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Fall 2011 Preview: CBS’s New Shows September 7, 2011

Filed under: Fall Preview,Television — Emily @ 5:04 pm

Person of Interest is the only remotely interesting new show on CBS this fall.

Other than a few notable exceptions, CBS generally makes shows for old(er) people, tries too hard to make shows that will appeal to younger people, or simply makes shows that are borrring. And so the trend continues with this fall’s small batch of new shows.

  • How to Be a Gentleman – I’ll start with the worst one. Another “man’s man” show (apparently the big theme this year on all networks), this one has Kevin Dillon playing a “real man” who makes it his mission to transform this other guy from a weakling into a strong man. Chloe from 24 and Murray from Flight of the Conchords won’t be enough to save this one. Murray was extremely annoying in the trailer. That actor seems stuck in unfortunate type casting. Sadly, this show may succeed with a certain audience.
  • 2 Broke Girls – Really bad name, never heard of the actors, and a bland premise about two waitresses befriending each other. Who knows? Maybe it could be the next “Laverne and Shirley,” but I doubt it.
  • A Gifted Man – This one creeps me out, mainly because the main actor looks creepy. Oh wait, it’s Patrick Wilson, who played that weirdo guy in Watchmen (I suffered through the extended bluray version of that movie…). No wonder I don’t like him. So this one is about a surgeon whose wife dies and starts to explain the meaning of life to him in spirit form. What, is she going to look over his shoulder and tell him how to perform open heart surgery? Not interested. [Now some of the critics actually say this one is pretty well done, but I’m just not interested enough in the premise or the cast to check it out.]
  • Unforgettable – CBS seems to be running out of gimmicks for crime procedurals. In this one the main detective remembers every single detail of her life, except for her sister’s murder. Bummer for her. Easy one to skip for me.
  • Person of Interest – I saved the best for last. Michael Emerson’s presence is the main thing that makes this one interesting. He plays a man who designed a machine for the government that deciphers all the email/texts/etc. that the government has secretly been tracking since 9/11. The machine basically weeds out all the miscellaneous info and helps predict events that are going to happen. Sounds a little like Minority Report. So Michael Emerson teams up with a detective sort played by Jim Caviezel to help track down potential suspects or victims before it’s too late. I am sure Emerson will be very good in this role, but I’m not sure about the overall premise.

I just realized that I don’t watch a single show on CBS, and I doubt any of these new comedies and dramas will be added to my must-see lineup. There are a number of shows on CBS that I used to watch, but whenever I need to pare down by list of shows, this network seems like an easy place to start. I would still enjoy, but no longer watch: The Mentalist, How I Met Your Mother, Amazing Race, CSI. Will you be watching anything on CBS this fall?


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