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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 12 Perform July 9, 2008

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Kat is wearing a flower child dress made out of paper mache and bicycle streamers. Very odd. But on with the show. Tonight we’ll hear from guest judge Mia Michaels, which means we won’t get to see any of her fantastic choreography. 😦 For each of the couples’ two dances, I’ve included what style they did and who choreographed, what I thought of it, and what the judges thought.

Chelsie and Mark – #1 – Salsa – Alex De Silva

First half was great, second half kind of slow and boring, and a bit awkward. But they are really good dancing together. Her dress was much better than last week’s, and Mark’s outfit was nice and sleek.

  • Nigel: “Terrific opening.” “Mark, you could have relaxed your upper body, it was a bit tight… but you always get into character.” “Chelsie, you were tremendous.”
  • Mary: This rocket fast number from Alex worked for her. She wanted Mark to be looser. Chelsie was phenomenal.
  • Mia: “[Chelsie] is so freakin’ gorgeous…” She thought it was danced really well, but that there’s something awkward about it from Mark.

Chelsie and Mark – #2 – Broadway – Tyce Diorio

This dance is about a sexy girl and the guy who really wants her. A cat and mouse thing. I expected them to be great at this character piece, since they’ve been great on all their others… and they were. They just have so much personality and charisma. I bet watching them dance live that there is an electricity in the air. Good for them!

  • Nigel: He thought it was very hot. “Chelsie, you’ve just got legs that somehow go on forever.” “You brought the audience to life here.”
  • Mary: “Was it sultry, sexy, bluesy… yes it was!” “Wow Chelsie, what attitude!”
  • Mia: “I think that it was a success… you guys told the story really well.” But, she thought that it showed Mark’s “lack of training and technique.”

Comfort and Thayne – #1 – Hip Hop – Tabitha and Napoleon

It was fun, and it was nice to see Comfort in her element. Thayne couldn’t help but smile some of the time, but when he didn’t he pulled off the cool guy look pretty well. This dance, however, didn’t have near the level of energy and personality of Twitch and Kherington’s krump routine later in the episode.

  • Nigel: He loves that T and N’s choreography allows you to play a part, but he doesn’t think that they took the opportunity to do so. He thought they danced it okay, but didn’t see what they added to the routine. He expects to see them in the Bottom Three again this week.
  • Mary: “We’re talking about chemistry, you guys.” She mentions the chemistry that T and N have, and says this couple doesn’t have that. Um, Tabitha and Napoleon are married. These guys have only been dancing together for two weeks.
  • Mia: “It was a little bit more than good.” But… “you guys have got to work on your connection.”

Comfort and Thayne – #2 – Contemporary – Mandy Moore

It’s a shame, but these two simply have no chemistry. I felt no emotion in this routine. It was like watching two mannequins who were brought to life performing. Where they should have been light on their feet, it was heavy. The other problem was that I didn’t know what the routine was supposed to be about.

  • Nigel: He wished another couple had danced the routine, because he didn’t think they danced it anywhere near what the choreography deserved.
  • Mary: “It just wasn’t really completely believable for me.”
  • Mia: “Comfort, honey, you can only fake technique so much.” Ouch. Mia’s bringing the harsh truth with her tonight. But on the bright side, she loves Thayne and thinks that he’s “brilliant” with “grounded and thick” movements. She looks forward to working with him and loves his smile.

Jessica and Will – #1 – Contemporary – Tyce Diorio

Tyce says there’s no story, “just an essence that needs to be felt.” It’s something about the Garden of Eden, man and woman. I was distracted by the absence of music. As a dance routine, this was odd. As an exhibit of the beauty of the human form (particularly the male form – wow Will!), it was successful. This won’t be one of the most memorable performances of the night. They looked hesitant on some of the movements, and it just felt awkward at times.

  • Nigel: “No wonder there was so much begetting in the Old Testament.” “Stunning piece.” He praised Will’s lines and strength, and said that Jessica is finally keeping up with him. “You two added something to the choreography… you added a connection.”
  • Mary: “You Tarzan, me Jane.” “That was one of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen on the show.” Really? A bit of an extreme statement.
  • Mia: “Amazing.” “It was like the perfect moving human body art.” I can agree with that statement.

Jessica and Will – #2 – The Quickstep (Tony and Meredith)

I’ve compared this style of dance before to horses trotting around. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite. But, Will’s opening flips were a nice twist out of the gate, so to speak. Jessica pulled off some nice walking splits at well. I suppose they danced it well, but the quick step is just a little too giddy and manic for my taste. Not sure their performances tonight will be enough to keep them out of the bottom three.

  • Nigel: The performance was great, but the actual quickstepping, “not good.”
  • Mary: She didn’t like Will’s “bunched up” jacket, and she thought Jessica kept losing her shape. It was too heavy.
  • Mia: “You went back to that stiff, disconnected, insecure place, and it wasn’t working at all… Will you look tired of carrying her.” Ouch! She says Will needs a new partner. Sweetly, Will vouches for Jessica. (But it is true that he is a more talented dancer than she is.)

Courtney and Gev – #1 – Cha Cha – Anya and Pasha!

This was a smokin’ routine. And although I would have rather seen Anya and Pasha perform it (they were two of my favorites last season), Courtney and Gev did a good job. I felt their connection tonight – something that hasn’t always been the case.

  • Nigel: “I got the message.” “That is an Anya and Pasha cha cha cha.” (Maybe we can see them do more chorepgraphy for the show?) He thinks this couple is perfect for each other.
  • Mary: “It was magic!” Then she spouts out some gibberish about “cha cha cha cha” this and that. Er? Oh, and they are on the hot tamale train.
  • Mia: “I think that was fabulosity at its best.” “The performance quality that you guys own together is amazing.” She’s starting to see something more in Courtney, and is seeing her and Gev get better and better every week.

Courtney and Gev – #2 – Jazz – Mandy Moore

Mandy says this is about “two people who are lost in the jungle.” Oh boy. Another prop, this time a map. Not quite as fun as the shirt that Jessica and Will used last week. Gev had one amazing push up maneuver that must have required incredible strength and control, but other than that I was indifferent to this routine, much like their previous “tourists in New York” Broadway routine.

  • Nigel: “It was fun. They’re always fun, this couple, whatever they do.” Cotton candy, no substance.
  • Mary: “I don’t feel the same way. I thought it was rough and raw, and just livin’ it up there.”
  • Mia: “You guys had a great night. Both pieces were great.” They are one of her top couples.

Kherington and Twitch – #1 – Krumping – Lil’ C

I wasn’t sure how Kherington would do with this, but she actually kept up with Twitch. They were both intense and believable. This was a fun routine. The flashing, running lights didn’t hurt either.

  • Nigel: “It felt like constipation.” “On paper, this was the equivalent of a duet between Busta Rimes and Miley Cyrus.” But, he thought that in reality, Kherington did a great job. I agree.
  • Mary: “This is the first time on this show that I have really believed in this krump number.” I agree with her. Usually these aren’t my thing, but this was one of my favorites of the night.
  • Mia: “That was just dirty and disgusting and nasty and… buck.” She thinks that normally “puppy dog” Twitch “served gangster on a platter.” And she thinks Kherington did really well until toward the end, when she got tired. But still, she thinks they “killed it.”

Kherington and Twitch – #2 – Tango – Jean-Marc Genereaux

This dance is about a couple who is very intense, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and they are fighting. Should be fun. Well, it started out slow and I kept waiting for it to build, but it never reached the intensity that was talked up in the intro. I don’t know much about the tango, but from what I do know, there wasn’t much of it there. This was lackluster for me, especially compared to their first dance tonight.

  • Nigel: “Twitch, it wasn’t honest for me… it didn’t feel like you were comfortable with it.” “Kherington, there was no passion really.” “You murdered the dance routine tonight, not each other.” I agree with him, but not as dramatically.
  • Mary: She loved the beginning and end, but felt that the in between “didn’t really happen.”
  • Mia: She talks about voice and personality being the magic of dance, not the steps, and she felt like they were very non-committing. No fighting, nothing there. I agree with her.

Katee and Joshua – #1 – Viennese Waltz – Jean-Marc Genereaux

Joshua is playing a ghost, and Katee can feel him but not see him. I thought they achieved this concept. They were very light on their feet. Many of the moves made Katee appear to be floating. She looked pretty in her flowing dress. It’s clear that theirs is a partnership of complete trust. She jumps and dives into what could be scary turns, twists, and lifts with complete confidence that Joshua will be there to catch her. And he always is. Great serpentine move at the end. Very magical looking.

  • Nigel: “Joshua, it was a little too bouncy for me from you.” “The rest of it, I thought you did very well.” He thought Katee did beautifully.
  • Mary: “All the lifts were great in this number.” She thought the execution of the dancing could have been a lot stronger.
  • Mia: She thought Joshua was “like a football player trying to grasp the movement.” He was okay. She thinks that Katee is a gift to dance, is meant to dance. That was a sweet compliment.

Katee and Joshua – #2 – Bollywood

The choreographers, new ones that I don’t catch the names of, explain the routine as “guy likes girl, girl plays hard to get.” This is the first time that bollywood has been featured on the show. The last time I was exposed to this style was while watching the movie Bride and Prejudice, during which I had the fun of watching Naveen Andrews (Sayid on Lost) dance around and lip synch. Wow. This performance was just as entertaining as that movie. The outfits, the exhuberance. They get my vote just for dancing all out, caution to the wind. I’m not used to seeing non-Indians dancing this style. It was rather comical for me (I laughed my way through the routine), but good for Katee and Joshua for investing the same energy that they have in their other routines. They clearly had fun with it.

  • Nigel: He’s excited about finally getting Indian culture onto the show. He thought it was tremendous. “You two always find a way of fusing your styles with whatever you’re given, and with giving it personality.”
  • Mary: “On this stage we have one rule… Heart, Soul = Stardom. You guys are stars tonight.” She praised their athleticism and strength. They are back on her hot tamale train.
  • Mia: “You need to dress like that every day of your life, Katee.” “Great fun, great piece.” “It’s awesome to have world dance on this stage.”

My Favorite Routines

  • Chelsie and Mark’s Broadway
  • Kherington and Twitch’s Krumping
  • Joshua and Katee’s Viennese Waltz

However, the most fun routine of the night was Katee and Joshua’s Bollywood dance. I still laugh when I think about Joshua dancing around in that outfit.

My Least Favorite Routines

  • Comfort and Thayne’s contemporary
  • Twitch and Kherington’s tango
  • Courtney and Gev’s Jazz

Predicting the Bottom Three

  • Comfort and Thayne
  • Jessica and Will
  • Courtney and Gev

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3 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 12 Perform”

  1. James McD Says:

    Hey E Claire! I wanted to tell you guys that I wont be in town this week. My nephew is going away to a military school for 6 months and we are throwing him a going away party in DeRidder.

    Now, on to Dancing.

    I am predicting the bottom 3 to be:

    Comfort & Thayne
    Jessica & Will

    Man this last one is hard…I find this hard to beleive but I honestly think it will Be Kherington & Twitch.

    Now if I am right, I really want Comfort to go, but I think they are ready to get rid of Jessica.

    Of those guys I couldn’t imagine them dumping Will or Twitch, so that would leave Thayne.

    If your picks are right I think it will be comfort and Thayne both going.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I agree with James’ predictions that Thayne & Comfort will be going home tonight. We’ll see!

    I loved the Bollywood routine, and decided the reason that I like the Katee/Joshua pairing so much is they always completely commit to something, like they did with this dance. It was fun!

    Looks like we completely agreed on the Will/Jessica contemporary piece. I thought the music (or lack of) was distracting and that it was more just a piece to show off Will’s body. Goodness! 🙂

  3. Trac' Says:

    Hello there Mrs. E’claire!

    James and I have discussed this at length. I completely agree with what he has already posted in regards to bottom three those going home. It’s a toss up for the 3rd couple between Kerrington and Twitch and Courtney and Gev.

    I would like to add about Comfort that I believe her to be the sole problem with that couple. I seriously doubt she has ever had to connect with anyone in a dance before this show. Hip Hop is often a big group or solo. Perhaps if she felt she had something in common with her fellow dancer it might be a bit better but I feel the judges have some sort of chick hip hopper crush on her and as was pointed about by one of the judges, she’s “riding it out”. I feel bad for Thayne in that he is falling victim to that and really tries to connect with her. Whatever the case I think any one partnered with her would be at a huge disadvantage.

    Also with Will and Jessica…I think it has both helped and hurt Jessica to be with Will. Yes he has carried her but I think the fact that the judges keep bringing it up has caused her to remain unsure and feel bad about herself and inferior to Will. If she had been evenly matched from the start then perhaps she might would feel less inferior all around. I believe she is a better dancer than Courtney, definitely better than Comfort and possibly better technically than Katee.

    After all that I wish that Jessica and Thayne would have been matched from the get go. Things would be really different for the both of them I do believe!

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