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Lost 5.14: The Variable April 30, 2009

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This week, we learned the tragic history of Daniel Faraday, a history that was non-linear, and that included betrayal and deception by his own mother. It turns out that Mrs. Hawking is quite devious, and willing to sacrifice just about anything in the name of the Island. Somehow, she always knew that by sending Daniel to the Island, she was sending him to his death. It’s hard to wrap my head around the implications of this time travel conundrum. Rather than making you suffer through what would certainly be my rambling thoughts on the scifi/time travel aspects of the episode, I’ll refer you to this well written post that I came across:

The Facts about Daniel:

  • Mrs. Hawking is his mother, and Charles Widmore is his father (although Daniel isn’t aware who his father is). I wasn’t surprised by this revelation. It had seemed pretty clear that Widmore was his father since we first learned that he just so happened to fund his research.
  • Daniel could have been an excellent pianist, if only his crazy mother hadn’t forced him to spend all his time focusing on developing his mind for science. This minor detail of the episode made me sad, because it reminds me of real life kids who miss out on countless hours of childhood fun because their parents force them to put all their effort into one area, in the hope that their child will achieve greatness as a gymnast, a football player, a spelling bee champion, etc. Don’t believe me? Rent the movie Spellbound.
  • His mother gave him the journal that he’s written all his notes in as a graduation present.
  • Daniel was romantically involved with Theresa, the woman who was also his research assistant whose mind was destroyed by his experiments with time travel.
  • Daniel’s mind was also affected by these experiments, but apparently going to the Island healed him, just as Charles said it would.
  • After the gang traveled back to the ’70s, Daniel left the Island to do research at the Dharma Headquarters in Maryland. While there, he saw the picture of Dharma recruits that included Hurley, Jack, and Kate. He returned to the Island to tell them that they didn’t belong there, that his mother had made a mistake. He proceeded to attempt to find and speak to his mother (the young, Other-dwelling Ellie), so that he could detonate a hydrogen bomb that would reverse the chain of events that led Oceanic Flight 815 to crash on the Island (if there was no need to push the button in the Hatch to control the energy, then Desmond wouldn’t have missed entering the numbers that one time, which led them to crash…) What would have happened to all the people on the Island in 1977 if Daniel had succeeded in detonating the bomb? That didn’t sound like a good idea to me.
  • Daniel’s main motivation for changing the past seems to be saving Charlotte’s life. He loved her and didn’t want to be responsible for causing pain/death to someone else he loved (Theresa being the first).
  • Before Daniel could do much, his mom showed up and shot him. He certainly looked dead, after he uttered his last words, “I’m your son.”

Other Developments:

  • Mrs. Hawking apologized to Penny for Desmond getting shot, explaining that she believes it is her son, Daniel’s, fault. Is it his fault because he told Desmond to find his mother in L.A., which put him on a collision course with Ben?
  • Sawyer made the mistake of calling Kate by her old nickname, “Freckles,” which didn’t sit too well with Juliet. I hope those two work things out!
  • Daniel told Dr. Chang that Miles is his son, but Miles denied it. I guess he’s not ready to have a heart to heart with his dad.
  • While Jack and Kate wandered into the jungle with Daniel to find the Others, Sawyer and the rest of the gang prepared to leave the Dharma commune to start over on the old beach. Before they could leave, some of the Dharma folks showed up, figured out something was up, and are now holding Sawyer and Juliet at gunpoint.


  • What made Daniel think that his mother was wrong for sending the Oceanic Six back to the 1970s Island?
  • Why was Daniel crying while watching the news coverage of the discovery of the fake Flight 815 wreckage? Is it because he was having subconscious memories of his past on the island? Certainly it wasn’t just because he was crazy.
  • Why did Mrs. Hawking send Daniel to the Island, knowing that this would lead to her younger self killing him? Is there a chance that he will come back to life, a la Locke, or was his death necessary for the upcoming battle that everyone’s been talking about? I guess we’ll start to get some answers about that next week.
  • What was the purpose of showing Penny and Desmond in the hospital? It made me very nervous to see Mrs. Hawking lurking around there, with her shifty eyes. I was afraid she might finish the job that Ben started! As it turned out, it was sweet how Desmond told Penny he would keep his promise to never leave her again. Is this the end of the story for them, or will they go back to the Island together?
  • And I continue to ask, where are Rose and Bernard? Not to mention the other unidentified Oceanic 815 survivors. Did they stay in the present when Locke turned the wheel? Did they join the Others? Someone needs to say something about this.

3 Responses to “Lost 5.14: The Variable”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    A few thoughts: Charlotte, Myles and Daniel were all born on, or at least lived as children on the island. Do you think Widmore knew all that and gathered former islanders for his trip back (perhaps that is who he needed for his work or for his freighter to get back there)? Or do you think the island wanted them and they happen to all be collected by Widmore for that reason (unbeknownst to Widmore)? I am confusing myself.

    I like how Daniel knew the island would heal him ahead of time. It explained the scene where Dan and Charlotte were doing the cards just after they arrived. I am guessing they were testing his memory and to see if the island was healing him yet.

    Loving this season. Hate that there are only two episodes left. It is tragic.

  2. Emily Says:

    Did we ever receive confirmation that Daniel was either born on the island or lived there at some point? I was confused about that, because I don’t remember anyone talking about or encountering young Daniel like they have young Ben. But it makes sense that Widmore would gather people with connections to the island (but what about Frank – does he have a connection?).

    I had trouble remembering the events after Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles arrived on the island. It will be interesting to go back and watch those episodes again now that we know his back story.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Good point, E. I don’t think we have any confirmation that he was born or lived on the island. We know Widmore was on the island for quite a while but not sure if Ellie was there for long.

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