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Lost 5.9: Namaste March 20, 2009

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This episode didn’t provide us with much new information or shocking revelations. Instead, it served to advance the plot and fill in some blanks for the characters.

Most importantly, it confirmed our assumption that Flight 316 didn’t travel back to the ’70s before it crash landed. While Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were flashing back to the Age of Dharma, Frank was doing his best to maintain control of the plane. He managed to land on the makeshift runway on Island #2 (how convenient), but his co-pilot didn’t survive. I can’t remember the circumstances surrounding that runway – namely who built it and why. Questions related to Flight 316, the flashes, etc.:

  • Why did Jack et al flash back to the 70s? Is it part of their destiny to be involved with the future of the Island?
  • More perplexing is the question of why Sun didn’t go with them. Is it because she now has murderous intentions (she was planning to kill Ben)? We know that the Island has its own moral code, and not everyone can make the List.
  • Ben was probably jealous that he didn’t go wherever the others went. Or maybe he knows more than he’s letting on. At least we now know why he was in the Flight 316 sick bay. He’s recovering from a concussion caused by Sun hitting him over the head with an oar.

What the Oceanic Three learned:

  • They are now in 1977.
  • They must blend in as new recruits for the Dharma Initiative or risk messing up the life that Sawyer and his gang have created for themselves.
  • Daniel is no longer “here.” (I assume this means that he never recovered from Charlotte’s death and has gone off the deep end. But it could mean that he just isn’t around. Maybe he is still lurking in the Orchid station, or maybe he time traveled out of the ’70s.)
  • Jin’s English is awesome.
  • They can’t go running around in the jungle with the hostiles (aka the Others).
  • Jack will now work as a janitor (that must have been Sawyer’s idea of a joke, or of establishing who’s boss now).
  • Sayid did make the time trip with them, but he is now considered a hostile because he was discovered wandering around the jungle.
  • Juliet and Sawyer are now together. (Jack thinks he knocked on the wrong door, but Juliet says he’s in the right place.)
  • Sawyer is now an avid reader because it helps him think. He prefers to think rather than react now that he’s in charge. (I enjoyed this little lecture that he gave Jack.)

What Sawyer, Jin, and Juliet learned:

  • Sun was also on Flight 316, but Jack, Hurley, and Kate don’t know where she is now.
  • Three years passed in the 2000s for the Oceanic Six while they’ve been living in the 70s.
  • Amy and Horace’s baby is Ethan (who later infiltrates and terrorizes the survivors of Flight 815, until Charlie shot him). So people were right that this baby was someone important to the history of the show.
  • Hurley is concerned about their well being (as he should be!) since the Dharma folks were wiped out at some point.

What Sun, Frank, and Ben (until he got knocked in the head) learned:

  • They landed on the “other” island (the one where Kate and Sawyer were once locked in bear cages).
  • Christian Shepherd is still wandering around the Island acting as a guide to the Losties.
  • (Ben learned) that Sun can manipulate and lie, too, since she hit him over the head right after she agreed to take a boat to the other island with him.
  • Sun and Frank discovered the abandoned and dilapidated Dharma camp, and then saw a picture of the Dharma recruits from 1977, including Hurley, Kate, and Jack.
  • They realize they have quite a journey ahead of them if they are ever going to find Jin and everyone else.

What Sayid learned:

  • Something is very wrong with this whole situation. He’s pretty smart, though, so it probably didn’t take him long to figure out that Sawyer and Jin are posing as Dharmaites, and therefore must pretend not to know him in order to protect their cover.
  • His sandwich delivery boy is none other than little Benjamin Linus, which Sayid clearly ascertains from the devious glint in Ben’s eyes, not to mention the unmistakable weak chin.
  • If the antiquated equipment in the stations didn’t clue him in, seeing young Ben surely let Sayid know that he has traveled back in time.
  • I’m hoping we’ll get to see some flashforwards about why Sayid was killing people for Ben (in the 2000s) now that the story has come back around to their relationship. If I’m not mistaken, we never really learned why Ben asked Sayid to go after all the people on that list, or who they were. Maybe this has something to do with the coming war?

Other noteworthy developments:

  • Mr. Grumpy Dharma Man is suspicious of the new recruits, especially after Kate’s name wasn’t on the initial list, and after Jack called Sawyer James instead of Jim.
  • The Dharmaites were building the Swan during the late 70s.

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One Response to “Lost 5.9: Namaste”

  1. TLE Says:

    You mentioned the runway in your post. Great post by the way!
    The runway was being constructed back in the early part of season 3. Sawyer and Kate were forced to break up rocks and haul them away. We did not know it was a runway yet. We just knew that Kate, Jack, and Sawyer were being imprisoned by Ben and Juliet at a Dharma station called the Hydra. A few episodes later, Sawyer would discover that they were not on “their” island, but another smaller one.

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