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Lost 6.3: What Kate Does February 10, 2010

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Now that we know the lay of the season six land – with everyone back in modern times on the island and running into each other in a parallel universe – this week’s episode was easier to follow, and still gave us some new developments to chew on. The flash-sideways gave us eerily familiar sisterhood moments between Kate and Claire, while the island story focused on Jack and the gang as they tried to to make sense of life at the Temple, and on Sawyer as he dealt with his grief over Juliet’s death.


  • We picked up where we left off last week, with Kate eluding the U.S. marshall and commandeering a taxi cab that Claire happened to be riding in.
  • At first, I thought it was crazy that Claire would accept a ride from an escaped convict who had just held her at gunpoint! But I suppose someone all alone in a foreign country, going through such a traumatic circumstance as a failed adoption, would cling to the one person they had kind of gotten to know.
  • Claire trusted Kate enough to ask her to go inside with her when she met the prospective adoptive parents, and when she started having contractions, Kate gave her a ride to the hospital and stayed with her while the staff figured out what was going on with the baby.
  • Again, someone desperate to escape authorities would probably not take the time to be a good samaritan – they would be getting as far from L.A. as they could! Besides, would Kate trust Claire so much that she would stick around, when at any moment Claire could tell someone that Kate was a wanted woman? But we aren’t supposed to ask these questions. After all, it’s fate that Kate and Claire meet and bond over baby Aaron.
  • Similarities to the original timeline of events: Kate was with Claire when she went into labor, and Ethan was Claire’s doctor! I wonder if he was sent from the island in this parallel universe. One more I noticed was the stuffed killer whale in Claire’s purse – wasn’t that a gift that Jin was delivering to a new mom in one episode?

Jack vs. the Pill

  • In a disturbing turn of events, Dogen forced Sayid to endure a series of torture methods, without the usual interrogation for information. It turns out this wasn’t so much torture as it was a test to see if Sayid was infected. I’m not sure how they could tell that he was infected with “the darkness.” Wouldn’t anyone being burned or shocked react with similar screams and pleads to stop?
  • Whatever the case, this “test” led Dogen to believe that there was no hope for Sayid, and so he tried to trick Jack into killing him with poison, in the form of a pill that he said was medicine. Thankfully, Jack had enough sense to protect his friend by forcing Dogen to tell the truth about the pill. (He knew that Dogen wanted him alive, and so he swallowed the pill, knowing that if it was dangerous, Dogen would try to stop him.)
  • So now what? I don’t know. Obviously, Jack isn’t going to force Sayid to take a pill that he knows will kill him. But the Others are another story. I doubt they are just going to let Sayid hang around their camp, so will they banish him or keep trying to kill him?
  • On the other hand, I have a feeling that Dogen is manipulating Jack just like Ben used to do. Maybe he never intended to kill Sayid. Maybe he’s just trying to get Jack and the other non-Others to trust him.

Sawyer Goes Solo

  • Sawyer decided not to stick around the Temple, and instead went back to the place where he had made a happy home with Juliet: Dharma village. It’s now nothing more than a ramshackle mess, but he found what he was looking for: a memory box containing the engagement ring he was planning to give her.
  • Once again, Josh Holloway did an excellent job conveying Sawyer’s despair and deep pain. I nearly had a complete breakdown watching him look through their old home, and hearing him talk about how he blamed himself for her death because he convinced her to stay on the island. I was sad when he threw the ring out into the water, too.
  • Talk about awkward when Kate showed up right as Sawyer was having a nostalgic moment. At least she tried to sneak away, but of course he heard her at that point. After Sawyer opened up to her about his feelings, I couldn’t exactly figure out why Kate was crying. Was it because Sawyer rejected her, like did she think she was going to go play house with him and pick up where they left off? Or, was she genuinely sad for Sawyer because she cares about him? Maybe a little of both?

Claire's return was marked by a very bad hair day.

The Infection

  • This exchange between Dogen and Jack gave us the latest twist in the Lost saga: Dogen – “We believe he [Sayid] has been claimed… There is a darkness growing in him, and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone.” Jack – “How can you be sure of that?” Dogen – “Because it happened to your sister.” And with those words, we found out what happened to Claire when she wandered off into the jungle – kind of. We still don’t know how she became infected, but we know that she’s not herself anymore, at least according to Dogen.
  • Claire’s return was the most interesting development in this episode. Appearing on a ridge above Jin and rescuing him from the Others who were about to shoot him, she made quite an entrance! She’s like a Rousseau, Jr., setting traps and gunning people down. She could have been straight out of Deliverance – she was looking rough and crazy.
  • I am guessing that Rousseau was “infected” with the same darkness that the Others’ leader says Sayid now has, and that he says consumed Claire. Is this the same disease that Rousseau went on and on about? I assume it has something to do with Evil Locke and his Black Smoke.
  • This new development of the Darkness Infection brings many new questions to the table: How does one become infected? Is there a cure (other than swallowing a lethal pill…)? Are the infected doomed to become part of not-Locke’s army? Or does the infection simply make them ineligible for Jacob’s lists of the worthy?

So they writers are making us do the waiting thing that we had to do in other seasons, where we didn’t see not Locke and Frank and Sun, etc. at all this week. I really want to know Richard’s story! Hopefully we will see that group next week. Since Sawyer was featured a lot in the preview, I hope we’ll see what his parallel world persona is up to. Maybe he’ll run into Juliet!

Random Questions

  • What was with the dirty baseball that Dogen had in his office? That doesn’t really seem like something that a wise medicine man would have sitting around. – I just found a possible answer on Lostpedia: “In the TV series Deep Space 9, Benjamin Sisko, the commander of the station, used to have a baseball prominently placed on his desk throughout the entire run of the show. In the pilot episode, he used the baseball as a metaphor to explain the nature of linear time to the inhabitants of the wormhole, who experienced time all at once.”
  • Who is Claire protecting herself from, or is she just crazy?
  • Are Miles and Hurley ever going to have anything more to do than make jokes about food courts and white lights? They need some more dead people to talk to.

One Response to “Lost 6.3: What Kate Does”

  1. Leah Says:

    I had to watch this episode on the computer, as usual, and as a result of some weird jumping issues with the playback, I missed the whole part about Jack taking the pill and Dogen telling him it was to kill Sayid. Sayid became infected when he was healed – something to do with the water being dirty. Maybe Smokey went for a swim when no one was looking. The ash that they put on Sayid is what keeps Smokey away, and since it is harmless to everyone else, they know he’s bad like Smokey. The other stuff they were doing was just for show. I wonder how Claire went from rocking happily in Jacob’s cabin to living as a vagrant in the woods. Guess we will see! Oh, and it was a panda that Jin was buying for one of Paik’s clients. The whale was a present that Kate gave to Aaron when she was raising him.

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