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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 14 Perform July 2, 2008

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Shirts, feathers, and rose petals – all in unexpected places – on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance

  • Tonight we will enjoy the excitement of two dances from each couple. For the sake of comparison, I have organized my post by couple, sharing my thoughts on both dances from each couple, rather than going chronologically. And I didn’t catch the song titles, so if you’d like to know what music everyone danced to, check out the track list at bloggingsytycd.

Jessica and Will – Dance #1 – The Jive

It was fun. The best I’ve seen them. Cool moves, and the style suited their partnership. Will showed more personality, and I respect Jessica for dancing in those heels! They did great until the end, when there seemed to be some confusion.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – “What a way to kick things off!” “I felt the fight in there tonight for sure.”
  • Mary – “You guys did nail that trick tonight, but there was a lot going on that was missed.” She thought that Will was great, but continued the “no love for Jessica” train.
  • Nigel – He felt Will’s weight was in the right place, but that Jessica was off balance. He went so far as to call her lazy.

Jessica and Will – Dance #2 – Lyrical Jazz

I liked the shirt prop. Mandy Moore definitely found creative ways to use it in the routine, and Jessica and Will pulled it off – literally and figuratively (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Their movements were very fluid and interesting. At one point toward the end Will kicked the shirt up off the floor and then behind him. He made it seem so effortless! I must say that tonight I was impressed with this couple for the first time.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Tabitha thought Will had beautiful lines. Napoleon was amazed by Will’s first leap. “You have it in you to fly to the top of this competition.” He thinks Jessica is holding Will down a little bit. She wasn’t there for him emotionally. “A couple of dead moments.”
  • Mary – “Talent is flame, and genius is fire, and that was fire. Wooooo!!!” “What passion the two of you were both showing tonight!” I agree with her on the passion part, but not sure about the whole flame/fire analogy. She put them on the hot tamale train and said she didn’t know they had it in them.
  • Nigel – He thought Will was fabulous, and he thought Jessica hit all her lines.

Comfort and Thayne – Dance #1 – Broadway

Snazzy red dress! Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like they had enough gusto to match the coolness and pizazz of the song. Maybe because they are new together? Much of it felt like going through the motions to me.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Tabitha thinks they are a good match (“I felt the chemistry.”) Napoleon liked the “b boy meets contemporary move.”
  • Mary – “I think it’s a great new partnership, too.” “Comfort, I am so proud of you tonight.” “It could have been bigger, but…”
  • Nigel – He called it “real legit choreography.” And he thought they didn’t live up to it. “It wasn’t good enough.”

Comfort and Thayne – Dance #2 – The Smooth Waltz

This was painful for me to watch. The music was boring, and although it was clear they were trying to be romantic and enamored with each, they looked a bit robotic – or maybe that was because of the metallic sounding flute music? Thayne looked right out of Pride and Prejudice.

  • Tabitha and Napoloeon – Napoleon admits he’s not a waltz expert, but he loved it. Tabitha wasn’t crazy about Thayne. She thought his last moment looked phony. I thought much of the routine looked phony.
  • Mary – “I am a waltz expert, and I loved it!” She thinks Comfort is a “beautiful dancing butterfly.” Thayne is always “right there” for her.
  • Nigel – He was impressed with their smoothness, body shape, and carriage.

Kourtni and Matt – Dance #1 – Hip Hop

This couple seemed weird doing hip hop. They are both so tall, and hip hop requires dancers to get low. I felt they were too upright – as well as uptight – during the routine. Just as with Comfort and Thayne, this dance lacked passion and heart – something that Jessica and Will showed me tonight.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Tabitha was surprised by Matt, but Napoleon added that it wasn’t good enough for a hip hop competition.
  • Mary – She didn’t “feel anything” watching it, she just liked it, nothing more.
  • Nigel – “There’s nothing to get a hold of… It was a bit like hip hop on sleeping pills.” I kind of agree.

Kourtni and Matt – Dance #2 – The Mambo

This was sexy, spicy fun. The mambo is the best dance these two have come across to showcase their body length, whereas in many of the other dances their height was a setback.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Tabitha noted the awkward lift transition at the beginning, and Napoleon thought Matt should have been less smiley, more sexy and grimy.
  • Mary – “Courtney, you were hot out there!” She didn’t believe their chemistry, though.
  • Nigel – He noted that “two small people choreographed two tall people.” He saw some technical problems. He was looking for more “macho” from Matt.

Chelsie and Mark – Dance #1 – Jazz

They looked great, danced great, and worked great as a couple, as usual. The judges will probably love them. It was a fun routine.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – “No matter what you guys are given, you’re able to tell the story as a couple.” Napoleon says they perform well together.
  • Mary – “I just LOVED IT!!!” “These two really haven’t taken a wrong turn yet.”
  • Nigel – “You are the first couple tonight with a connection.” Mark’s upper body is stronger than Chelsi’s, but her hips are stronger than his. “Together – magic.”

Chelsie and Mark – Dance #2 – Foxtrot

First off, can I just say that that dress was atrocious? I was so distracted by it I could hardly pay attention to their dancing. It looked about 5 sizes too large for her. And by the end the turquoise feathers were literally choking Chelsi! That’s a safety hazard! Maybe it was the dress, but this routine was forgettable to me.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Tabitha complimented Chelsi for dancing even with feathers in her mouth. Napoleon said it’s clear that they love to dance.
  • Mary – “Some hard stuff in there, I tell ya.” “You guys pulled it off.”
  • Nigel – He felt that Mark was a little uncomfortable, could have used his feet better.

Kherington and Twitch – Dance #1 – Paso Doble

Well done! They both had intensity and passion. I was impressed with Twitch’s posturing and maneuvering. This is my favorite of the night so far and my favorite this season from this couple. Kherington did a nice job of not smiling! And how about those abs on Twitch?

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – “Twitch, the matador in you came out.” Napoleon thought Kherington’s cape energy was better than Twitch’s. Tabitha liked the second half of the routine better.
  • Mary – “It was full of passion, that’s for sure.” She also had some problems with the cape sequences.
  • Nigel – “It was very entertaining.” “Twitch, you were wearing your shoulders like earrings.” He acknowledged that Kherington didn’t fall into her smiling trap, but went to a “really mean place.”

Kherington and Twitch – Dance #2 – Contemporary

A mattress and rose petals factored heavily in this Mia Michaels routine. In my opinion, the choreography was all emotion and no dance – reminiscent of last year’s famous Lacey/Neil father/daughter in heaven routine that I wasn’t impressed by. I just wanted to see more than Kherington and Twitch jumping around on a bed and throwing rose petals in the air. Not one of my favorites of the night. But, kudos again to Twitch’s impressive abs.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – “Awesome, awesome, awesome.” Tabitha thought they were totally committed. Napoleon liked the vulnerability, the storytelling. “How can you go wrong. A good looking guy, a beautiful girl, a bed, and some flowers.”
  • Mary – “Mia outdid herself this time. Woo hoo!” “Passion is a fever, and I think mine just went up.”
  • Nigel – He knows “Mia was inspired to choreograph this routine based on her relationship with me.” He wants one of these bodies from the body shop. Don’t we all! “You were committed to it… I believed it.” He picked them out as one of the top three couples.

Katee and Joshua – Dance #1 – Contemporary

Seriously, the looks on their faces when they came out on stage brought tears to my eyes. That’s how intense and passionate this couple is, and it continued throughout the routine. I don’t always understand Mia Michael’s choreography, but this dance about two people moving through life together, but focused on themselves rather than each other, was very moving. I’ve loved Joshua since we first saw him at the Dallas audition, but I am also loving Katee more and more every week. She’s really coming into her own.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – “The presence that you have to have, just for the beginning… just to walk out on the stage…” She said they commanded it. Napoleon said that they just “get it” – that it’s so much more than dancing. I agree!
  • Mary – “They still haven’t messed up one time as far as I’m concerned.” She talks about the “monumental stillness” moments in the routine. Good phrase for it. She thought they were both amazing.
  • Nigel – “Very fancy choreography. Very fancy dancing.” He complimented Katee’s trust and Joshua’s strength to make this routine work and said they are one of three or four couples who will ultimately make this season outstanding.

Katee and Joshua – Dance #2 – West Coast Swing

This was a cute dance, but perhaps a little too cute. I wasn’t crazy about the Pepto Bismol pink outfits. A little too sickly sweet. This is probably my least favorite performance all season from my favorite couple. But, of course, they gave it that special Katee/Joshua personality, from the booty shaking to the flips to knocking each other over with their hips.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – “Joshua, last week your butt was the star of the show, but this week Katee butted you off the stage.” Napoleon thought it was good, but that Joshua “looked like a giant peppermint.” He also referred to the moment they almost let Katee go from Vegas, and how glad he is they chose her to stay. I agree!
  • Mary – “You guys were tremendous. I enjoyed it.”
  • Nigel – “You both have the ability to adapt to styles.” He also notes that we believe their characters. The downside is that they couldn’t be as good as Benji was when he was on the show doing West Coast Swing.

Courtney and Gev – Dance #1 – Hip Hop

I didn’t like the song or the choreography in this routine. I didn’t “get it.” Also, it almost seemed like these two were trying too hard to be tough hip hoppers. (I’ve always thought of Gev as more of a modern dancer, rather than a straight up hip hop dancer.) It came across as very campy. But I guess it would have been hard for anyone to follow Katee and Joshua. Also, I must admit that while watching and listening to this dance, I was also having to listen to my four month old’s Baby Einstein Activity Center playing a medley of classical music. Perhaps that took some of the coolness out of this hip hop.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Napoleon thought that Courtney was doing so well that he didn’t know if Gev was keeping up with her. Tabitha thought some of the hits were too bouncy and poppy. But she’s “feelin'” Courtney.
  • Mary – “Gev, I don’t feel like you really hit it hard enough.” She felt like Courtney was “killin’ this routine tonight.”
  • Nigel – “It was fun, it was funky.” He thought it was a little funkier than hip hop and said that at one point it felt like “Cinderella getting ugly.” He told Courtney, “You’re just not ghetto. You’re more Santa Claus’s grotto.” Not sure exactly what he meant by that, but I think I agree with him.

Courtney and Gev – Dance #2 – Broadway

This routine wins the prize for cheesiest of the night. Their bright red and yellow outfits made me think of Charlie Brown, cartoons, etc. Maybe they did a good job with the choreography, I don’t know. I just didn’t like the concept or the performance. It was way over the top.

  • Tabitha and Napoleon – Tabitha wanted more ups and downs in the characters, rather than them going full force the whole time. Napoleon thinks Gev found his niche in Broadway.
  • Mary – “It was absolutely dynamic.” She loves the two of them together.
  • Nigel – “I think they’re the underdogs.” “This style is perfect for them… That whole Gene Kelly thing.”

My Favorite Performances

  • Katee and Joshua’s contemporary
  • Kherington and Twitch’s paso doble
  • Jessica and Will’s lyrical jazz with the shirt

My Least Favorite Performances

  • Comfort and Thayne’s smooth waltz
  • Kourtni and Matt’s hip hop
  • Courtney and Gev’s broadway (New York tourists)

Predicting the Bottom Three Couples

  • Comfort and Thayne
  • Kourtni and Matt
  • Courtney and Gev

I actually hope Jessica and Will aren’t in the bottom three this week, because unlike previous weeks, I thought they did a great job tonight. Katee and Joshua are still my favorite couple, though, followed by Chelsie and Mark, and Kherington and Twitch. As usual, I disagreed with the judges on many points this week. For example, I thought they should have given Will and Jessica more credit, and less to Courtney and Gev. We’ll see if America agrees with me or with them tomorrow night.

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One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 14 Perform”

  1. Nina Says:

    I mostly agree with your comments, although I really enjoyed that contemporary piece from Kherington and Twitch.

    I thought Will and Jessica stepped up tonight, I too hope they don’t be in the bottom three, but Gev and Courtney are way more popular than they are. I agree the judges gave way too much credit to Gev and Courtney, that Broadyway routine was not exciting at all and Gev really didn’t impress me at all tonight.

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