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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 18 Perform June 18, 2008

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First of all, what drugs was Nigel on tonight? Talk about out of character. He was red-faced, yelling at the crowd to shut up while making exaggerated hand signals, grabbing his crotch, etc. Who knew that he would be the craziest judge on a night when Mia Michaels was there. I love her, by the way, but sometimes her comments are a little ethereal. Not to be outdone by Nigel, Mary did her best Paula Abdul impersonation, with her audacious leopard print dress, gaudy pearls, and crimped hair. Mia, in contrast, looked fantastic with a new ‘do and a slimmer face. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, on to the performances.

1. Chelsea and Thayne – Jazz (Mandy Moore) – “Untouched” by The Veronicas

This was about “a king and his forbidden love.” It was kind of bizarre, from the outlandish outfits to the choreography, and I liked it. It lacked some of the wow factor that their cha cha last week had, but I am still liking this couple’s chemistry, and their personalities, along with their dance abilities.

2. Chelsie and Mark – Argentine Tango (Alex De Silva) – “Mi Confesion” by Gotan Project

Wow! I thought they did a great job. Chelsie’s great legs came in handy on all the kicks, jumps, and fancy footwork. And who knew that quirky Mark could pull off the intensity necessary for this style of dance? He had me convinced, and he looked very handsome! This was totally different from last week’s contemporary routine, and I liked them even more this time around. They both had me totally engaged in their performance. Perhaps my favorite of the night.

3. Jessica and Will – Hip Hop (Cicily and Elisa) – “Whatever You Like” by Nicole Scherzinger

I like Will well enough, but there’s something I don’t like about Jessica. Her performances seem forced and lack a genuine passion. It was nice to see a more playful side of Will in this routine. Up to this point, I’ve thought of him as a serious, studio dancer. He is that, but he can also do “fun.” So, this was fun hip hop, but there was nothing great about it.

4. Kourtni and Matt – Foxtrot (Jean-Marc Genereaux) – “A Foggy Day (In London Town)” by Michael Buble

I enjoyed this performance. It had a timeless, classic feel, and much of the time they almost floated around the stage – very graceful and light on their feet. Kourtni outshone Matt, but he did his job as her partner. I still like this couple, but I’m ready to see them do something really impressive.

5. Courtney and Gev – Contemporary (Mandy Moore) – “Lost” by Anouk

Gev was able to show off his strength and agility in this routine, and my eyes were drawn more to him than to Courtney. However, they both did a good job of being emotive. I’m still not convinced of their on-stage chemistry. But this is definitely several steps above last week’s disco.

6. Katee and Joshua – Broadway (Tyce Diorio) – “All for the Best” from Godspell

When I heard that they would be doing a Broadway routine, I was concerned, because I rarely enjoy these on the show. So I was pleasantly surprised when I not only enjoyed it, but I’d have to say that it was my favorite performance of the night, and my favorite Broadway performance ever on the show. These two just have star power, for lack of a better term. They have great technique, but more importantly they connect with the audience and get into character so well. Last week, they were believable as a couple facing separation by war, and this week they were just as engrossing in the more light-hearted role of ragamuffins (not sure what to call them!). The flips (Joshua sure can go airborne!), the lifts, the cane dancing… I loved every bit of it!

7. Susie and Marquis – Salsa (Alex De Silva) – “Aguanile” by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe

This was just a so-so routine. I don’t particularly like either of these dancers, and this performance didn’t do anything to change my opinion. Marquis was all shoulders, too stiff, and not strong enough as a partner. I agree with the judges that Susie should have wowed us more since this is her specialty. Perhaps the choreographer is to blame, since he made the steps so very fast.

8. Kherington and Twitch – Viennese Waltz (Jean Marc Genereaux) – “A New Day Has Come” by Celine Dion

Another tribute dance. Last year Mia created a dance in memory of her deceased father. In this case Jean Marc wanted to create a piece that his disabled daughter could watch and be inspired by. I actually prefer this waltz over Lacey and Neil’s contemporary routine from last year, in terms of its entertainment value. And when it comes down to it, that’s what these dances are supposed to be about. I still think they shouldn’t be doing tributes to people on this show. That takes away from the judges’ ability to critique the dance. Mia dug herself a hole by criticizing Kherington for smiling too much. (That has been my problem with Kherington as well). Regardless of the meaning of the dance, this was a beautiful one, and their flowing white outfits added to the gracefulness of it. I liked this better than their Broadway routine from last week.

9. Comfort and Chris – Krump (Lil C) – “Come and Get Me” by Timbaland feat. 50 Cent and Tony Yayo

This was surprisingly good. Comfort should have been great, and she was, since this is close to her hip hop comfort zone. Her body movements and every little facial expression were very intense and effective. So, it was hard to take my eyes off her to watch Chris. When I did, I thought he was doing a good job. I was happy that he didn’t smile the whole time, which would have been the cheesy white boy thing to do. His performance had an appropriately cool tone.

My Favorites

  • Katee and Joshua’s Broadway routine
  • Chelsie and Mark’s tango
  • Kherington and Twitch’s Viennese Waltz

Who Should Be in the Bottom Three

  • Jessica and Will
  • Susie and Marquis
  • Comfort and Chris (but I bet Kourtni and Matt or Chelsea and Thayne will be instead)

A Guess at Who’s Going Home: Jessica and Marquis

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