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SYTYCD: The Top 20 Revealed June 5, 2008

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How exciting was it to discover the names of the Top 20 contestants tonight? Seven of the 13 contestants who stood out to me in their auditions made it in: Gev, Kourtni, Joshua, Matt, William, Twitch, and Chelsie. Here’s the full list (first names only – sorry!), along with my very brief thoughts on them. We’ll obviously learn much more about who they are and what their dance potential is in the coming weeks. Can’t wait!

  • Gev – Here’s what I said about him in a previous post: “This guy stands out from other hip hoppers we’ve seen because of his creativity and his fluid, graceful movements. Those qualities may help him succeed with different dance styles.” I stand by that assessment.
  • Kourtni – She was one of the few I actually was able to see in the Milwaukee episode, since there were power surges where I live during that hour. Very frustrating! She has an unusual look and some unique dance mannerisms.
  • Joshua – Here’s what I had to say about him when we first saw him last week: “He had lots of cool moves, is obviously very passionate about dance, and seems to have the skill to be versatile beyond hip hop.” I love him! I almost cried watching him cry after the judges praised him and put him through to the next round after the fox trot (was that what it was?). I hope he continues to succeed in difference styles of dance on the show.
  • Rayven – I don’t remember seeing her before.
  • Matt – My previous assessment of him still stands: “This guy was beautiful to watch. Pretty face, pretty technique.”
  • Courtney – I don’t really have an opinion about her yet.
  • William – Very captivating when he dances
  • Katee – I wonder if she’ll be able to move past that silly drama the judges created before letting her in the top 20. I don’t remember seeing her before.
  • Twitch – Yay! It will be fun to see him every week – however long he can last.
  • Kherington – The judges are always telling contestants to have more personality, but I’d actually like to see her more serious sometimes. She’s always smiling.
  • Jamie – Who is this? Did they ever show him in the auditions?
  • Chelsie – My previous thoughts about her: “This blond-haired 18-year old ball room dancer was quite impressive! She had great legs, great body language, and great movement.” She’ll be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Chris – I don’t know anything about this contemporary dancer yet.
  • Jessica – I don’t know much about her.
  • Mark – The first time I saw him was when he did that spider walk in the dance for his life. I enjoy weird, unique dancers, so I guess I like him.
  • Susie – There’s something I don’t like about this Latin dancer. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong.
  • Marquis – I don’t remember seeing him before.
  • Chelsea – Don’t remember her.
  • Thayne – I think I missed him in the Milwaukee audition when my power was out. 😦
  • Comfort – fun personality, super passionate, memorable name

It will be fun to look back at this initial “assessment” of the Top 20. Who will win? It’s anyone’s guess at this point. My early favorites, just based on their audition and how they were presented on the Vegas episode, are Joshua, Chelsie, Gev, and Kourtni.

  • View all of my So You Think You Can Dance posts here. I will be providing commentary for each week’s episode, as I did last season.

One Response to “SYTYCD: The Top 20 Revealed”

  1. SteveG Says:

    I think Chelsie will be this years Lacey.

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