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SYTYCD 2009: Auditions in L.A. and Seattle May 28, 2009

Tonight’s first stop was Los Angeles, where Nigel and Mary were joined by Adam Shankman, who was for the most part in a toned down mood. The final audition city was Seattle, where Mia Michaels served as the guest judge.

Some of the highlights tonight had nothing to do with the contestants’ auditions. My favorite moment was when Katie, Joshua, Lauren, and Comfort sat down at the judges’ table and critiqued Adam Shankman when he did an impromptu “audition” with a lindy hop dancer. That was a fun. And how nice that last year’s top two have already made an appearance so early this season, when Danny and Sabra never appeared, and were hardly ever mentioned, last season! I also liked Mia’s pronouncement, “Absolutely disgusting!” during the bad dancer montage from Seattle.

On the other hand, the “Battle in Seattle” between Leo and Sex was unnecessary and unfortunate. One weirdo loser is already too much on this show, so two of them is just wrong. I would much rather have ended the episode with an inspiring, memorable audition. Seattle must have really been low on talent!

My favorite dancers tonight:

  • Nathan Trasoras – The judges loved this 17 year old dancer, and so did I! I was disappointed when I learned that he was one year shy of eligibility for the competition, but was relieved when Nigel signed a “ticket to Vegas” good for season six this fall. I look forward to seeing more of Nathan! He has a whole dark, brooding, Jacob Black from Twilight thing going on that will make girls of all ages his fans.
  • Arielle Coker – I thought she looked familiar when she came out on stage to dance with Philip Chbeeb. The judges didn’t mention it, but she auditioned last season in Dallas, and I had this to say about her at that time, when she stood out to me: “Although her partner, John, didn’t get to show much of what he could do, she was fascinating to watch. She’s exactly the type of dancer this show loves: fresh-faced, poised, and her movements seemed effortless. Actually, her style and presence remind me of another dancer from last season – Sabra!” I am glad she returned this year, and borrowed someone who was already a favorite of the judges to help her get noticed.
  • Kelsea Taylor – This “zany” dancer with the blue streaks and red flower in her hair was like a female version of last year’s contestant, Mark, with her herky jerky movements, and Mia’s description of her as a “beautiful, disastrous weirdo.” She’s been my favorite female contestant so far this year.

Can’t wait for Vegas week to begin!


2 Responses to “SYTYCD 2009: Auditions in L.A. and Seattle”

  1. sytycd Says:

    Wow, thanks for remembering that Arielle Coker was on before. I wouldn’t have gotten that. I agree that the past dancers were possibly the best part of tonight’s show. Well, I guess except for some of the killer music.

  2. darci Says:

    Great episode last night! My personal favorite was Nathan Trasoras. I really can’t wait to see him on season 6. I love the sweeping, dramatic way he dances, and I was also so happy to see that he was dancing to “Pollen and Salt” by Daphne Loves Derby that he completely won me over. There’s a clip of his audition at :

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