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Lost 5.3: Jughead January 29, 2009

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This week on Lost, we learned some exciting new information. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

  • Desmond and Penny had a baby! And they named him Charlie!! – I love that they named him after our favorite dearly departed rock star turned island castaway turned loyal friend and surrogate daddy. How cute is the boy who is playing little Charlie?

  • Meet the Others, circa 1950 – With the latest time flash, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Sawyer, Juliet, and Locke (I assume Rose and Bernard are somewhere around there, too) find themselves captured by the Others, who are wearing army gear and using new guns that Locke recognizes as weapons of the 1950s. Ageless Richard is there, too, and is the obvious leader of this Others era. According to Juliet, “Richard’s always been here” and he’s “old.” Maybe my theory that he came to the island on the Black Rock in the 1880s has some plausibility. Or maybe he was there even before that.
  • Ellie (the female Other holding Daniel at gunpoint) seems to recognize Daniel. Has he been to this time before? She looks familiar to him, too. I guess she reminds him of Theresa, the girl who we learn he worked with at Oxford.
  • The Others speak Latin, the “language of the enlightened,” according to Juliet, who said she and the rest of the Others learned the language in Others 101.
  • Locke is taking his role as leader of the Others seriously. He’s calling them “my people” and boldly walking up to Richard like they are old comrades (even though Richard has never met him yet there in the 1950s). They have a roundabout conversation about what Locke is supposed to do, similar to the one they had on last week’s episode, only this time Locke knows more than Richard does.
  • The U.S. military attempted to do weapons testing on the island in the 1950s. However, apparently when they were met with resistance from the Others and suffered casualties, they retreated, leaving behind an unstable bomb. Daniel tells Ellie that as long as they bury the bomb, they’ll be okay. He lets slip that he’s from the future, but that doesn’t phase her too much. I wonder if this bomb is connected to “the numbers” that Desmond and other hatch dwellers had to enter into a computer regularly to save the world.

  • Desmond doesn’t find Daniel’s mother at Oxford, but he does learn that something horrible happened to a woman that Daniel was working with – horrible enough that Oxford wanted to forget that Daniel had ever done research in the attic of the Physics building. My guess is that the “poor girl,” Theresa Spenser, volunteered to be Daniel’s first human test subject for time travel, and the experience messed with her brain, as well as her place in the time/space continuum. When Desmond tracks her down, he learns that she’s now bedridden and comes in and out of consciousness and sometimes goes “away.” For example, sometimes she thinks she’s three and asks for her dolly, others she talks to her dad, who died five years ago, etc. Hmmm… sounds to me like her consciousness is time traveling while her body stays put in London. This is similar to what happened to Desmond several times last season, when he would appear catatonic to whoever he was with, while he was experiencing various parts of his life in previous times.
  • Most revealing about Desmond’s investigation is the news that Charles Widmore was Daniel’s benefactor for ten years! He funded Daniel’s research into time travel. So I guess we can assume that Widmore knows about the Island’s habit of jumping around in time.
  • Charles Widmore has an Island-themed painting in his office. It features a polar bear and the Dharma greeting of choice, “Namaste.” This only reinforces Widmore’s obsession with the Island. I wasn’t aware until now that this painting was featured in at least one previous episode. I just happened to notice it this time around. Here’s a picture of the same painting from season three, when Desmond went to Widmore’s office to discuss his relationship with Penny:

  • Widmore gives Desmond the address of Daniel’s mother in L.A., and mentions that she’s a very private person. Could that be because she spends most of her time in a crypt, wearing a cloak, and tracking the location of the Island, a la Ms. Hawking?
  • Widmore also warns Desmond to “get out of this mess, don’t put Penny’s life in danger.” He explains that he’s getting himself involved in something that goes back many, many years. (How many years are we talking here?!) He tells Desmond to go back to where ever he and Penny were hiding. I wish they would, since Ben is still looking for revenge against Widmore by killing Penny, but now that they are headed for L.A., and since Ben is there, things are about to get very uncomfortable for everyone involved.
  • Charlotte is starting to go downhill fast. With the latest time flash, she passed out and got a serious nosebleed. Now that Daniel has professed his undying love for her, the stakes are higher for whether she lives or dies. For whatever reason, she is the least interesting of the new characters to me. But I do like Daniel, so I would be sad for him if she dies.

  • And the most interesting revelation of the week: Charles Widmore was an Other, living on the Island, in the 1950s! So how did a gun-toting island dwelling flunky become such a powerful, wealthy, world-dwelling businessman? How or why did he leave the island, and why does he want to go back? Why does he believe it is his? (He told Ben last season that it’s his island and it will be again.) All this time I thought Widmore was interested in the island from an entrepreneurial perspective, and maybe that’s part of it, but he also sees himself as a rightful inhabitant.
  • Next week we change course to check back in with the Oceanic Six in L.A. I really didn’t miss them this week, with all the new developments. But, it will be nice to see their plan to get back to the island start to take shape.

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2 Responses to “Lost 5.3: Jughead”

  1. JP Says:

    Ellie is obviously Elosie Hawking in the past, and she is almost definitely Daniel’s mother. Also, Widmore’s painting was done by Claire’s BF who is also Aaron’s father, so maybe he shows back up at some point, maybe he’s the one that is challenging Kate’s maternity.

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the connection between Ellie and Ms. Hawking. And now that we know that Widmore was on the island with the woman we believe to be Daniel’s mother, that could mean that he is actually Daniel’s father. Perhaps the two of them left the island to avoid the fate of other mothers who die in childbirth on the island.

    I really need to go back and rewatch the previous four seasons so I can remember all these connections. It could be Aaron’s father that is challenging Kate’s maternity, or, as others have suggested, it could have been Ben that sent the lawyers, to scare Kate into going back to the island.

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