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SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 10 Elimination Round July 16, 2009

I enjoyed the opening group number, choreographed by Wade Robson, and reminiscent of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with its floating geishas and sneaky ninjas. It was also exciting to hear that four of last season’s routines were nominated for best choreography: Tabitha and Napoloeon’s “Bleeding Love,” Mia Michaels’ “Mercy,” Tyce Diorio’s “Adam and Eve,” and Dmitry Chaplin’s “A Los Amigos.” I remember all of those very well except for the Adam and Eve one, which must have been one of the last dances that Will and Jessica did together. Anyway, I’ll save further discussion of these Emmy nominees for a later post. On with the top ten results show. I should mention that Cat was trying to turn a knight’s chain mail into a dress, but I wasn’t buying it.

  • Bottom Two Guys
    • Kupono – I am not at all surprised by this. Kupono and his homemade costumes have been barely scraping by for several weeks. I certainly hope that he’s the one going home tonight, because I’m not ready to lose Ade. 😦
    • Ade – Ade and Melissa were such a popular couple! I guess that people lost some interest when they saw them as individuals. I must say that I was less than impressed with Ade’s performance on the hip hop routine last night, but that seemed more a fault of the choreography than his effort.
  • The Solos – It looks like they are repeating their solos from last night, and since I elaborated on them at that time, I’ll keep my comments brief here.
    • Randi – “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn – She’s super cute, but she isn’t measuring up against the competition anymore. She seemed a little tired on this solo tonight.
    • Marina Gasolina by “Bonde Do Role” – I’m still kind of liking this tribal solo, but not enough to wish he stays around another week.
    • Melissa – “Gabriel” by Lamb – She’s so beautiful and refreshing to watch dance. I really hope she is safe!
    • Ade – “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers – He has a lot of spring in his step, that’s for sure!
  • The Black Eye Peas – This is the second time they’ve appeared this season. They are definitely the biggest name act the show has had. I’m embarrassed to say that I actually like this lightweight, redundant song, “I Gotta Feeling.” This band certainly knows how to create a catchy, fun song.
  • Who Was Sent Home
    • Randi – “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson – Thank goodness! I am relieved that Melissa will live to see another day in the competition. And perhaps I will pick up the phone to vote next week. Goodbye, Randi, and goodbye to your endless supply of unitards. I will miss your positive attitude, and the way you represented all the petite girls of the world very well.
    • Kupono – (“On Your Own” by Green River Ordinance) – The results couldn’t have gone more the way I wanted them to. Well, except for Melissa and Ade, two of my favorites, being in danger. I won’t miss Kupono, but I did enjoy a couple of his performances, particularly the Mia Michaels’ contemporary piece about addiction that he did with Kayla. That may be the most deeply moving dance I’ve ever seen on the show. It was truly an experience to watch it. That’s how I’ll remember you, Kupono. Good luck with the rest of your dance career, and perhaps a career in fashion? (But I won’t be buying any of his creations – they are a little tacky for my taste.)
One thing seems certain about this season: none of these contestants is going to run away with the competition. Last season, I think many of us felt like Joshua had the momentum and popularity to carry him to the title of America’s favorite dancer. This season, it’s difficult to pick a clear winner, or even the top four. It will be interesting to see how things develop.

    2 Responses to “SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 10 Elimination Round”

    1. Stephanie Says:

      I’m so relieved that Kupono went home finally. You said it right–he’s been barely scraping by for weeks.

      I’m sad to see Randi go, although judging on the dances last night, it really should’ve been her. I like her cute, happy personality. I think she’ll be much more comfortable back at home with her husband though. 🙂

    2. Chris B Says:

      I was bummed to see Randi was the one gone, but, as you said, of the two girls I want Melissa to stay more. I just feel like Janette should have been the one to go. I think the only times she’s impressed me was when it was coreography that caused her to stand out, more than her dancing (like the burglar piece that her and Brandon did a few weeks ago.)

      As you know, I thought Kupono should have been gone weeks ago. It’s interesting that the first week America had the say-so, he was the one to go. He’s a good dancer, when SOMEONE ELSE choreographs him. When he does his own stuff, it is much too soft; not as masculine as it should be. Plus, I think he dragged Randi down a little bit due to that.

      You’re right about the “addiction” dance that he did with Kayla though. He did it very well and even though dance doesn’t communicate to me as well as music, that piece was powerful. The dancers really told the story well. But, he’s gone now and I’m glad.

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