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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Eight Perform July 23, 2008

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The competition is really heating up now, as Kherington and Gev were sent packing last week during a results show that surprised many. I was sad to see Gev leave, but at this point any of the guys leaving is a disappointment. I’m not as attached to the girls this season, although I really like Katee and Chelsie.

Cat’s black, bejeweled dress tonight reminds me of Christie Brinkley in Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” video from the 80s. Don’t know why. That’s just what came to mind.

Singer/dancer/director/choreographer Toni Basil is tonight’s guest judge. Cat says we all know her from her huge 1982 hit “Mickey.” I took a look at the music video on YouTube. Let’s just say she’s come a long way since that one hit wonder.

On to tonight’s dancing. Each couple is once again dancing twice, plus everyone is dancing a solo.

Will and Courtney – Samba (Jean-Marc Genereaux)

Very flashy, lots of gyrating. Courtney looked great in her yellow 1/3 of a dress plus tassels. And Will looked very athletic in his black samba suit. They made this samba look effortless and fun. I especially liked Will’s personality in this. I like him more and more every week.

  • Nigel – “When you weren’t thinking too much about technique, it was fantastic.” “Somehow all the guys on this show look like they’re out of the movie 300.” That is a true statement.
  • Mary – “Where’s Ashton? Because I think I’m being punk’d right now.” She’s referring to how good these contemporary dancers were at samba.
  • Toni – “I had so much fun that I actually forgot I was judging.”

Will and Courtney – Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)

According to Tabitha, this is a slow hip hop dance about turning back time and having one more moment with someone you love. For me, it didn’t live up to the emotional impact that was hyped in the intro. The only time I really felt the longing they were trying to convey was when they slow danced together for a moment.

  • Nigel: He was reminded of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost. (Fitting, since Will wanted to be Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing as a kid. That was funny to learn.) “You were emotionally together.”
  • Mary: “You blew my expectations right out of the water.”
  • Toni: “Great art makes you feel something,” and she’s glad to see it happening on this show.

Twitch and Katee – Contemporary (Mia Michaels)

Twitch is the boyfriend in an argument with his co-dependent, psycho ex-girlfriend, and his disinterest makes her angrier and crazier. Should be interesting… The first half of the routine was mediocre. But about the time Twitch closed the door on Katee, it got much better. It was interesting seeing them dancing “together” while separated by a closed door. They did a good job of continuing the connection. And then the choreography got even more interesting when he opened the door again. There were some acrobatic moves that required a lot of strength from both of them. So, I was impressed with them, and it was cute, but this was not one of my all-time favorite Mia routines. By the way, Katee looked very different. She had an Amy Winehouse look going on with the puffed up hair and dramatic eye makeup.

  • Nigel: “The performance was absolutely fantastic!” “You’ve gotta wonder what goes through Mia Michaels’ head.” He thought they were great as their characters, and that it was one of the most entertaining routines they’ve had on the show.
  • Mary: “Two of the best dancers we’ve seen on this stage!”
  • Toni: “Aren’t you guys lucky… being choreographed by the reigning queen of contemporary dance.” She hit the nail on the head. Whoever draws Mia out of the hat has a head start on the votes.

Twitch and Katee – Broadway (Tyce Diorio)

So the story is that Katee is Sweet Georgia Brown, and she’s looking for a man. Twitch is a man on her block, but he doesn’t want her. This was a sassy, fun routine, but my eyes were mostly drawn to Katee in her cute red dress, with the big flower in her hair. Just as with one of his previous Broadway routines, Twitch looked a little awkward up there.

  • Nigel: He thought it looked like a real Broadway routine. Twitch, “Here you are rising to every single challenge we give you.” Katee, “There isn’t one routine that you’ve done this season that I haven’t enjoyed you doing.” I can agree with that. He added, “You lighten the world when you dance.”
  • Mary: “That was magnificent and well matched.” She noted how much fun everyone is having tonight.
  • Toni: She thinks Twitch brings more reality to the dance than most Broadway dancers do. “He dances from the inside out.” She wanted more of a “deep, rough approach” from Katee to match the vocals. That was good feedback.

Mark and Comfort – Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)

This is about what kids do when they are stuck in detention. Like a funky Breakfast Club? This was intense and playful, and I was very impressed by the one move that had Mark flipping Comfort up in the air and over his head.

  • Nigel: He’s surprised that Comfort is so much better when she’s choreographed than when she dances her solos. He was also impressed by how good Mark was.
  • Mary: “You guys did a great job with that piece.”
  • Toni: She knows it’s not easy to do Tabitha and Napoleon’s choreography because she sometimes takes classes from them. That’s interesting.

Mark and Comfort – Foxtrot (Jean-Marc Genereaux)

Mark is supposed to be a man who’s down on his luck, until he meets Lady Luck Comfort. They both did okay with the technical aspects, but what was missing was the genuine charisma, chemistry, and joy. They didn’t look like they were having fun. Their smiles looked fake. I think Mark must be missing his old partner (Chelsie) more than any one else is missing their former partner. The other problem is that the fox trot is usually bad news for anyone. Danny and Anya had one that was pretty good last year, but this dance just isn’t a big crowd pleaser. These two may both be headed home tomorrow night.

  • Nigel: “I think Lady Luck walked out of the room when you got your fox trot.” He thought they lost their chemistry because they were thinking too hard. “It was slightly amateurish.” Ouch.
  • Mary: “Nothing was melting together.”
  • Toni: She thought their turns looked like a recital.

Joshua and Chelsie – Argentine Tango (Dmitri Chaplin)

This dance is set in the 1940s, and is about a couple who is flirting with each other. And the props just keep on coming. We’ve had a door and two desks tonight, and now they are joined by a table and a chair. As it turns out, they were there more to set the scene than to be used for the dancing. I am okay with that. Technique-wise, Chelsie was fantastic with those great legs of hers. And I thought Joshua kept up with her just fine. And, the technique was matched by their personality and energy. I was spellbound by their performance, which included a few wow moments. I love both of these dancers. No matter what the competition has thrown their way, they give everything they have, and the result is always a fantastic performance.

  • Nigel: “Chelsie, your legs are absolutely fantastic.” “Joshua, you do have the biggest bum in the competition.” He thought this routine used her legs and his strength very well.
  • Mary: “Because you committed so much to it, it was really believable.” They are still on her hot tamale train.
  • Toni: She thinks this is the most spontaneous and torrid of the ballroom dances, and that they accomplished this.

Joshua and Chelsie – Disco (Dorianna Sanchez)

I don’t usually care for the disco routines on this show, or anywhere for that matter. But this one was fun. The first thing going for it was Gloria Estefan’s “Everlasting Love.” Good song. The second thing was that it starred the two top contestants to beat this season. The two of them dancing together tonight was special to see. All the lifts, throws, and other feats of strength and balance made this a disco to remember.

  • Nigel: He praised all the lifts they pulled off – Joshua’s strength and Chelsie’s courage. “You both carried it off really, really well.”
  • Mary: She couldn’t believe how many lifts Dorianna put in the routine. “You were dancing your bodies full tilt.”
  • Toni: “You pulled together the spirit of disco.”


  • Comfort – I liked this week’s solo better than last week’s. She had more energy and personality to match her impressive technique.
  • Will – Um, was that Will, or Eddie Murphy from his SNL days up on stage? Not sure why he decided to ham it up as James Brown for his solo. Perhaps he’s been reading complaints that he’s too serious. It was fun, but didn’t do the best job of showcasing what he’s capable of.
  • Chelsie – I enjoyed her ballroom solo tonight. She sure can move!
  • Katee – Her solo was very clean, crisp, and uplifting. That’s the best way I know to describe it.
  • Mark – I like how he even dances with his fingers. If he were barefoot I bet his toes would be moving, too. That being said, tonight’s solo was a little sluggish compared to last week’s.
  • Joshua – He is the full package. He’s got amazing technique, a fun personality, and all around star quality.
  • Courtney – She brought her usual vibrant personality and bursts of energy to this solo.
  • Twitch – He’s very entertaining to watch. This is a reminder of why he’s still in the competition.

My Favorite Performances

  • Twitch and Katee’s contemporary
  • Joshua and Chelsie’s Argentine tango

My Least Favorite Performances

  • Mark and Comfort’s Foxtrot
  • Will and Courtney’s hip hop

My best guess is that we’ll say goodbye to Mark and Comfort tomorrow night. Everyone else brought their A-game tonight, but I felt that something was lacking from these two.

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