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Ten Reasons to Watch CSI (in Syndication) June 4, 2008

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There was a time that I had an aversion to all things Jerry Bruckheimer (his movie formula – high octane electric guitar, lots of explosions, the cast walking forward in slow motion, and Steve Buscemi – got on my nerves.) If you need an example of what I’m talking about, go watch Con Air or Armageddon, two of my least favorite movies ever.

So imagine my surprise in 2000 when I found myself unable to change the channel away from his first foray into television – CSI: Crime Scene Investigations. What I’ve learned is that I like Jerry Bruckheimer the television producer better than Jerry Bruckheimer the movie producer. In addition to CSI, I enjoy Without a Trace. After a few episodes of pretending not to be interested while leaving the show on, I gave in and made CSI one of my weekly shows. That lasted a few years, until I became interested in other shows in the same time slot. When forced to choose (I had a rule that I could only watch one show in a time slot – this was before On Demand and dual tuner DVRs), I let go of the show that wasn’t serialized. I figured I could catch a CSI rerun here and there and not miss out on any major ongoing plot points. Which (finally) brings me to the point of this post.

After about a three year absence, CSI has worked its way back into my life. As a mother to a three month old, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television while I feed him. Since there’s not a lot on during the day, I rediscovered CSI. Hard to miss it since SpikeTV shows it at least five times a day. For the past month, I have watched, on average, 1 to 3 episodes a day. And I must say that I am enjoying it. I had forgotten what a good show it is. So, here are my “Reasons to Watch CSI in Syndication”:

  1. It sure beats sitting through any one of the bagillion judge shows that come on in the afternoon.
  2. You can learn many interesting facts about insects from Grissom, a bug enthusiast.
  3. It reminds you that your life is pretty peachy, if actual people’s lives are like the suspects’ and victims’ on this show.
  4. You can pick up a new, clever one-liner in each episode, which you can then pull out of your hat whenever you want to be cheesy, sly, or slightly annoying to your friends and family. I’m speaking, of course, of the line that ends the opening segment, usually in reference to the dead body or the crime that has been committed, or to the ensuing investigation. It used to always be Grissom who had this task, but in later seasons he has come to share the quips with Catherine, Greg, Doc Robbins, etc.
  5. You can play “Where Have I Seen Them Before” with all the guest stars. Just recently I recognized Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother,” Anne from “Arrested Development, Adam/Sark (love David Anders!) from Heroes and Alias, and Peter from Heroes.
  6. You can gaze into Gary Dourdan’s (aka Warrick Brown’s) beautiful eyes. (We won’t speak here of the unfortunate events of this season’s finale.)
  7. If you’re a Texan (or live in Texas – I do, but don’t consider myself a Texan yet), you can recognize the familiar accent of Fort Worth native George Eads (aka Nick Stokes). His character also has a Southern sensibility about him – his manners, his temperament, etc.
  8. You can get a mini-workout by dancing to the catchy theme song.
  9. Even if you’ve seen an episode once or more before, you can’t remember exactly what happens (a result of all the episodes having the same formula, making all the plots run together in your memory), so you’re always surprised.
  10. You’ll never run out of episodes to watch! I mean, there are already nearly 200 episodes, with more being produced every year.

One Response to “Ten Reasons to Watch CSI (in Syndication)”

  1. Chris B Says:

    As a fellow “stay-at-homer” (at least until my hand heals) I completely agree about the judge shows. They suck.

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