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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 16 Perform June 25, 2008

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Well, the judges and I didn’t see eye to eye tonight, but they were certainly in a spunky mood. They praised some of the dances that I thought were mediocre. I even disagreed with guest judge Adam Shankman’s opinion of Cat. He thought she looked “cat-tastic”, but I thought she looked more like she would be in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride than her usual, beautiful glowing self. Her face looked pale and washed out, and she was wearing a white lace dress. But let’s face it. Cat would look amazing in just about anything she wears. On to tonight’s performances…

1. Kherington and Twitch – Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon) – “Don’t Touch Me” by Busta Rimes

This is described as a prison break. Could this be a plug for the past it’s prime Fox show? For me, this routine wasn’t tough enough. It was too cutesy, Kherington was way to smiley for a prisoner trying to escape, and it looked pretty easy – not a lot of complex movements. But, Twitch did well, and it was fun that Kherington has shown solidarity with her partner by also wearing the goofy fake glasses.

  • Nigel: He tried to be cute by “starting with the positives.” He called them “brilliant,” said they have “a spirit and an energy that go beyond dancing.” Surprise! He couldn’t think of any negatives.
  • Mary: “It was hard hitting… Kherington you stepped up to the plate… Twitch you just killed it.” Then the loud screaming…
  • Adam: After he kissed Mary, he said it was awesome. He did give them some technical suggestions. Nice to hear some practical advice, even if it doesn’t mean much to the non-dance savvy public.

2. Courtney and Gev – Rumba (Tony and Melanie) – “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce

Wow! What a dress Courtney was wearing, or at least half of a dress. She looked great. Unfortunately, this pair lacks chemistry. Although they had convincing body language individually, I felt like they were just going through the motions with their partnering. This was nowhere near as good as Dominic and Sabra’s Rumba from last season.

  • Nigel: “I am very, very happy with that routine.” He thinks they make a fabulous couple and felt their passion tonight. There is some silly talk about grabbing passion, and a wardrobe budget only being able to afford half a dress.
  • Mary: “I thought it was great. I really did.” She said there could have been “more melting from one step to another.” Maybe that’s where I sensed the going through the motions.
  • Adam: “I think that Mary looks like a really pretty disco ball.” He loved it. “Gev, you are a strong dude.” He made a few constructive suggestions to them. It annoyed me that Nigel and Mary faked going to sleep when he continued his useful comments. There’s a lack of them on the show, so let him go for it!

3. Comfort and Chris – African Jazz (Tyce Diorio) – “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson

Interesting routine, and I thought they did a pretty good job. I liked them better doing this than the previous two weeks’ dances. I didn’t like the song selection – it didn’t seem to fit the routine very well. Things broke down a bit at the end and felt awkward, but overall I’d have to say this was one of my favorite routines of the night. I didn’t see the need for animalistic emotion that the judges called for.

  • Nigel: He complained that they didn’t use the capes more since they were focused on in the intro film. Um, that’s not their fault. “I was disappointed a little bit with the power that you were putting behind the routine.” He thought Chris was a little too soft.
  • Mary: She thinks it should have been “more animalistic, more wild, just CRAZY up there.” After the opening, “it just started to fall for me.”
  • Adam: He thought sometimes they were there, and sometimes they weren’t, when it came to the performance. “I didn’t see it in your face” – referring to the aggression of the piece.

4. Jessica and Will – Disco (Doriana Sanchez) – “Heaven Must Have Sent You” by Bonnie Pointer

You know, I just think that disco should have stayed buried in the 70s. I never enjoy the disco numbers on this show. Super cheesy. The best part of this performance was the series of swinging drops (don’t know the official name.) Will was able to do some fancy flipping, but he didn’t stick the landing at the end. I’m sure this was a difficult routine. I’m just not sure it’s worth the effort.

  • Nigel: He thinks Doriana is an expert at making disco not cheesy. I disagree. It still looks cheesy! I don’t think there’s any way around it. “I thought you danced it very, very well.”
  • Mary: “Absolutely, they carried it off.” “The first few lifts that you did, I think they were effortless.” “You owned that routine up there, yes you did.” She though they were “lean, mean disco machines.”
  • Adam: He thought it was fantastic. “Jessica, you are so beautiful it’s scary.” He thinks she’s falling down in not believing in herself as a dancer. He gave her some sweet words of encouragement. “Will, you are scary. You are so, so great.”

5. Kourtni and Matt – Contemporary (Sonya Tayeh – first time guest choreographer) – “Wrestlers” by Hot Chip

This routine is supposed to be about two comic book characters chasing and fighting with each other. I didn’t get it. I didn’t see much fighting going on. Kourtni could have been a comic book character, but Matt didn’t look very comic bookish to me, in terms of their outfits.

  • Nigel: “This is so quirky, it’s a different flavor of contemporary.” He thinks the public won’t understand it. I think he’s right. He wants Matt to relax a little more.
  • Mary: “There was something weird for sale, and I’m buying it!!!” She thinks it showcased both of their talent. I agree with her that their synchronized leaps were impressive.
  • Adam: He agreed with me that the costumes was not right for the routine.

6. Chelsea and Thayne – The quickstep (Heather Smith) – “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Phil Collins

I’m not a fan of the quick step – it is a bizarre, jerky looking genre. The quick step parts made me think of horses trotting around. During the other parts the pair sometimes looked graceful, and other times just plain awkward. It must have been difficult for Chelsea to do all those moves in those high heels! Nicely done on their last big dip. I do like this couple, but this one won’t win them many votes.

  • Nigel: “It was a little too bouncy for me in places.” “It looked like somebody put Band-Aids over you and drew on teeth.” To translate, he wanted them to show more personality. He thinks they need to get their solos ready.
  • Mary: “It was okay, which is pretty good in these kind of standards.” He thinks they fell short of previous contestants who tackled the quick step. She thought Thayne did a better job than Chelsea in terms of technique.
  • Adam: “You don’t look comfortable, you don’t look in your element. Even if you’re not, you have to make it work.” Good advice.

7. Chelsie and Mark – Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon) – “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

This is about a workaholic whose girl doesn’t want him to leave. It had good emotion, intensity, chemistry. Sharp moves. Good synchronization. My favorite of the night so far! They are a fun and talented couple.

  • Nigel: He’s loving Tabitha and Napoleon this year – I am too! He’s in love with these two as well. He “absolutely, truly believed” Chelsea’s passion. He also believed Mark’s workaholic character.
  • Mary: She agrees with Nigel. “I truly believed the struggle that was going on up there on stage.” I did, too.
  • Adam: He stood up and yelled “Yeah!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” He’s excited about how beautiful lyrical hip hop has become. He called them “the couple to beat.”

8. Joshua and Katee – Samba (Tony and Melanie) – “Baila, Baila” by Angela Via

Very cute intro – I like their interaction. Spicy routine! Katee looked great, and confident. Not so sure about Joshua’s tight pants, but they had great chemistry as usual, and just the right amount of personality. Nice footwork. They pulled it off.

  • Nigel: “I’m so pleased you found the other half of Courtney’s dress.” He thought Katee was great because she doesn’t over exaggerate. She’s just sexy. He thinks Joshua has “a really natural samba rhythm.” Inquiring about the pants, “Did you get those buns from your daddy?” (He was in the audience.) “You two have so much wonderful chemistry.” He names it one of the four outstanding routines of the night.
  • Mary: “The number was hot!” “Animated… spirited… energetic.” She thought their technique was great, too. They made it onto the hot tamale train – “two first class tickets.”
  • Adam: “That was competing. That was some serious competing.” He tells Katee she’s “smokin’.”

My Favorites of the NIght

  • Chelsie and Mark’s hip hop
  • Katee and Joshua samba
  • Comfort and Chris’ African jazz (maybe I’m in the minority here, but I really liked it better than many of the other routines tonight, which were just so so.)

Predicting the Bottom Three Couples

  • Chelsea and Thayne
  • Kourtni and Matt
  • Jessica and Will

I won’t even guess who’s going home. I’ll let their solos speak for them first.

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2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 16 Perform”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I was so disappointed when Cat said the upcoming pair would be performing a Doriana Sanchez dance. I don’t really want to see her or her dances anymore. Yes, that isn’t very nice. I think Chelsie & Mark were my fave (again!). Love him for some reason. Katee was better for me this week!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    That dance that Chelsie and Mark did makes me want to cry every time I watch it…And yet I keep watching it. It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking. Same thing with the Napoleon & Tabitha dance Katee and Joshua did–the one where he was going off to war.

    We still haven’t seen a bad performance from Katee and Joshua (although this week’s was a bit weaker than the others). I really like them.

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