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SYTYCD Season 6: The Top 8 Perform December 9, 2009

I’m still trying to figure out how we’re only a week away from the finale, but meanwhile, Ashleigh’s dislocated shoulder created all sorts of drama on this week’s top 8 performance show.

Kathryn & Ryan Disco (Doriana Sanchez) – I’m just not that into disco. It’s cheesy, and I don’t like it. That being said, Ryan was a good partner for disco, since he can easily lift just about anyone or anything.

Mollee & Jakob Viennese Waltz (Jason Gilkison) – When they first came out on stage, I didn’t understand Mollee’s butter yellow skirt. Usually a girl wears a beautiful flowing dress for a waltz. But I ended up really liking the performance, and the costumes gave it a more modern feel – well, more like a 1940s or 50s collegiate feel. The idea of a young couple in love, dancing on air together, was very sweet. That assisted hip lift (think that’s what they called it) was amazing. As usual, Jakob brought his partner up to his level. I’ve no doubt they will both be in the finale.

Ashleigh Solo – Poor Ashleigh, so anxious to dance, but forced to just stand there dressed in black, with her arm in a sling. 😦

Ellenore & Legacy Contemporary (Travis Wall) – This wasn’t my favorite Travis routine. I seem to recall another Mr. and Mrs. Smith themed dance on this show in a previous season. Does anyone else remember that? This dance seemed more character driven than dance driven, and while they did a good job, I wasn’t blown away.

Jakob Solo – Oh, how I love Jakob. I’ve considered going to see this season’s dancers on tour just because he will be there. The only other season I went to see the Dance tour was season three, when my beloved Pasha was dancing, along with Danny, Sabra, Lacey, Neil, etc. But anyway, back to Jakob. He really is an amazing dancer, and I thought he put a lot more energy and passion into this solo than the one he did last week.

Ashleigh & RussellHip-Hop (Shane Sparks) – Russell had to dance with Shane’s assistant, Rachel, who wasn’t nearly as pleasant to watch as Ashleigh would have been. There’s no way the routine could have been a smashing success with this last minute substitute, but Russell still looked like he had fun.

Mollee Solo – All I could think while I watched her solo was, “Am I watching a gymnastics routine?” All that was missing was the floor pads and a unitard. She was doing flips, cartwheels, balance moves, etc. That’s great if you’re competing in floor exercise, but this is a dance competition. I so wish Mollee would go home this week, but I don’t see it happening.

Kathryn & RyanCha Cha (Jason Gilkison) – This was a fun and surprising routine. These two really did have some great chemistry, and made the difficult routine look fun and mostly effortless. The closing flip that left Kathryn hanging upside down was eye opening. Sadly, I don’t know that this will be enough to keep Kathryn in the competition.

Legacy Solo – This seemed like a half-hearted effort to me. Perhaps this is a trend, though. Nigel said that at this point people aren’t “supposed” to vote on technique, but on who entertains them the most. Apparently, Legacy and Russell thought that silly props would charm viewers into picking up the phone. I would rather have seen Legacy do more of his crazy b-boy moves than chatting away on the huge 1990s cordless phone. This didn’t feel like “dancing for your life” to me. (Sorry, Leah…)

EllenoreSolo – I still enjoyed her solo, but it wasn’t as good as last week’s, and neither were her partner performances. She was riding high last week after her jazz routine with Jakob, but she may have trouble making it into the finals.

Russell Solo – This one started off well enough. It’s Christmas time, so a Santa outfit is appropriate enough. However, I wish he would have ditched the coat and bag and gotten down to krumping business, but instead he stayed in playful mode and spent the last 10 seconds taking his shoe off and on and pulling a stuffed animal out of his bag. This solo paled in comparison to the one that brought the audience to their feet last week.

Mollee & Jakob Broadway (Joey Dowling) – I’m writing this review after the fact, and I had to think really hard to even remember what this dance looked like. Then I remembered the overcoats that gave way to green, money-inspired costumes. This was just a so-so routine for me. At least Jakob (I mean, they) had an excellent opening performance.

KathrynSolo – This was a very pretty solo, and had me thinking that she’s the most technically excellent dancer left. Based on technique, and her ability to adapt to pretty much every style she’s been thrown, I just think she deserves to stay longer than Mollee.

Ellenore & LegacyHip-Hop (NappyTabs) – Um, not so much. I think I’ve mentioned before my discomfort with anything involving masks, so the beginning of this routine had me a little nervous. I don’t think it was a good idea to highlight Ellenore’s weirdness (particularly her “alien” language) in the week leading into the finals. America can’t identify with alien, mask-wearing Ellenore as well as quirky, theatrical Ellenore. This routine goes in the same category as the crash test dummies one from last season (Kupono and some girl who left early, maybe Ashley?) – “too weird and doesn’t translate well on stage.”

Ryan Solo – Lots of chest pumping and such.

Ashleigh & Russell Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan) – Ashleigh would have been very pretty and convincing as a Bollywood dancer. Russell’s fill-in partner was actually pretty good, but I was just sad that he didn’t have his real partner to dance with.

My Favorite Performances

  • Jakob and Mollee’s Viennese Waltz
  • Kathryn and Ryan’s Cha Cha

Predicting the Bottom Four

  • Ellenore
  • Kathryn
  • Ryan
  • Russell

With Ashleigh’s injury and subsequent pleas for votes, who knows how the voting will go? I voted for Ashleigh, Jakob, and Ellenore. If I had my way, I’d send Mollee and Ryan home, but it may end up being Kathryn and Russell. I think Russell may have been forgotten in the midst of his partner’s last minute injury.

Here’s how I rank the top 8, from my favorite to least favorite:

  • Jakob
  • Ashleigh
  • Ellenore
  • Kathryn
  • Russell
  • Legacy
  • Ryan
  • Mollee

So how does my list compare to yours? Who do you want to win?


8 Responses to “SYTYCD Season 6: The Top 8 Perform”

  1. Leah Says:

    I missed last night’s show because I was watching the finale of The Biggest Loser. How can they go into the finale with 6 dancers left? I don’t understand. Why isn’t Ashleigh automatically sent home this week if she’s hurt? Why would they make her stand on the stage doing nothing for her solo? Why would they use more scary masks on the show? Why, why, why?

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Like Leah, I am also confused how we are going into the finale with 6 dancers. 😦 I wish they would have explained. Maybe will tonight?

    Looks like you and I had lots of the same opinions on this one. This will be a good finale.

  3. Vivian Says:

    I was watching this and Biggest Loser finale last night too! (a lot of switching back and forth :P)

    Can’t believe the finale is next week!? Don’t know how it will pan out. I did not like how we didn’t get to vote for the first two shows, and now finale with 6 dancers?

    I would like Mollee gone, I’m just not a fan of her…
    It’s hard to pick my top 2 female dancers. I quite like Kathryn (I voted for her last night). Ellenore and Ashleigh are neck and neck for me…

    Can’t decide the guys either! I definitely want Jakob at the top 2 for males, ’cause he deserves it. And Ryan is really great in his partnering work. Russell’s routines were fun last night, even when he has to dance with the professional choreographers; he was right there with them! I might have to put Legacy at the bottom here just because the others had more memorable performances last night.

  4. James McD Says:

    Ellenore is my favorite, and I think Jakob is the best dancer by far, but seriously I think Kathryn had the only decent solo of the night. She was really fighting for it.

    • Emily Says:

      I really like Ellenore, too. I know what you mean about Kathryn, about her not connecting as well as the other contestants. But I’ve been really impressed by her dancing, whereas Ellenore’s performances have sometimes been hit or miss (more so in the beginning of the season than in the past few weeks, when she’s been great!). But Jakob is hands down my favorite!

  5. James McD Says:

    By the way, I have really been disappointed with Tabitha and Napoleon this season. ( Sonya is probably my favorite now, and other than the one tonight I have been really into Travis Wall.)

    To me their routines were always a step up from almost everyone else, but this season they seen to just be middle of the pack. I think the masks this week may have been the straw that broke the camels back for legacy.

    Who would have thought drawing Travis and nappytabs would have been a HINDRANCE to a couple. Just crazy.

    • Emily Says:

      Yeah, Tab and Nap have been mediocre this year. Perhaps all choreographers are bound to go through a slump now and then. But it’s weird – I remember a time when the hip hop routines were some of my favorites, whether they were Shane Sparks, Tab and Nap, or someone else. But now, I’m usually underwhelmed by the hip hop. Maybe this season’s contestants just aren’t that good at hip hop, or maybe they need to find some new choreographers to mix things up. No more Dave Scott, please!

      I think Sonya is my favorite, too. Loved last week’s Jakob/Ellenore piece!

  6. James McD Says:

    Dave Scott and and Loriann or whatever her name is just HAVE to go. They are contestant killers!

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