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SYTYCD Season 6: The Top 12 Elimination Round November 25, 2009

This will be a warp speed reaction to the results show, because I fast forwarded through everything but the opening group number (it was so weird that I was sure Wade Robson choroegraphed it, and was surprised to discover it was actually a Tabitha and Napoleon creation), the solos, about 15 seconds of Shakira’s horrific performance, and the final results.

The Bottom Three Couples

  • Nathan and Mollee
  • Ryan and Ellenore
  • Karen and Victor

I continued my streak of getting 2 out of 3 predictions correct. I am really shocked that Russell and Noelle weren’t in this group. I guess voters like any contemporary routine, even if it’s choreographed by Tyce Diorio and involves body painting. I am relieved that Ryan and Ellenore survived the night, as well as Nathan. As for the solos, I completely disagree with Nigel – he claimed that Mollee’s solo represented the first time this season that someone really fought for their place in the competition. If that was fighting, then he has a different definition than I do. I thought it looked more like a gymnastics routine than a dance solo. Ryan’s solo was pretty standard ballroom stuff, but he had lots of personality. I enjoyed Ellenore’s quirky solo, yawned through Karen’s (how many times could she twirl around in a circle before she moved on to something else?), and was too disturbed by Victor’s costume to notice much about the dancing. That leaves Nathan, who – in my opinion – gave the most heartfelt and technically excellent solo of the night (with Ellenore being a close second). I enjoy watching Nathan dance so much more when he doesn’t have Mollee at his side. I look forward to seeing who he and everyone else will be paired with next week!

Who the Judges Sent Home

  • Karen
  • Victor

I have no complaints about these results. I’ve been waiting for Karen’s departure for a few weeks now, and I never connected too much with Victor. I wish them well, but am excited about the top ten dancers who have survived to this point! It will be interesting to see if my favorites change after seeing them dance with different partners next week. I’ll wait another week before I rank the contestants from my most to least favorite. For now, I’m sticking with Jakob and Ashleigh.


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