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Hulu’s Comedic Shorts are Short on Funny November 23, 2008

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Recently I discovered some great dramatic shorts on Hulu, so I was looking forward to reviewing the potential nominees for one of this week’s Hulu Awards categories, Best Comedic Short. I figured that if many of the dramatic shorts were well done and entertaining, then surely the comedic shorts would be equally so. Unfortunately, I had more difficulty finding the good amidst a sea of mediocrity.

My problem with these comedic shorts is that most of them weren’t funny. Some of them were quirky and creative, like Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers (but there was nothing amusing about that one), or bizarre like Stricteternum (the little girl with the eyes painted on her eyelids was just plain creepy!), but it was difficult to find humor in many of these shorts. Nevertheless, I managed to choose four proposed nominees. I encourage you to check them out on Hulu to see whether or not you agree with me, or if you think I overlooked any other award-worthy shorts.

My Proposed Nominees for Best Comedic Short on Hulu:

  1. Laid Off – Very low key, dark humor. This short had the highest production values of the potential nominees, so in terms of quality, it had to be on my short list. I didn’t laugh much, but I was mildly amused by the main character’s monotone overview of his life after death. The group session of the departed was the funniest part.
  2. Bjorn: Hurdles of Bureaucracy – Unlike most of the comedic shorts on Hulu, this one actually made me laugh out loud. It points out the ridiculous hurdles to getting a passport. Of course, in the U.S. you could never renew a passport in a matter of hours. The only drawback was misspelled or otherwise incorrect subtitles, which I found distracting. Such simple and glaring errors take away credibility from a movie.
  3. How to Cope with Rejection – For some reason, ninjas always make me laugh. (Ever seen I liked the low key, melancholy humor of this short. The music worked well to reinforce the tone.
  4. Walking on the Wild Side – This one was strange, but it made me laugh out loud several times from the awkwardness of the situation. The actors were perfectly cast for their roles and did a great job. Sidenote: until my brother and his wife traveled to Amsterdam recently, I didn’t know that in countries where prostitution is legal, it is common for “working girls” to advertise themselves inside what is similar to storefront displays. Window shopping for a hooker. Weird. Anyway, that context makes this short make more sense.
  • You can view all four of these comedic shorts, plus any of the other contenders in this category, in Hulu’s Movieola Shorts: Comedy section.

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