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Bones: What’s All the Fuss About? September 18, 2008

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I was just over at TV Gal reading people’s comments (mostly grumbling) about Bones. There sure are a lot of fair weather tv fans who like to complain any time they get the chance. Now sometimes complaints are called for, but I like to give the writers and producers a chance to follow through on a story before I start to be all doomsday about it. So, let me take a moment to share my opinions about what is happening so far this season on Bones.

The Break Up

The only thing I have thought is really dumb this season is the sudden breakup of Angela and Hodgins. I don’t think it was necessary. There was nothing to justify it. But, that’s why I don’t search for my main enjoyment in a show in the relationships. I am definitely not a ‘shipper. And there are people complaining about Bones and Booth going around in circles, but I hope they don’t get romantic, at least not any time soon. It works better to save the fireworks for the final season. (See Mulder and Scully on The X-Files, and Sydney and Vaughn on Alias.) If the writers put the characters together too early, it never works out. (Remember how painful it was to see Luke and Lorelai be separated most of the final season of Gilmore Girls, or how annoying it is to watch the on again/off again relationship between Meredith and Derek on Grey’s Anatomy?) So for now, I believe it’s better for Bones and Booth to be friends with great chemistry. I enjoy watching their relationship as it is.

Rotating Lab Assistant

The other thing people are complaining about is the “lab assistant of the week” bit. I am actually entertained by this. It’s like how Murphy Brown used to have a new secretary every week. People complain that it’s been done too much, but if it’s done well, I don’t mind. It is better than what the writers did on House last season, when they introduced way too many new characters as he searched for a new team. That was over the top. I like to see how new characters interact differently with the core cast. Plus, knowing each person will only be around for one episode prolongs the finality and disappointment that fans will feel when a permanent replacement for Zack joins the team.

The Elephant in the Room

So, one of our forensic team’s favorite co-worker and friend suddenly turns into a serial killer’s apprentice, is discovered, and is shipped off to a mental institution. Does anyone seem to care? Not as much as you would expect them to. It would make sense for the writers to address Zack’s departure more directly than they have, but my guess is that they are having to wait until he is available for an episode, so they can do it right. I read an interview with Hart Hanson, and he said they planned to do some “Hannibal Lecter” type stuff with Zack from the mental institution. I’d imagine people will gripe about that as well. Zack seems more like a fun-loving geek than a cannibalistic serial killer, so it will be interesting to see how they play that.

Dr. Sweets

I love his character! He always puts a smile on my face, and I thought his sudden connection with last week’s lab assistant was sweet – loved the phone call he made to her at the end of the show. People are also complaining that the show is too goofy, but that’s the main reason I watch it. I recently started watching CSI again, and while I find it very entertaining, it is quite gruesome and dark at times. So Bones is a nice change of pace. There’s no other crime procedural like it on the air right now. Dr. Sweets lends a lot of humor to the show’s light-hearted tone. My least favorite character is actually Cam. I had a hard time accepting her as part of the team when she first joined it. I like her better now, but she is definitely the most serious of all the characters.

Bottom Line

Maybe the reason I am not bothered by the new developments is that I don’t have much to compare the new season to, since I only saw a few episodes last season. I don’t miss Zack too much because I wasn’t attached to him. I am not devastated by Angela and Hodges break up because I didn’t watch their relationship evolve. And I am not desperate for Bones and Booth to hook up because I have only watched the show on a casual basis, and have enjoyed their funny, flirtatious interaction on a surface level.

I have TNT to thank for my renewed interest in the show, since I started watching reruns on that network over the summer. Now I have a season pass on my tivo and look forward to watching the season develop.


2 Responses to “Bones: What’s All the Fuss About?”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I agree with you on several points. 1) I like the friendship between Booth & Brennan. While I know the writers will eventually make them a couple, I like how they are now. They bring out the better of each other, like at the end of last night’s episode with the “dog funeral.” 2) I love Sweets! His character is really funny but I also enjoy how he states the obvious stuff about character interactions so that there is always a new level of “uncomfortable.” Also, the whole thing with Booth’s son and the bully girl at school cracked me up. 3) They have said barely anything about Zach! I am glad Hodgins was dealing with it this episode, but they are kind of ignoring it altogether. Ugh!

    I am a bit more invested in the Angela/Hodgins relationship because I watched it grow last season. I was also annoyed at the sudden end of their relationship. I found it sad on this episode when they forgot momentarily that they aren’t together and laughed and complimented each other, before sadly remembering.

  2. Anna Says:

    I agree aswell with the above points. Booth and Brennan have amazing chemistry, and though I am looking forward to their relationship growing stronger, I think the writers should not rush it. But I think-from what I’ve heard/seen in interviews-that the writers do want to please the fans. I actually cried when Hodgins and Angela broke up. It was so sudden. They were laughing and talking, and then it got all tense. Personally I believe the writers will reunite them, but I hope this happens soon; because I miss them together. And, I kind of too enjoy the lab assitant of the week sort of thing, it’s rather entertaining to watch. Nonetheless, this season’s been different, but good. And of course I LOVE SWEETS! He’s such an addition to the show. Hopefully we will see some more of a chance at love for him as in the third episode. : )

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