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SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 14 Elimination Round July 2, 2009

I was glad to see a Michael Jackson tribute of sorts at the opening of the show, in the form of a group performance to a song from The Wiz. Cat was doing her best impression of a junkie, in her short, skimpy silver dress, and with her too-dark eye liner and stringy hair.

The Bottom Three Couples

  • Karla and Vitolio
  • Kayla and Kupono
  • Phillip and Jeanine

My thoughts: Well, I guess Americans prefer aliens over vampires, since they voted more for Caitlin and Jason than Kayla and Kupono. I am shocked that Kayla and Kupono are in the bottom three! I agree with Mia that theirs was one of the best performances of the night. Out of this bottom six contestants, based on their overall performance so far in the competition, I would send Karla and Vitolio home. Of course, it depends on how much stock the judges put in their solos tonight.

My goodness! Those guest dancers, Patricia and Desmond, were crazy good!

The Solos

  • Karla – “Blackbird” by Dionne Ferris – I really enjoyed her solo this week. She was definitely “dancing for her life.”
  • Vitolio – “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts – This wasn’t his best solo. He didn’t seem fully invested.
  • Kayla – “Stupid” by Sarah McLachlan – She didn’t have much variety in her solo. Lots of flailing about, mostly. She could have used much more of the stage, and less flinging of the hair.
  • Kupono – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel K…- I wasn’t impressed at all with his solo. It looked more like a warm-up than a dance for your life. I’m thinking that Kayla and Kupono weren’t expecting to be in the bottom three, because they both seemed underprepared for this solo round.
  • Jeanine – “Moonlight Sonata” – I really like Jeanine, and I hope that her display of strength and balance in this solo was enough to keep her in the competition.
  • Phillip – “You’ll Find a Way” by Santigold – How fun to see Phillip’s solo and be reminded of why he is here! He looked so relaxed up there, and like he was having fun. Can’t say the same for the other soloists tonight.

My thoughts: Phillip most definitely saved himself from elimination with that solo, but neither Kupono or Vitolio seemed fully invested in theirs. If I had my way, I’d send Vitolio home, because I really don’t think Kayla and Kupono should have even been in the bottom three, after their inventive, unique performance last night. As for the girls, based on the solos, I would send Kayla home. But that’s not really what I want to happen, and I know the judges aren’t ready to let her go either. Things get difficult, though, because Karla arguably had the best solo of the three girls. How can you send someone home when they had the best performance? That would leave Jeanine to go home, but I love her, and her solo was pretty good! Bottom line: there’s no easy choice for the girls. I doubt the judges’ decision will be unanimous.

Who the Judges Sent Home: Karla and Vitolio

My thoughts: I was wrong in predicting the judges wouldn’t be unanimous about the girls. The first thing out of Nigel’s mouth was that their decision was unanimous. Yay that Jeanine is safe! I was so glad that the judges gave her props for her excellent solo. As I suspected, the judges couldn’t let go of Kayla, and so they released Karla from the show, using the valid reason that she hasn’t achieved the star power they had hoped that she would. Sure, she is an excellent dancer, but there was always something missing in her performances. Nigel was cruel to Phillip, making him squirm around before telling him he was safe. I agree with the judges for cutting Vitolio tonight. I really wanted to like him, and often did, but there are simply better performers among his competitors.

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9 Responses to “SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 14 Elimination Round”

  1. ara Says:

    do you know the song of vittolio’s elimination song?

    • Emily Says:

      Vitolio’s elimination song was “On Your Own” by Green River Ordinance. I figured that out using Shazam, an iPhone app that can tell you the name and artist of pretty much any song just by listening to a clip of it. Yup, there’s an app for that, too. 🙂

  2. Chris B Says:

    I totally disagree with Vitolio having been removed! His solo was MUCH stronger than Kupono’s. (Let’s face it, against Phillip doing his style, the other two were dancing for second place.) Vitolio is physically stronger. (Remember the difficulty Kupono had in rehearsal lifting his partner a week or two ago? No such complaint from Vitolio.) Vitolio and Karla nailed their performance the night before, probably as much or more than K & K did. Unfortunately, vampires are very popular right now and so people gravitated towards that.

    Kupono annoys me. He’s too effeminate. Because of this, he doesn’t have a good understanding of what a masculine, male dancer should be. His movements look very soft often times and his solo proved it. Unless a choreographer tells him what to do, he reverts to a weak, female-ish dancing that is very uncomfortable to watch.

    Plus, on a non-dancing front, I’m very tired of his near-lisp speech and his melodramatic behavior. It has been time for him to leave for several weeks now and, unfortunately, the judges are so in love with him (for reasons I don’t understand) they missed their opportunity to do the right thing.

    • Emily Says:

      I mostly agree with you about Kupono. I had been ready for him to go home until the week he did the Viennese waltz (I think that’s what it was) with Kayla. I discovered that I liked him much more on a “calmer” dance like that. It also helped that he cut his hair. But his solo really was pitiful last week! He’s definitely my least favorite guy left now.

    • sara Says:

      I’m really mad philip got eliminated. just wanted to throw that in there.

      • Emily Says:

        It stinks for one of your favorites to be sent home early in the season. But at least you can see him on the tour! 🙂

  3. Bethany R Says:

    Do you know the name of Karla’s elimination song? 🙂
    I have been searching and searching!

    • Emily Says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t know Karla’s elimination song. If you still have the episode recorded and can get your hands on an iPhone, you can use Shazam, an iPhone app that can tell you the name and artist of pretty much any song just by listening to a clip of it. Good luck!

  4. jenni Says:

    don’;t know if you’ve already found out, i spent ages searching for karla’s elimination song aswell. it’s called already gone by kelly clarkson

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