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SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 16 Perform June 24, 2009

Toni “Hey Mickey You’re So Fine” Basil joined Nigel and Mary on the judges’ panel tonight, and they did quite a bit of rambling on as filler for this two hour episode. Since there’s so much ground to cover, let’s skip ahead to the dancing:

  • Karla and Jonathan – Hip Hop (Dave Scott) – “By My Side” by Jadakiss (feat. Ne-Yo) – This routine is described as a Bonnie and Clyde, smooth criminal love story. This performance had too much set up for my taste. It took them quite awhile to actually get to the hip hop choreography, and then they seemed out of sync, like they hardly knew their partner was next to them. It got a little better toward the end, but not enough to change my opinion of this couple. I’ve never picked up on any chemistry between them, even during last week’s contemporary routine. Nigel said it was more like “a Sunday school picnic outing.” Ouch! Mary and Toni had similar things to say about their lack of ghetto groove and such. I keep waiting for a hard hitting hip hop performance, but I haven’t seen one the last couple of weeks.
  • Asuka and Vitolio – Jazz (Mandy Moore) – “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar – It was sweet to see Vitolio giving Asuka words of encouragement when she was frustrated and in tears about how things were going at their practice sessions.(And with that clip, they probably earned hundreds or thousands of more votes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although it’s a bit manipulative on the producers’ part.) I wish they would both show more emotion like that in their performances! And, in fact, they were more emotive tonight. This ’80s jazz piece was my favorite of their performances so far this season. Of course, I usually enjoy Mandy Moore’s work, and I almost always enjoy the ’80s themed dances. But they did a great job, despite being out of sync with each other a few times. Vitolio seemed more comfortable in this style than Asuka, but they worked well together. Mary made a good point that these two are growing together as a partnership. And Toni gave them some advice on how to earn more votes and become a power couple: “Don’t let your technique get in the way of your emotions.”
  • Melissa and Ade – Rumba (Tony Meredith) – “Emotion” by Destiny’s Child – According to Tony, this dance requires a lot of sensuality and has the challenging combo of difficult technique and selling the emotion. As usual, they dance well together, so they totally sold me on the emotional side of the performance. They wowed me with a couple of amazing moves, and Ade was very strong – surprisingly, my eyes were actually drawn more to him! My only complaint is that at times Melissa seemed to get out of character because she was concentrating so much on what was coming next, but otherwise it was beautiful. As Nigel said, “What a difference Ade makes.”
  • Janette and Brandon – Hip Hop (Dave Scott) – “What a World” by Common – “Rock n roll meets hip hop.” I like the concept, and I was impressed, especially with Brandon! He looked right at home with all that popping and locking. They had me smiling the whole time, which was partly due to the fun choregraphy, but mostly due to how they were totally in character. My only complaint is that Janette’s open-mouthed rocker smile was a little distracting, but I suppose she was only playing the part. This was so much better than Karla and Jonathan’s hip hop routine from earlier tonight. Nigel said it was like 50 Cent and Cher. Sounds about right.
  • Kayla and Kupono – Viennese Waltz (Jean Marc Genereux) – “Sweet Dreams for You” by Jewel – This piece has something to do with Kupono taking Kayla on a dream journey. I don’t really understand what that means… But, I liked it! The Viennese waltz forced Kupono to calm down his normally spastic dancy style, and I liked him much more here. He was commanding, graceful, and an able-bodied partner to Kayla. As for Kayla, she was gorgeous in her flowing mint green dress (I always love the flowy dresses), and looked like she was floating around through much of the dance. I must say, I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed by this new pairing, but they worked well together. Nigel got quite annoying with all of his insistence that “it wasn’t gonna get people standing up and cheering,” but that he hoped he was wrong. How many more weeks is he going to passively beg the audience to vote for Kayla?
  • Randi and Evan – Contemporary (Mia Michaels) – “Koop Island Blues” by Koop feat. Ane Brun – Mia’s description: “It’s all about the booty.” Evan is supposed to be hypnotized by Randi’s butt. She’s like a sexy poodle, and he’s lost all control of his body because he’s mesmerized by her. Interesting… It was terrific! Bizarre, humorous, but terrific. This was excellent choreography for Evan to show off his Broadway-style, and Randi looked smashing in a completely flattering pink negligee. Loved the characters, loved their total investment in the concept, love them!
  • Caitlin and Jason – Paso Doble (Jean Marc and France Genereux)“O’Fortuna” from Carmina Burana – This dance is about them hating each other. How sweet. 🙂  This performance was extremely busy, from the costumes to the camera work to the choreography. There was so much going on that I couldn’t even tell what was supposed to be happening. Caitlin and Jason seemed very scattered, and while Jason did a decent job with his part, Caitlin seemed very out of touch to me. I’m guessing that the paso doble is a difficult dance to learn in a few days, but I’ve seen it performed much better on this show. These two may be back in the bottom three couples again this week.
  • Jeanine and Phillip -Broadway (Tyce Diorio) – “Moses” from Singin’ in the Rain – I wish Tyce had given us an explanation about the concept of this routine, because I didn’t get it. A sofa and a bunch of feathers? And I was very distracted by the huge rip in the back of Phillip’s pants. It was cute, but not my favorite performance at all. Phillip didn’t seem to be whole-heartedly involved, which made it less enjoyable. Nigel complimented Jeanine for bringing the right amount of personality, but told Phillip he needs to grow more.

My Favorite Performances

  • Randi and Evan’s contemporary
  • Melissa and Ade’s rumba
  • Janette and Brandon’s hip hop

My Least Favorite Performances

  • Karla and Jonathan’s hip hop
  • Caitlin and Jason’s paso doble
  • Jeanine and Phillip’s Broadway

Predicting the Bottom Three Couples

  • Karla and Jonathan
  • Caitlin and Jason
  • Asuka and Vitolio

I think it’s time for Karla and Jonathan to go home. In my opinion, they aren’t keeping up with the other dancers, and the competition is fierce out there! I also wouldn’t be disappointed if Caitlin were sent home, but I think she deserves to stick around longer than Karla. We’ll see what happens tomorrow night! This week had much stronger and more interesting performances than last week. I continue to be impressed by Melissa and Ade, as well as Evan and Randi. Janette and Brandon caught my eye this week, Asuka and Vitolio continue to grow on me, and I liked Kupono better this week with Kayla as his partner. What are your thoughts?

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One Response to “SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 16 Perform”

  1. Leah Says:

    Karla & Jonathan – don’t remember anything about it. Must not have been good.
    Asuka & Vitolio – liked Vitolio’s performance
    Melissa & Ade – liked both of them
    Janette & Brandon – didn’t really see it because I was trying to explain something to my dad on the phone
    Kayla & Kupone – nice but I found my attention wandering
    Randi & Evan – my favorite of the night, despite the weird concept
    Caitlin & Jason – he was good. I don’t know why he got in trouble for not looking at her. She’s the cape; he’s not supposed to look at her.
    Jeanine & Philip – the only Broadway routine (on the show) I can remember enjoying.

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