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SYTYCD Season 6: The Top 8 Results Show December 9, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness. We finally had a shake-up, after weeks of mostly predictable results. After last night’s performance show, I guessed that Ellenore, Ryan, Russell, and Kathryn would be the bottom four. I was right about Ellenore and Ryan, but wrong about the other two, who happened to be the ones sent home!

The Bottom Four

  • Ellenore
  • Mollee – sent home
  • Ryan
  • Legacy – sent home

I am thrilled that Mollee is no longer on the show. Every season there is at least one dancer who I simply don’t like. Dancers from seasons past who come to mind include Lacey and Lauren and Neil. Were they all season three?! I really think that Mollee survived this long because of her cutesy personality more than on the strength of her dancing. Sure, she has some impressive strength and balance, but she seems more suited for gymnastics than some of the dance styles she has performed. And I never thought too much about Legacy this season. I suppose I was impressed that he grew so much as a dancer in the various styles, and of course I noticed all those times that he performed shirtless. But he was never one of my favorites. So while I was definitely shocked when he was announced as the guy who was going home, I wasn’t sad.

I wonder if the results would have been different if Ashleigh had performed last night, and if Ryan hadn’t sweetly encouraged the audience to vote for her (instead of him). I really do think he would have gone home instead of Legacy, but perhaps Mollee would still have been eliminated. All this time I had thought that she and Nathan were so popular, but I guess they really weren’t. I was thrilled for Russell that he found out quickly that he had made it into the finals. And I am sure Ashleigh was relieved to have one more chance to prove she should be there. I am assuming that her doctor cleared her to dance again. I didn’t notice whether or not she danced the opening group number.

Our Finalists

  • Jakob
  • Ashleigh
  • Kathryn
  • Ellenore
  • Russell
  • Ryan

So, the finals should be quite a fun, exciting event. I’m assuming we’ll see Ryan and Ashleigh dance together, since traditionally all the finalists dance with each other. Although, since there are six dancers instead of four this time, they may have to chance up some of the usual way of doing things. I most look forward to Ashleigh/Ryan, Jakob/Kathryn, which are two pairings we haven’t seen this season. And, I am hoping that in the end, Jakob will be named the season six winner!


5 Responses to “SYTYCD Season 6: The Top 8 Results Show”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Mollee has grown on me as I have seen how being with better/more mature dancers has brought out her talent. I agree with the judges that she should be on Broadway. But I didn’t want her to win. I want Jakob to win!!!! 🙂

    • Emily Says:

      True, Mollee has improved with her new partners, but I still like the other girls better than her, and apparently so do the majority of viewers. Perhaps she will move to New York and have a smashing career on Broadway!

  2. James McD Says:

    We expected the bottom 4 to be Mollee, Ellenore, Ryan, and Russell with Ryan and Mollee going home. We were pretty close, but man was Legacy a surprise.

    My faves by far are Ellenore, Ashleigh, and Jakob.

    Kathryn(sp?) is getting better and better but I dont really connect with her.

    I agree with the judges that Mollee was getting better. I think she was hampered greatly by Nathan (dont get me started on his fake crying), and by her youth. She could do all the moves, but they were just that, moves. There was never any flow. She was the exact opposite of Billy Bell who could mesmerize you by just walking. Everything she did, in her solos, was choppy and disjointed.

    • Emily Says:

      Good assessment of Mollee. And you reminded me that it’s a shame that we didn’t get to see Billy Bell compete! He would have given Jakob some more competition, which may have forced them both to step up their game even more – which would have resulted in some dancing of epic proportions!

  3. Leah Says:

    Wow, I really just don’t care who wins. Even though I didn’t like Mollee, I think it’s ridiculous to let Ashleigh stay in the competition when every other dancer who has been injured in the past was kicked off. And Ryan in the finals? Really? Whatever.

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