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Cheesiest Movie Premise Ever? June 22, 2008

Filed under: Movies,Television — Emily @ 5:24 pm

I recently upgraded to an HD compatible television, and I am still getting to know my HD channels. We enjoy watching Discovery HD, HD Theater, HD Music, etc. One channel that I try to avoid is Lifetime Movie Network HD. I thought that one Lifetime Network was too many, yet it’s not surprising that enough “Moment of Truth” and “The (Insert Woman’s Name Here) Story” movies have been made to devote an entire channel to. Try as I may to avoid it, sometimes the remote decides to rebel and takes me there against my will. It was on such an occasion yesterday that I was introduced to what I think has to be in the Top 10 cheesiest movie premises of all time.

The title: Wide Awake

The premise: A narcoleptic lab researcher is part of a team that discovers a drug that can cure her condition… She uncovers a conspiracy that endangers her life and sends her on the run. She manages to stay one step ahead of her pursuers while desperately trying to stay awake. She must figure out who is behind the sabotage and why, while fighting off increasing hallucinations.

My two cents: I understand that narcolepsy is a real disorder that people suffer from, so I am not making light of that. What I find comical is the concept of a woman trying to run for her life who keeps falling asleep – that would kind of make it hard to get away from your pursuers. Plus, the movie just looked really bad – as most of these Lifetime movies do. In one scene (I watched for about 15 minutes), she was on what looked like a rooftop, holding onto a briefcase that presumably held the wonder drug. The bad guys had caught up with her, and it looked like there was no escape. Think again! She jumped off the side of the building and landed in a water slide. Apparently it wasn’t a rooftop, but rather the top of a water ride at a water park. She proceeded all the way down the twisting and turning slide, all while holding onto the briefcase. Now I’m not sure if that was really happening, or if this was one of her hallucinations, but either way, it was very bad – in the cheesiest way.

So what are some other bad movie premises? Snakes on a Plane received a lot of bad press when it first came out. If nothing else, it’s a ridiculously simple plot: snakes get loose on a plane and chaos ensues. Any other prime examples that you can think of?


3 Responses to “Cheesiest Movie Premise Ever?”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Oh Lifetime… This movie actually sounds BETTER than most of the things that I usually am forced to watch on Lifetime (whatever is Tivo’ed at my mom’s house). Or, it sounded better until you explained the part about the water slide But that sounds hysterical.

    I don’t know if this counts as cheesy, or just AWFUL, but see this link:

  2. Emily Says:

    Wow. Based on that brief YouTube clip, Shark Attack 3 looks like a monumentally bad movie – I’d saw more awful than cheesy. What was with the guy putting on a life vest and jumping right into the waiting jaws of the shark?!

    I am sure there are more bad movie clips waiting to be viewed on YouTube. Hmmm… I am sensing a new frivolous topic to discuss.

  3. none Says:

    I actually thought this movie was pretty good, definitely interesting. though she was actually not holding the briefcase when going down the water slide, she let go of the briefcase in order to escape using the water slide, and it was pretty obvious that this was a water park, though if you started when she was already on top of the bridge then I can see how you could have missed it.

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