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SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 18 Elimination Round June 18, 2009

My predictions for the bottom three couples: Kupono and Ashley, Caitlin and Jason, Asuka and Vitolio

The actual bottom three couples: Kupono and Ashley, Caitlin and Jason, Kayla and Max

My thoughts: Asuka and Vitolio obviously did better this week than last, but I still didn’t think it was good enough to keep them out of the bottom three. Apparently I underestimated the power of emotional manipulation on viewers’ voting habits. I think that Ashley and Kupono and Caitlin and Jason should be in the bottom three, because both couples could have done more with the hip hop choreography they were given. And I’m actually not too surprised that Kayla and Max are in the bottom three, although I don’t know of anyone who predicted they would be. Their choreography was pretty awful, as were their costumes the performance was kind of an explosion of feathers, spastic dancing, and an unpleasant song. But now what? I predicted that Asuka and Kupono would be sent home. Let’s take a look at how these six dancers did on their solos before getting to who was actually sent home.

The Solos

  • Caitlin – “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele – There’s something about Caitlin that I just don’t like, but she did a decent job with her solo. I think it’s the way she carries herself on stage. She comes across as a bit haughty, which is distracting when she’s performing a dance that should emote sweetness or joy.
  • Jason – “Superman” by Robin Thicke – His solo was fun to watch. I always enjoy the contemporary dancers. While his technique was good, his solo lacked a certain amount of gusto. I wonder if the judges will comment on that.
  • Ashley – “By Your Side” by Coco Rosie – She has an interesting way about her, doesn’t she? I hadn’t had a chance to notice before now, since I was disturbed by the crash test dummies performance, and annoyed by this week’s mirroring hip hop. Now I hope she gets to stick around another week so I can get to know her and her strange dance personality better.
  • Kupono – “Many Moons” by Janelle Monae – Some of his herky jerky movements reminded me of the way my husband dances when he’s acting silly. I guess that either means my husband should try out for the show, or that Kupono’s moves aren’t as unique as some people say they are. Either way, this wasn’t my favorite solo of the night.
  • Kayla – “Walking on Air” by Kerli – She had a lot of personality to go along with her energetic dancing.
  • Max – “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins – Just like with Caitlin, there’s just something about Max that I don’t like. Maybe it’s his obsession with wearing vests with no shirt underneath, maybe it’s his facial expressions. Whatever it is, I wasn’t super impressed by his throwback to the ’80s solo. He’s no Kevin Bacon.

My revised thoughts on who should go home: Kayla and Max being in the bottom three changes my whole thinking on who will go home. I had said Kupono should go, but since Max is now in the running, I think it should be him instead. The judges have an obvious love affair with Kayla, so they should do her a favor and give her a new partner. During their comments on the pop jazz performance last night, they basically ignored Max, except for telling him how bad his outfit was, and gushed about Kayla. The truth is that he can’t keep up with her. So, I predict Max will be the guy going home. And my guess for the female leaving us is Caitlin. Or at least that’s who I want to go home. Kayla is one of my favorite of the ladies, and I know the judges won’t let go of her yet. And Ashley intrigued me with her solo.

Who the Judges Sent Home: Ashley and Max

Tonight’s turn of events just goes to show that anyone is in danger of being in the bottom three, and thus of being sent home. This is going to be a rough season, with lots of very talented dancers sent home early (because let’s face it – they are all very talented). You can tell that these contestants are already very close, based on all the genuine tears that were shed when Ashley and Max’s names were called. I even teared up a bit, and I haven’t even had a chance to grow attached to them. The judges decided to keep Caitlin and send Ashley home. I wish Ashley had been the one to stay, but now Caitlin will have to step up her game. And I’d imagine that giving Kayla a better partner played into the judges’ decision to send Max home. Next week she will be dancing with Kupono. That’s not ideal, but I’ll just wait and see how they dance together.

What did you think of tonight’s results? Indifferent? Angry? Glad? Relieved?

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7 Responses to “SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 18 Elimination Round”

  1. CatDeeleyLover Says:

    I am not happy about Max being sent home. He was definitely one of the top 3 male dancers, definitely better than Kupono and Jason. Now, Kupono is going to bring Kayla down. Otherwise, I agree that Kaitlin should have been sent home. She is out of her league.

  2. macheflo Says:

    that was a surprise!!!
    i think that ashley has more to give than caitlin, and it is no fair max was sent home, he did a great job, much better than kupono, if the judges wanted to give another partner to kayla, i dont think kupono was the right choice.

    thanks for posting this 🙂

  3. NICE Says:

    Liked you summary. My feelings pretty much were the same…I thought Caitlin should have gone instead of Ashley. She did better in the hip hop than Caitlin.
    For some reason, Nigel loves Caitlin, but for me, she’s only good at what she does. I think she is holding Jason back – a lot!
    Pono also did a lot worse than Max, both in terms of his solo and the actual performance yesterday, but they have to do what is best for Kayla, and they figured she was in need of a new partner. I don’t see this partnership going that far either.
    I’m almost positive they’re looking for a female winner this year. And they probably know the high praises won’t help Kayla (Allison, Will, etc…). I don’t know if you remember, but during Caitlin’s audition, Nigel said “I wonder if America will love you” – I knew then she would be in the top 20, but unlucky for him, she doesn’t seem to be good at other styles. Even the bollywood…Jason hit it harder and performed it better.

    • Emily Says:

      I agree that Kupono isn’t necessarily a step up for Kayla as a partner. I would much rather have seen her dance with Jason. She’ll probably have a chance for another new partner soon enough, based on many of the comments I’ve seen about Kupono.

  4. Leah Says:

    I’m not bothered by the results, but I think if the judges were making their decisions purely on the solos, Kupono and Kayla should have gone. I think Kayla is good and I’m glad she didn’t leave, I just think she didn’t do much in her solo besides run awound the stage. I thought Jason’s solo was the best. He’s really growing on me.

    Also, Emily, I forgot to comment on Nigel’s Kevin Spacey comment from the performance show. I think he just meant that with the eyeliner on, Max looked like a young Kevin Spacey, which I could definitely see.

  5. Lyssie Carter Says:

    I thought both of Max and Kayla’s performances were fantastic, and though I’m not particularly attached to him, I’m suprised to see that such a good technical ballroom dancer got sent home. As for the girls, it totally should have been Caitlin. I was surprised when she got in over her sister, and except for the Bollywood she hasn’t impressed me so far.
    I love Kupono mostly because he reminds me of Mark from last season. He NEEDS to be choreographed by Sonja at some point, for real. That would be an amazing combination.

    Love Kayla. She’s AMAZING. And I loved their freaky princess dance so much that I watched it three times in a row. It was epic.

  6. Chris B Says:

    Well, with all this talk about they made decisions based on the partners they have, or will have, then I’ll be VERY disappointed. It doesn’t matter what partner they have or will have, it matters how well THEY, THEMSELVES, dance. Of the males, Kupono is the weakest and should have been removed.

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