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“Dance” Top 18 Results Show June 19, 2008

Filed under: So You Think You Can Dance,Television — Emily @ 10:33 pm

Quick thoughts on the Top 18 results show:

  • Loved the opening Shane Sparks group routine! It gave all the hip hoppers a chance to show off and was very entertaining.
  • I wasn’t as crazy about the flamenco dancer or the hip hop performer
  • I was fine with the bottom three couples: Chelsea and Thayne, Susie and Marquis, Comfort and Chris
  • It seems that the solos don’t really mean much. It’s called “dance for your life,” but so far this season the judges have based their choice of who to send home on factors other than the solos. Tonight they chose to keep Comfort because of how she performed during the opening Shane Sparks routine. I think she also had the best solo, so I was thrilled for them to keep her, but it just seemed odd that they didn’t even comment on her solo.
  • So we said goodbye to Susie and Marquis. We never got to know Marquis very well, and I didn’t like Susie’s style very much, so since someone had to go, I’m glad it was them.
  • After this week, my favorite couples are Joshua and Katee, and Mark and Chelsie. But that will probably change next week, when we see a whole new batch of performances…

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