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Welcome Back to So You Think You Can Dance May 25, 2008

Filed under: So You Think You Can Dance,Television — Emily @ 3:47 pm

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Season 4 of SYTYCD, especially since those exciting promos aired during American Idol (And in my opinion SYTYCD is the superior show). It will be fun to get to know a new batch of finalists. Will I love any of them as much as Sabra, Danny, and Pasha? (my favorites from last season) But before we get to the Top 20, we have to sit through the audition rounds. Now, some of the contestants we meet in the auditions are truly talented. However, way too much screen time is given to the attention-hungry weirdos. That was always my problem with the early rounds of American Idol as well. But I am just happy to welcome the show back. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about SYTYCD, in no particular order:

  • It introduces us to new artists and songs, or at least gives exposure to lesser known ones. For example, until last season, I didn’t know One Republic, or their now hit song “Apologize.”
  • We see dancers achieve their dream of success. Everyone loves a good success story. They are very inspirational.
  • It inspires me to get in shape! I mean, many of these contestants are unbelievably fit.
  • It’s entertaining to see what Cat Deeley will be wearing each week.
  • Mary’s laugh, Nigel’s teeth. I do enjoy these judges, who I think are much more constructive than the Idol judges.
  • It gives me something to do during the summer, when it is too hot to venture outdoors here in Texas, but when there is nothing much to watch on television.
  • It’s a good excuse for a girls’ night. My friends and I enjoy watching together and critiquing the dancers in our own “no nothing about dancing” way.
  • It’s interesting to see the couples having to work together, rather than always performing solos a la American Idol. It adds another complex dynamic to the competition.
  • It introduces us to a wide variety of dance styles.
  • It’s amazing what some people are able to do with their bodies – the movements, the strength, the control, etc.

I’ll hold off on evaluating performers until we get to Vegas, but here I will mention people who stood out to me in the first episode as having potential to make it to the Top 20.

  • Twitch – It was good to see him again. He’s super fun to watch.
  • William Wingfield (the guy dancing to the spoken words rather than to music) – Although his audition wasn’t my favorite (a little too postmodern for me), he seems to have the potential to be a versatile contestant.
  • Ricky Sun and Asuka Kondoh – I much preferred this couple to the other ball room dancers from this episode. They had good chemistry and were fun to watch. I think Asuka has a better chance to stick around than Ricky. Even though I liked them, they are nowhere near as impressive as Pasha and Anya were in their audition last year.
  • Robert Muraine (the final performer on the second hour) – I don’t think he is the type of dancer they are looking for on this show, but he was amazing to watch, so I had to mention him here.

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