end. And who can call David C. arrogant after seeing his tears of emotion. He seems like a really nice guy, with an equally nice family. I wish him a long and successful music career!

One Response to “Congratulations, David Cook!”

  1. Leah Says:

    Yay! I think the reason there were 96.5 million votes (or whatever it was) is because people like me voted for the first time because we could not bear the idea of that little pip squeak defeating “Big David.”

    I actually enjoyed the finale for once. Most of the music was very entertaining. However, I was not at all pleased with George Michael’s song choice. What a way to bring down a fun, upbeat finale! And his glasses made him look like someone’s crazy grandfather. Bryan Adams didn’t sound anything like he used to. He didn’t look right either. Maybe that wasn’t really him.

    Anyway, I’m glad it all ended well and I’m ready to hear David C. on the radio!

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